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I know that by now you’ve been inundated with the ‘Chris Brown vs Rihanna vs the World’ controversy, but this kid keeps making an ass of himself. He’s out partying, showing absolutely no signs of remorse, and just generally being an asshole. 

He stepped out in Miami to attend a party being thrown by Young Jeezy  in the Gansevoort South hotel. Rihanna was nowhere to be found.


“He walked in and didn’t try to hide,” an eyewitness told “Some people looked shocked he was there and he seemed to love the attention.”

He hung out at the pool until around 7:30 p.m. and no mention of Rihanna was made near him.


I don’t care if you didn’t sign up to be a role model – I believe that people need to pay more attention to raising their own kids, and less to what celebs are doing. But how much of a douchetard does one have to be to NOT understand that going out in public (to a PARTY no less) is just in bad taste -especially when details about blood being found in the car where you brutalized your girlfriend are being leaked to the press?

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  • This dude is a THUG and it’s just a matter of time before he beats on another woman. What a coward punk he must be in person.

    • Gary, you’re right. He’s a fucking thug. Someone needs to beat the shit out of him. If that happened to me both my dad and big brother would take him to a place and he’d never be found…

      • I was thinking that same thing–more specifically, I was hoping that Rhianna had a protective older brother.

        This had better be IT for him. Has his label dropped him yet? I don’t want to see this guy performing anything ever again, unless it’s on a street corner.

  • Seriously, if I ever come across that guy… well, let’s just say he won’t be smiling. Ever again. Moahahahaha.

    • And can I also mention my father viciously abused my Mother from when she was 23 to when she finally plucked up the courage to leave him at 37.
      My Father was a sadistic creep like this asshole and men like him don’t change. He would still beat her to a pulp if he thought he could get away with it except he knows we (the offspring) would kill him.
      Rhianna should get some counselling and read a few books about men like Chris Brown.

      • 14 years, thats rough, poor her & poor you… :(

        This picture makes me puke. Retarded asshole.

  • Can we just stop giving him publicity? There is that Andy Warhol quote I think Her Highness PH put up yesterday – about it doesn’t matter what they it matters how many column inches you get. He’s getting lots of air time and doesn’t give a shit. He’s a nasty little turd who beats people up when he’s pissed off. Why does he get publicity or people buying his shit?

  • umm…people need to spit in his face when they see him and put a proper spin on who he really is…throw pies in his face, kick dirt on his shoes, squirt mustard on him like peta people throw paint on furs

    just my $0.02

  • Is it a coincidence that he’s physically uglier now after the incident? He was kind of attractive back then, but now that I look at him, I’m increasingly noticing how oversized his lips and teeth are, how smushed his nose is, how beady his eyes are, and how potato-shaped his head is.

    • yeah, i used to be in love with chris brown, like you had no idea. but after this shit came up, i’m so disappointed in him. now he disgusts me, i don’t know what i liked about him before.

  • He must have bodyguards with him or something. I can’t believe he’s shown his face in public this many weeks after he beat the girl and hasn’t had a stranger walk up to him and beat the shit out of him.
    I don’t feel a shred of sympathy for the girl since she went back to him, but he still deserves a good ass kicking.

  • Oh I do feel almost even more sympathy for Rhianna (Rihanna?) now than before… I mean, can you imagine how low her self-esteem must be for her to get back with the guy who treats her like shit? She probably thinks she deserves it. But of course she doesn’t, no-one does.
    And I agree, he does look a lot uglier now than he used to.

    Beet, thank you for taking such a strong stand in this, it’s really crucial. Oh and I thought of a caption for the next update on this : “Don’t tell us you’re sorry cause you’re not, Chris Brown, we know you’re only sorry you got charged”

  • Unlike most women who have to endure the abuse of their mates because they don’t have the financial resources to get out of the relationship, Rihanna has no such excuse. Even the excuse of low self-esteem is a rather flimsy one in her case when you consider the fact that she is more successful than the walking bag of human feces who beat her up. This pattern of abuse will no doubt continue to be fodder for countless more tabloid stories, until he finally kills her. I have no doubt that after he does kill her, the same people who are ready to forgive this scumbag’s current behavoir will make excuses for him then, also.

  • Rihanna is obviously messed up in the head to tolerate this loser when half the male population of planet earth would do anything to get next to her. It’s so sad that such a pretty girl has such low self esteem to tolerate this dirtbag thug in her life. It’s even sadder that the black community has such a flippant attitude about it all.

    • > “It’s even sadder that the black community has such a flippant attitude about it all”.

      Really? You are in touch with the black community are you? Stop with your racist crap Jennifer.

  • Khloe Kardashian actually stated that the guy who was at the club was in fact Reggie Bush’s friend who happens to look like Chris Brown, NOT Chris Brown himself. She also goes on to say shes never even met Chris. Check out,,20262309,00.html
    for the story.

  • i guess i’m wondering how she can be in florida and then photographed in mexico at the same time.

    i hope this reconciliation is a false report.

  • I can’t stand looking at pics of this fugly dude. His hair looks like a brillo pad. Never seen a pic where he looks good. I wish he’d just go away.

  • P. diddy and all the other top rap thugs got together and told her to quit nagging and acting jealous, dump her trouble making friends and shut the hell up and get on with her life and make them some more money., or they’d reveal some bad things about her the public doesn’t know.,uh huh