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“I want him to have a great relationship with his mom, because that’s important, but I love him the same way as if he were mine. I already feel like he’s my son, from the first day.  He’s a little angel – the sweetest, most cuddly, loving baby. I feel blessed to have him in my life.”

Gisele Bundchen, wife of Tom Brady and apparently also mother of his son, in Vanity Fair’s May, 2009 issue.

Note to GB:  Unless you’ve got some stretchmarks to share, you’ve pushed a human head out of your pelvis and have the videotape to prove it, or have adoption papers stating otherwise, the kid is not your son.

Team Bridget!

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  • Team Bridget, all the way. I know that the fault for this lies primarily with douchebag Tom Brady himself, but I really find it hard to NOT blame Gisele, too.

  • I like how they all get along, almost as spooky as Bruce/Demi and Ashton. I read the quotes; what’s she is saying is that she’s known the kid since birth, been with Brady before that too; and she loves the kid as if he’s her own. Doesn’t feel like a “stepmom” to him, just loves him completely as her man’s baby, and her ‘son’… if you get too sensitive, you could take it out of context, but I think she was talking out of love, not out of “he’s mine now, bitch”…

    • It’s easy for her to “talk out of love”, cause the father left his “commited relationship” of three years while his woman-of-choice was pregnant! So Giselle got the guy and a baby with no apparent suffering to her!

    • As the kid of a mixed marriage, I get what she’s saying — and that’s great, but honestly it’s the kind of thing she’s free to say in private, to John or Tom. In the public eye, reminding people that you hooked up with a guy while his girlfriend was pregnant and now you’re saying you get equal dibs on the kid? Not cool.

    • I agree! what a bitch. If i were Bridget I would totally invoke full custody.


  • If I was Bridget you best know I would call that bitch up and let her know he only needs one mom and she is not it. What a self-entitled bitch.

    • Bridget Moynihan is the baby’s MOTHER, AKA the woman (model/actress) Tom Brady dated for several (like 4) years, and then unceremoniously and publicly dumped her when she was several months pregnant, only to immediately and very publicly begin boinking Giselle.

      I’m not even a fan of Bridget’s (didn’t even know who she was, really), but when Tom did that to her, I INSTANTLY LOATHED HIM and will forever (and I’m a Rhode Islander who loves The Patriot’s, so that’s saying alot!). The bottom line is, he was so cold. And cruel. And public with it all. And now Tom has visitation/shared custody (and he should!). But, IT WILL NEVER BE OKAY FOR GISELEE TO TALK, ACT, INSINUATE ANYTHING PUBLICLY ABOUT THIS KID and her, or her “motherly” feelings. STFU you Brazilian biatch! Bidget can justifiably hate you to. the. grave. I hope and beleive Bridget has moved on, and what not, but it will never erase what that piece of shit Tom did (it was sooooo publicly mushed in Bridget’s face!!! So unnecessary and classless of him! and, GISELLE!). They should all “get along” yes. Obviously, for the baby….BUT STFU GISELLE, Not-Your-Place!

      • All the interviews were given when she was 3 months pregnant, but it makes it sound like they either broke up when she got pregnant, or didn’t find out until afterward.

  • As a mom her saying “I want him to have a great relationship with his mom.” I would be pissed as hell. All she need to say was I now he has his mom but you know what he such a wonderfurl little boy it hard not to love him as my own.

    • I was thinking the same thing when I read that line. I was thinking ‘how f**king big of you, bitch.’ It’s like she’s saying she’s not going to stand in the way of him having a relationship with his own mother. Sheesh.

  • So, let me get this right; the only way a person can be a parent is if they physically gave birth or if they have legally adopted the child? That is such crap. For all we know Bridget is a raging bitch and is a horrible mother. Why is it so bad that three people seem to love this little boy, instead of just the two that actually created him? I wish people would realize that people can be family without being related.

  • I have to say Wendie, not too impressed with this post. I usually like your entries the best but that “Note to GB” really stings, and I don’t think it is particularly truthful either.

    I just hope that I will be able to have kids in the future, and won’t have to put up with narrow-minded comments like that one.

