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Bridget Moynahan Not Happy About Gisele’s Comments Regarding “It”


Bridget Moynahan is pissed about Gisele Bundchen’s “The Boy Is Mine,” statement in May’s Vanity Fair.  She’s not letting on though; she’s letting her friends do all the talking.

One of her close friends, who you know was totally reading off index cards that Bridget wrote out for her, said, “If Gisele loved Bridget’s child like he was ‘100 percent her own,’ then she would not talk about him in the press. Discretion and respect are not either of Gisele or Tom’s virtues, as was evidenced even when the child was still unborn and they publicly flaunted their relationship without any discretion whatsoever.  Don’t you think Jack will grow up and read her comments and find them disrespectful to him and his mother? If Tom is such a great father as everyone likes to say, then you would think that he’d respect the privacy of his young child and would ask his wife not to use his son as a publicity prop and a subject of public discussion. Is she is so desperate for attention that she can’t find anything more productive to talk about other than Bridget’s child?”

Personally, I couldn’t get past the part where Gisele called Tom and Bridget’s son “it.”  As in, “I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that, but to me it’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child. I feel it is, 100 percent.”  As a mother, I am here to tell you that the only time you call your kid “it” is when you are pregnant and they have just made you puke for the sixth time before noon.  Once born, calling your child “it” is considered somewhat declasse.

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  • I feel like it was more lost in translation, rather than anything else. French is my first language, and I know sometimes I make the same mistakes, without wanting to cause any harm. I think people should just chill out. Obviously it wasn’t the smoothest thing for Gisele to say and the article itself wasn’t a brilliant idea but if Bridget Moynahan or her friends have something to discuss, they should talk to Tom in person and not via the press. It just makes them seem just as douchey and immature.

    • Less is more as I always say.
      We wouldnt have to hear anything from Bridget at all had Gizzy drank a nice tall glass of STFU.

      Gizzy said way too much.

      Also dont you fools ever think Gizzy is a nice person. Shes just f*cking not.

      Let me tell you a little story about Gizzy.
      There was a Haunted House on the Lower East Side and about 200 or so people had been waiting in line for quite some time as tickets were not sold in advance.

      Gizzy trotted up to the front of the line, said she had no tickets and didnt wish to buy one. After the little emo guy at the front of the line told her she would at least have to pay to get in but he would let her skip. The crowed started YELLING at her ass to get to the back of the line because she was holdig up the start of the show.

      She turned around and said she “shouldnt have to wait with these people” and in Portugese said the hood was “too dirty”

      BITCH WAS ON THE LOWER EAST SIDE OF NYC. Google Alphabet City NYC 1990 for pictures if you dont know. F*CKING DUH ITS DIRTY BITCH. Just cause a real estate agent told your dumb ass its trendy doesnt mean a crack head wont cut a bitch.

      Anyhorsefacedasshole, Gizzy decided to make a scene and throw a fit to get in. The manager of the god damned haunted house had to come out and pamper her. ITS NOT A CLUB SLUT! ITS A HAUNTED HOUSE PUT ON BY TEENAGERS.

      A lady in the crowd threatened to throw dog shit at her and she ran inside without paying because she felt she was more important.

      Every psuedo celebrity pulls shit like this at some point sure, the nature of celebrity is to be self involved as they are their own brand.
      However what struck me was this moron reall REALLY thinks she is something special.

      So dont tell me this whore bag doesnt feel threatend by the child, the bond, all the shit going on here. She want and NEEDS to be the center of attention. If she would fuck up some hard working kids little haunted house then she would pull bitchity shit like this and MORE.

      Shes a f*cking child.
      And if she cant speak english and not sound like a dick mouth, then get a translator or STFU in the press.

      • Ouch. I’m sorry you’ve been so traumatized by Gisele cutting a line for a Hunted House that you aren’t able to communicate without swearing. It must have been so terrible for you. But you know, I’m glad you’ve been able to get back on your feet after this terrible life changing incident.

        The fact is that neither you or me, no matter what happened on the Lower East Side, have any idea of who Gisele, Tom or Bridget really are and what happened or what relation they have.

        All I was trying to articulate above was that a) perhaps she misspoke, or didn’t communicate her feelings clearly, and b) if the three of them have things to say to each other, they should talk to each like adults not via the press, and that goes for Gisele, Tom or Bridget.

        I hope you start seeing a doctor about those anger problems. Best of luck.

      • Dont be a dumb ass, dumb ass.

        It aint cool to be FUCKING with little kids like that. THATS MY POINT.

        The kids that put on the show to raise money for the LGBT community didnt give a fat shit if Gizzy was there. They were trying to raise money.

        Why so deffensive? Did i personaly attack you?

        Look little kid, sometimes people get up on the internets and say things you might not like.

        Get the fuck over it.
        And you dont know what I know or who I am.

      • Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know there was a point, I just could not find it between all the swears. Well, it was nice having such a constructive chat about not judging people you don’t know, although I’m not sure we arrived at the same conclusion. Just for the record though, I am neither a little kid nor defensive, just simply articulating my opinion like you are (although obviously using less swears).

        You’ll have to point me to those “internets” one day though, they seem interesting.

      • OMG huh?!
        Shut the fuck up with your bull shit.

        I dont see one thing wrong with ANY of what Tom Cruise posted.

        For you to comment on Gisele perhaps (but not likely) being lost in translation and then to correct another persons spelling is asinine.

        What kind of bitch cries about paying for a ticket to fund raiser?

        Thank you for telling that story Tom.
        I recognize Tom’s writing style btw….

