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Yep, Still 15


Despite all physical evidence to the contrary, Taylor Momsen is just 15 years old.


When I was younger I always wondered why TV Execs insisted upon hiring 24 yr olds, tarting them up, and then trying to fool me into believing that they were my age. Now I understand. It’s way less despicable to turn a 24 year old into a vaguely inappropiately dressed teenage character than it is to take an actual teenager and turn her into…this.

And to think that this is the same girl that played Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Tsk.Tsk.

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  • she’s pretty. she just looks exhausted or depressed or something… and looks about 10 years older than 15. poor girl.

  • I had no idea that was Cindy Lou Who! I can see it now though that you said it. I watch/listen to that movie probable twice a week. It’s saved on our dvr because it’s my son’s favorite movie.

  • She looks like she has a cold. You know, puffy nose, puffy eyes, drowsy “where am I and why do I feel like dying?” look. Plus the tissue.

  • she was incredibly hot before just liik in this sites archives for example the Throat is tight one. she looks incredible by the way im 16, so its not pervy

  • I just got over a cold, and I looked so hot. I look really hot when i’m sick… and when I don’t have a cold… oh hell, I always look hot.

  • Wait…what? I think she looks gorgeous. She doesn’t need the lipstick, but she looks nice!
    Yeah, she looks a lot older than 15– at least, she looks much older than me, and I’m fifteen…

  • She looks like Christina Aguilera and that’s not a compliment. Lose the hooker makeup and bleached hair girl, you have good skin and don’t need all that war paint.

  • Um… She looks 15, but with facial features that were always gonna make her look older.

    Shock horror, a 15 year old wears makeup and dyes her hair… It’s what I did when I was 15. Only I cut my hair short too.

    She just looks a bit tired. 15 year olds stay up late.