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Lookin’ Good, Jon Gosselin!!!


I know many of you share my obsession with Jon & Kate Plus Eight, and I know many of you agree with me that the show has become nearly unwatchable lately as a result of Kate being increasingly awful to Jon. She treats him like a five-year-old, even though he is a very smart and competent man, and it’s embarrassing to watch. It’s such a tricky situation, because you know Jon loves those kids and would never want to be away from them, but I do not understand how he lives day in and day out with Kate.

Now a tipster on Evil Beet is saying that Jon has been living with his mother since the start of February, and he’s been out getting wasted all over town lately. Word is that they are separating.

The tipster sent along this photo, too, of Jon at a local bar called Shorty’s.

Damn, I would never want to see these kids’ family separated, but I have to admit I’ve been secretly rooting for Jon to free himself of Kate for awhile. Does that make me a horrible person? I love those kids as much as the rest of America, but nobody should have to be treated that way by their spouse. It’s a bad example to set for the children, too.

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  • For the custody battle they can just replay old episodes in the courtroom. After watching 5 minutes the judge would give her supervised visits only

  • i would give anything for one night in a hotel with him! i would rock his fucking world. i feel so bad for him that he got stuck with a major cunt as a wife. CUM TO ME JON! oh and bring aiden. k thanks.

    • You’ll have to stand in line after me! I think Jon is the hottest thing since yesterday- he gets my crotch lettuce all crisped up. Kate doesn’t know what she’s missing. Jon, when you visit me, leave the kids at home.

    • umm its aaden…. and well for all you assholes who are saying no way in hell.. i was at shorty’s and he was in fact there however i highly doubt one picture will lead to the demise of a a marriage and further more if they are getting a divorce it was a long time coming kate talks down to him all the time… either way it will be worked out and in all honesty it’s none of anyone’s business…

  • Ugh… I hate Cah Cah Kate one million times eight. I refuse to add to the shows ratings. She’s a raging bitch, and no matter how much $$$ Kate has made from whoring out her kids it does not make up for the wretched example she sets.

      • I think the same thing every time someone makes a comment like that. And in my opinion, she is not whoring anyone. Shit, if someone offered me a TV show and I had no time for home videos, I would take it. And also.. Kate can be extremely rude, but Jon is a little bitch. I love the show, but seriously, Jon can be so passive aggressive that sometimes I want to scream at him like Kate does.

      • thanks Rita. I think Kate can be a bitch, but whatever, Jon is a big boy. He can stand up for himself.

        And I don’t think it’s weird that they have a tv show. Whatever. It’s just following them around doing stuff, and they have a better lifestyle because of the show. It’s not like she is forcing them to act or something.

  • He looks so young, are we sure this isn’t from forever and a day ago? Plus the “Tiffany’s” (not sure if it is real or not) necklace the one on the left has on was in style about 5 years ago. I don’t know if I totally believe the age of this photo. Are you SURE it is recent?

    • Given that the bar is located in an area that’s perpetually about 5 years behind in style (Kutztown, PA), I’d say it’s still an extreme possibility that the photo is recent.

      • Very true, Sharon. In Kutztown, there’s a university that is just known for parties. When my sister went there, it was a shithole. It’s amazing she has any brain cells left from the amount of partying that goes on.

      • It is a picture from Valentine’s Day. I heard about this from my babysitter. We live near Kutztown and she goes there. She said he was totally wasted and hitting on all the girls there. When asked why he was there without his wife on valentines day he said, ” Because my wife is a pain in my a**.”.
        I’m sure there was hell to pay when he got home that night.

    • Don’t hate on the Tiff’s necklace just because she’s prettier than you. Those girls are HOTTT!! and I know for a fact Jon was in Kutztown at shorty’s bar on valentines day 2009 because I was there. He bought me and my friends shots. Don’t be a hater, soo what if Jon likes to party!?!

      • You are a lying bitch……Spreading lies is bad for your health.Think about that the next time you decide to play church..The g’s Stated “It’s certainly hurtful for people to spread rumors and lies about us. It certainly makes us reluctant to live our lives like the average person. This has made it very clear that the simplest innocent gesture–such as taking a picture with some fans, can be taken out of context. We may have alot on our plates but we are a chritain family. N o matter what we’re in this toghter.” STOP PICKING ON PEOPLE THAT U-ALL ARE Gelious of. Just bc you couldn’t do it. Does mean some one else can handle 8/14/18 kids what ever the number. With god anything is possible. The G’s are a prime x-ample.