  • She wants him to have “a good relationship with his mom”? Since when is she calling the shots? She shouldnt even be saying anything, that is not her son no matter what the fuck it feels like. She doesnt have to “give birth” to be a parent, but when she is trying to but in on a baby that already has a mother, she becomes the liv in nanny at best.

    • that quote struck me as odd too. that’s like someone who has won custody of a child because their mom beat the shit out of them…. “Oh well, I still want him to know who his mom is…but…”

  • You people are so small minded!
    It’s good that she CARES for the little boy! She has no needs to justify her actions with Brady’s son, and she just has to be his wife, but YET she’s telling how much she adores his baby and everything..

    She can never be his “mummy”, but saying she’s just not because he didn’t came out of her, it’s just plain STUPID.

    • Youre way too young to get it. I dont mean that as an insult at all doll face but you are just way to young to get it right now.

      For the record, Tom Brady only has visitation rights and the little part about them seeing john 50 percent of the time WHEN THEY ARE IN LA leaves out the rest of the year when his dumb stupid looking ass is playing foolsball.

      She doesnt spend all that much time with the kid and NEITHER DOES TOM!

  • Gisele is flaunting her relationship in Bridget’s face – I think that’s the issue. Of course someone can still be a great parent without actually having creating the child in question. It just seems that Gisele and Tom have gone out of their way to be cruel to Bridget – they even got married in the church she regularly attends (neither one of them even go there. Tom used to attend services with Bridget). They didn’t even alert her to their marriage plans – they just had the baby dropped off like it was any other day and then took him to the ceremony. Frankly it sounds like the couple has been pretty shitty to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Could you imagine the agony of being a mother and having someone you most likely hate getting to have a relationship with your child?

    • And if you read the article, it says she’s never once met Bridget, even though she spends half their LA time with Bridget’s son. That’s what makes it clear this is spite, and not “one big happy family”; the thing with Ashton-Demi-Bruce is that they’re all friends, they holiday together for heaven’s sake. When your new wife hasn’t met the mother of your child (and you didn’t bother to tell your ex that you were getting married) there’s lots of bitchery happening beneath the surface.

  • My husband and I are in a very similar position to the above mentioned and as living this, it is very fortunate that the little boy has a stepmother who loves him unconditionally like she would her own son. Going back and forth between mum and dad’s is very tough on children, and on the parents, but knowing that your son is in a loving stable environment is usually enough to make you swallow petty emotions such as jealousy.

  • Yeah, ok Jenna. If ALL you’ve said it’s reaally true, it’s mean. But we don’t know what’s Bridget’s side (at least I don’t).. maybe she’s not the greatest person with Gisele or whatever… how can we know, right?

    And I didn’t even know who was the boy’s mom, but now that I do, I have to say all I can think about it’s her as Big’s ex wife “having lunch” with Carrie and telling her how she ruined her life… haha, sorry.

  • have to say as much as I hate Tom Brady, I think it’s better that the baby has several people who love him, instead of a bunch of ugliness over it all. For the kids sake I hope it’s true and he continues to have a lot of love in his life.

  • I think it’s hypocritical that some found it perfectly acceptable when Ashhole Kutcher talked about “his three daughters” who are of course Bruce Willis’ kids, but find it unacceptable that Gisele says this.

    Ashhole is not the father of Bruce’s kids, and Gisele is not the mother of Bridget’s kid. While I admire both of them for not treating their step children like unwanted, redheaded stepchildren, THEY ARE NOT THE PARENTS.

    It’s either ok for all, or ok for none.

    • Oh honey Im with you about that Asston slut putting claim onto Bruce’s litte fingerling potatoe children!

      I never think it is acceptable for him to even breathe air let alone open that gaping gash he calls a mouth to say “words”.

      I always pegged his and Bruces relationship as fakery. As in he knows Bruce will KICK. HISS. BONEY. ASS. so he just doesn whatever the adults tell him to do.

    • The difference (at least for me) is that Ashton came along LONG after Bruce. Did not break up Bruce & Demi’s relationship, or very publicly (versus attempting to be discreet) date a freshly dumped & pregnant Demi…and now publicly discuss having parent-like bond with the child.

