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Solange Goes a Little Overboard with the NyQuil


Really, who hasn’t done this before?

Solange Knowles took so much damn NyQuil yesterday that she passed out at the airport’s baggage claim and had to be taken to the hospital. Whatever. Due to my extreme fear of flying, I was once so drunk when I boarded a flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles that they took off, realized how messed up I was, and threatened to turn the plane back around to Tokyo rather than have my ass on it. Seriously a flight attendant was like, “Do we need to turn this plane around?” TOP THAT, SOLANGE!!! (I know now that I do much better just taking a shitload of Xanax — they can’t smell that on you!)

Solange is fine now, just resting at home, but she Twittered adorably through the whole thing.

“I took a Nyquil, and I think maybe I’m getting high off it because I’m not sleeping,” she wrote. “Everything’s movvvvviinnngg slooooowww, LOL.” Later she wrote “think im certified loosing it on nyquil. going to sleep before i start freestyling on the plane.”

She also Twittered a bit about her recent nip slip, saying “i always wear undies, never been carried out of the club drunk, i wont even pose for king or any “eye candy” type shoots and now look:(”


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  • haha, i SO feel you guys’ pain. just a couple weeks into my first semester of college, i made a pretty iffy impression on my roommate by getting so inadvertently stoned on cough and cold medicine that she started asking me if i was on drugs, if i was keeping them in the room, etc. the poor thing was a mormon from salt lake city who’d just moved to nyc for school – she was so distressed.

    lol. and yeah, i’m all about the klonopin on planes. it’s not for a fear of flying, though – i just find that it preserves the lives of any particularly abrasive people who may be seated nearby.

  • I think it’s pretty nice that people noticed and called an ambulance. I once fell asleep waiting for a plane after staying up for 48 hours to fly from Europe to Jackson Hole to meet my now husband. Anyway, I was so tired I finally just fell over and fell asleep. Nobody cared! When I woke up everyone was just staring at me as drool poured out of my mouth. How did they know that I wasn’t drugged or something? SO inconsiderate. However, I would have died if they had called someone.

    Not my proudest moment.