      • I don’t think it’s makeup, guys. My korean boyfriend lacks an enzyme to process alcohol and gets the “asian flush”.

      • I think that’s just his ‘I am shitfaced’ look. Also, he’s half? asian so that also influences his looks. I don’t think he’s had any work done.

  • I love this show so much, but I have to agree with you about the way Kate treats Jon, Beet. It pains me to watch sometimes. You’re not awful to wish for them to separate…Jon is a grown man and should be able to act and be treated as such.

  • I don’t think he’s stupid enough to seperate from his mad wife Kate. He has 8 kids, which means 8 x however much he would have to pay for child support! Considering they just remarried and bought a new house, I’m sure he isn’t seperating her.

    Despite all the money she’s making from the show, I’m sure he would still have to pay child support for each duckling.

    • yeah…I doubt they would buy a new house and remarry one another just to go break it off right after. Get a new tipster. This is total bunk.

      • They would not be the first couple to put on a huge show of fake happiness just before things go spectacularly wrong. Have you seen any of the newest episodes? They are outright hostile to one another.

  • I started watching the show just recently & have been embarassed for him a number of times…but JON needs to put his foot down. He’s a grown man. It’s obvious he does his share with the kids. He’s a great guy but she treats him like that because he lets her.

    • I love this show but recent episodes (I believe since the new house)have made my jaw drop. During their interview sessions, Jon no longer speaks, and when he does he is talked to like he’s an idiot. I always thought that Jon and Kate fought about things for the kids, but “Could you not interrupt me when I’m speaking, god you would think you’ve learned by now” has nothing to do with the kids. Jon had mearly mentioned something that had happened on the current episode. In previous episodes they are both interrupting each other and don’t seem bothered by it. I don’t like it very much . Also the whole aunt Jodi thing really bothers me. I think I might stop watching the show.

  • Sometimes couples renew their vows and make big investments together because they feel like it’ll fix everything. There is still a chance they could be separating, but I doubt it. Kate is horrible to him a lot, and I do have a crush on Jon (and I thought I was the only one!), but I hope they don’t separate. For Aaden! =(

  • I think it’s recent because if you watch the show, he got hair plugs, which he obviously has in the picture. Oh, and the vest on the girl on the left is in style now, her necklace just might not be.

    • my friend has a hideous charm necklace like that that she wears every goddamn day, while also paying around 400 bazillion dollars a year for vogue and elle and instyle and whatever else fashion magazine subscriptions, and is ridiculously fashionable.

      Plus, aren’t vests really popular now versus 5 years ago pre 8 kiddos?

      • You all are crazy.. MEL your necklace is hot.. Tiffany’s never goes out of style.. :) ..

        and obviously.. the man was @ Shorty’s.. these are the bartenders/shot girls.. and on Valentine’s Day 2009! .. He was legit giving girls money to buy themselves drinks.. he was a wasted mess… hence the picture that resembles nothing of his tv appearance (which is made up by a makeup crew every shoot)

  • Ugh people make out their relationship to be so much worse than it is. They make it look like she’s a lot crazier than she is on tv, because they MAKE MORE MONEY that way. These people love each other can we like accept that for once?
    I think this whole story is bull shit.

  • Jon divorces Kate and marries Nadya Suleman. Cameras follow their large blended family around; high jinx and drama ensue.

  • I honestly don’t think that it’s him in the photo. Maybe a guy that bears some resemblance to him… But not actually HIM.

  • Sad to say I am an avid watcher of the show, and I do not believe that is him. Not because I don’t want to believe he’s separated from Kate or whatnot, but it merely doesn’t look like him.

  • I am always amazed by the people whom believe that “producers” are making Kate look bad.

    You can not fake her hateful voice. Or the complete disregard of her husband feelings or opinion. Seriously, I see her getting progressively worse over the last couple of seasons. And that older daughter is just like her. (Cara) Is it just me that can see that?

    Yet, I realize that she needs to be firm with the raising of that many small children. And with all her crazy screaming and belittling of everyone near her…. her children behave. But it bugs me that she treats her husband so badly. On national TV.

    Anytime they have taken all of the children out in public those kids listen and for the most part act well mannered. (with the exception of Cara who must figure out how to have some type of melt down if she can… haha!)

    The one moment that stands out to me and Kate being a top-notch witch… was when John was cooking. He made this large meal… using the recipes of his mother and grandmother.

    He really had put alot of thought and time into the preparations and Kate was in that kitchen trying to sabotage his meal. He had not ask for her help nor did he want it. And she is in there desperately trying to screw up his cooking. Just being hateful to him the entire time.