  • GB’s comments were very uncool. Maybe if you do not have kids or are not of a certain age, maybe it is impossible to understand, but you don’t date a man that left his chick pregnant, never even met her and then laid claim to the kid. If I was Bridget, it would take a lot not to beat a bitch.

    Team Bridget until shown other wise…

  • That is all well and good if you love the boy as your own, Gisele….but you need to shut the hell up. This just comes off as a huge slap in the face to Bridget. If she really thinks so much of the baby she would be trying to build a relationship between all 4 of them and not making these types of public statements. That is just my humble opinion.

  • As a few others stated, I think what’s offensive is the statement: “I want him to have a great relationship with his mom, because that’s important”. It makes it seem as though Gisele and Tom have custody over the baby and Bridget gets a few visits now and then if she behaves herself. I think it could be a case of Gisele having good intentions but messing up the wording…

  • Until proven otherwise, I’m going to assume she meant it as in she loves the kid instead of resenting him for tying her husband to his ex. A lot of “regular” women would be total bitches about it, but she’s publicly said she loves the kid as if he were her own. That takes some guts.

    • BULL SHEET my man!

      As I have said before 50% of the time spent in LA is spent with little John. They only spend about 1/4 of the year in LA as it is.

      That aint a whole lot of time now is it? Read the other quotes in the article. She is way out of bounds here.

      If she says she loves the boy then just say ” I really love that little boy” and then shut the reast of that shit up.

      She gave too much information. She needs to put some damn pants on and zip up that big mouth.

  • I thought this part of the quote was just as bad: “I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that. But to me, it’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child – I feel it is, 100 percent.”

    What a dumb bitch. You just can’t say stuff like that, especially when the kid is still a baby.

  • Wow this is heated but just look at where it’s coming from…an uneducated model from Brazil, no less.

    BTW, love that header shot of GB because you can’t see her face.

    She is the very definition of butterface.

    • huh, what exactly is that supposed to mean? being a Brazilian is suddenly something that automatically puts you in the uneducated category? I don’t see how that comment of yours is relevant at all.

  • Seriously, no one truly knows the situation between Tom Brady and Bridget so really no one can point the finger. Secondly, women get pregnant EVERY day and some women get lwft by their partners or so’s..yet people aren’t raving about that. It’s hypocritical and childish. The women clearly loves the young boy..and she states that it is important that he has “a good relationship with his mom” she acknowledgees that she isn’t his natural mother but loves him as if she was. And there is nothing wrong with that. So get over yourselves!

  • fuck that! the kid’s lucky that he has a stepmom who loves him! She’s not trying to replace the mom, just saying she loves him like he was her child! I wish my stepmom loved me like that.. believe me, growing up would be a lot easier!
    and, about the fact that gisele and tom brady started a relationship while bridget was pregnant: come onnnn… its way better than having a bad marriage, that could affect the kid! i mean, my parents used to fight ALL the time.. it would be a lot less traumatizing if i didnt have to watch it!

  • tom brady is an asshole, i saw when he was being interviewed during the super bowl and he didnt even mention his baby. the interviewer had to bring him up. I also think that he is suddenly father of the year after all the bad press he was getting for not being in the babies life.

  • All GS is trying to do by saying something this insensitive and rude is hurt and make Bridget insecure. She wants him to have a good relationship with his own mother? How gracious of her. I hope Tom is ashamed he married that douchebag, when Tom’s contract is over and his career is gone (next season) GS won’t remember his name or the kids either, she’ll dump him faster than you can blink an eye. She’s a stupid and mean person, actually that’s what Tom deserves. I hope Bridget brings the article to her lawyer and gets supervised visitation, because Giraffe is obs trying to confuse the child. Wouldn’t it be funny for Tom to have to visit with cops watching, and with a nest of wife beaters and gang bangers? They are both dirt bags.

    So team Bridget.

  • TEAM BRIDGET all the way.. I just don’t know where this bitch gets off thinking she has the right to even discuss someone else’s kid. Honey Tom may be yours (for now) but the baby belongs to Bridget. Stick to what you know, go eat a carrot.