  • If Bridget was so concerned for the privacy of her son, she wouldn’t have pimped him out on the cover of a celebrity magazine (either People or US Weekly, i don’t remember which) when he was first born. I think a simple comment about how much the boy is loved is far less than intrusive than a huge photo shoot and interview. I think it is extremely hypocritical for Bridget to call Gisele’s one comment about John a publicity stunt when she did something so much worse.

  • Blending families is a lot of hard work. If Gisele isn’t very well spoken – well duh. She’s a model. I think her heart is in the right place.

    My step mother always introduced me to people as her new daughter and it made me feel very special. I was 11 and her son was 9. My Dad was not very nice to my step brother but she NEVER took that out on me.

    I hope that Gisele and Bridget can settle this garbage right away. If they can, then that little boy will be very blessed to have two loving moms.

    • I agree. Step parents should treat their spouse’s children as their own. Well put,…er…Fartface. :)

  • one, i feel like bridget moynahan gets screwed over a lot.
    two, i didn’t find gisele’s comments that shocking or offensive, but i can see that it’s a sensitive issue.
    three, it occurrs to me that there was no need for bridget’s camp, or anyone, to respond to this in the press, especially with criticism of gisele for talking about the child publicly. i admire that bridget seems to stay out of tabloids and publicity stunts, and i hope discussion of this can end really soon.

  • this lady Mayohan should be glad that the model likes “it” and can we say BRIDGET YOU ARE DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION TOO? like she said this shouldn’t be use this a subject of public discussion.

  • Gis, for all the years she’s lived in this country, and enjoyed wealth and privilege, doesn’t speak English particularly well and does make errors. It’s not the first time in an interview. That being said, Bridget has every right to be very angry, that was an extremely stupid and insensitive thing to say about another woman’s child especially under the circumstances of his birth.

    Gis is a selfish, stupid woman and trust when she deigns to have Tom’s child she’ll pretty much forget Jack the bastard child because she will have her own baby then, who will be her real child. It’s interesting how insecure she seems to be about Bridget.

    • Amen to that!
      Imagine you’re pregnant and your husband left you for someone. You gave birth and your husband got married to that someone who destroyed your marriage in the first place.
      Months later, that ”someone” tells the whole world that the baby is 100% hers.

      how would you feel?

      Bridget kept a low profile about the whole things until now because of the interview. Even though i’m not a mother but with common sense, I know she’s feeling the pain. Not because Giselle called the baby “it” but because Giselle is now claiming the baby that it’s hers!

      It feels like Giselle is taking two of the most important people in Bridgets life! Well, she already took one.


      • Yeah, I think that would really get to me, too, if I were Bridget. She’s been extremely poised in dealing with the whole thing. I think Gisele’s comments were incredibly insensitive. But then again, she’s never had any children so she doesn’t know what it would feel like to have the girlfriend of the father of your child claim your child as her own. Not too classy and certainly not very sensitive. What a wonderful and Christ-like Catholic thing to do, Gisele!

    • Agree.

      I think Gizelle would not truly understand how painful it is to hear such a thing until she actually becomes a mother.

  • I don’t understand how Bridget’s friend can criticize Gisele about putting the little boy in the public eye to the press. Thats not going to make people look even further into their lives. She is just making it worse. Great friend, following Bridget’s wishes to stay out of the tabloids. She is just adding wood to the fire. Real smart there lady. I’m sure everyone is going to stop talking about it now.

  • giz-face (and YES, i DO mean it like that) has the intelligence of toe-jam.

    the clock is ticking until the divorce.

    her arm-candy & his idiocy…oops!…i mean his ‘innocence’ is a match made in divorce court.

    *eye roll*

  • This story would be worth talking about if one of them came out as gay. Maybe the kid. I’d read about that.

  • Giselle has a history of being very arrogant. Someone asked her in a magazine about that Brazillian model that died from anorexia and she didn’t have much sympathy saying that the girl had “weak genes”. She sounds rather ugly on the inside.

  • are you kidding me? bridget uses the tabloids all the time to convey her messages, and her friends. if bridget met gisele she would have realized she meant that when tom and her have children she is going to treat him like he is 100% hers and never make him feel anything less. that should comfort her. but she can’t get over herself , that her trap didn’t work and gisele is not just a fling like she thought. by the way ,isn’t that what scott said about tom when she dumped him for a younger hotter man? seems like karma got his woman too! she admitted to tom her pregnancy was NOT an accident, even after he said he didn’t want to marry her or start a family, according to people close to the family, but yet she imposed her will, made a life altering decision for him and went off the pill without telling him! she has been using the tabloids to portray herself as the VICTIM, when all the time she is the devious, conniving person responsible for this mess, and that’ why she doesn’t say anything. because when john realizes he is here to trap his father, she will have a lot of explaining to do!!

  • I never cared about any of these people. Not. One. Bit. I knew that Brigette was Rosie O’Donnells distant cousin but as far as that I didn’t give a crap about them and wondered why TMZ was always following them. Who cares? I didn’t.

    However, when that woman made that comment about another woman’s baby, I was floored. I realized this dumb model was insensitive and stupid.

    I still don’t really care but now I actually dislike one of the people involved.

  • Being a step parent is tricky business and I know about this first hand. My stepchild is 30 and although I have loved and treated her like my own child, I am very aware that she HAS a mother and would never, ever disrespect that relationship. And as a parent I would be very offended if someone made those comments about my son; completely disregarding my role as his parent.

    Undoubtedly this interview will come back to haunt Tom Brady far more than Gisele since it’s pretty much a given that Bridget will come down hardest on him to control his wife’s mouth. I’m thinking something along the lines of some re-tooled visitation rights and a major gag order!