    That is about when I stopped watching the show weekly. Now I watch just till her first screaming moment and turn the channel.

      • Madelyn is the oldest. I used to think the same way. EW! what a little brat, but after seeing what sort of mother kate is. Mady gets mixed signals, and dont forget when Kate the Czarina wanted to throw collin’s little toy dodad away, it was mady who comforted him. She has her problems, but Mady tries hard. Get rid of kate and mady may grow up to be a fine person

    • Mady is the one that has the meltdowns and is mean to all of the little kids and her twin. Cara is the sweet one that has meltdowns when Mady pushes her buttons too much. Mady is just like her mother, cant stand them. I only watch the show for the little ones….they are so adorable :)

    • All those kids are spoiled brats. Sitting in high chairs at their age? Screw that. Whine-filled, spoiled, hateful brats.

  • I used to love the show but now I get a stomachache watching Kate abuse Jon so I can’t watch it anymore. The last straw for me was when they got a photo taken at their neighbour’s house and the neighbour told Jon to put the kids clothes upstairs in the son’s room, which Jon and any other good guest would do, then Kate felt the need to humiliate him on camera for it. When Jon tried to explain that the owner of the house had told him to put the clothes there Kate yelled out, “I’M NOT GOING TO ARGUE WITH YOU!” which is a juvenile expression. Kate was the one who was arguing and bullying and humiliating Jon all along. Anyone who has been abused recognizes the pattern. Kate is an abuser. I’m feeling sick now thinking about her. I really feel sorry for Jon because most people are not going to sympathize with an abused husband, but I do. There are abused men and Jon is one of them.

  • I don’t know if they’re gonna separate or whatever, and i honestly don’t really care about them anymore..
    I used to watch the show, when it was fun and all that, but now that they “bought” a new house, and my husband was telling me about the amazing apliances she’s got and all that shit, now i feel like they’re doing the exact same thing the octuplet mom wants to do.. And they’re getting away with it, and they’re getting a whole buncha stuff thrown at them just because they’re on tv, and i don’t really agree with that.. So i stopped watching it..

    Oh, and i fucking hate Mady as well.. lol.. Im sorry.. But it’s the truth..

    • seriously. It always irked me how and why they got all those lovely things and a beautiful home to live in. Whenever the intro would come on and announce “Jon works full-time at…” some software company, I was like… fuck hold on. I worked full time at some software company, and had a b.s. and didn’t make enough for my chicago apt and 2 dogs. Does the network pay for all this? And every time they show kate crunching numbers and using all these damn coupons at the grocery store and then the next day she rents a BUS to come and park outside her house with like a portable and travelling gymnasium inside. Sure Kate, you cut those coupons.

      • that’s because your life isn’t interesting and we don’t want to watch you on tv.

        they get paid for a reason. look at all the whackos on EB that are obsessed with them. What, they should do this show, and lose a lot of their privacy, for free? um ok.

      • she works my nerve like no other!! jon is pretty funny, when he gets to talk + he looks like that guy on Lost. he should tell her to just step off. on monday…she was telling the little ones get ur shoes off inside my house! oh. her house? if it wasn’t for those precious little ones there would be no 1.3m house.

  • I hope they are separted and he sprouts a pair. The way Kate cuts him and he takes it is just too much. The fact that Kate admitted the show has been saying the’ve been at the Andrews house for so long but they were really moved in is enough for me to believe their marriage is staged too.

  • I watch the show to see what a giant bitch she’ll be! I feel like I learn from watching her…how NOT to be, of course. But seriously, she is really bitchy. I watched a episode where she yelled at her poor husband because he didn’t grab the kids’ matching jackets (in july, mind you). He grabbed 8 mismatched jackets and she lost it. I understand having that many children is stressful and demanding and she has every right to feel stressed out, but she sucks out the fun of EVERYTHING!!!

  • What’s this about living with Mom? He mentioned when he went to Penn that he drove out and stayed with his mom at that time for the speaking engagement.

    I can’t stand either one of them, and would love the show to end, but I’m not so sure I believe the separation/living with mom thing. Besides, she’s always gone anyway “on business” and I would think it would be her who would run for the hills and leave kiddies with Dad.

    He’s totally hammered in that pic though. Wow!

  • I don’t get why everyone hates her so much. If I had 8 kids…. no, if I had even like 4 kids… I would be the biggest psycho bitch in the world. I’m sure of it. Yeah, she is pretty crazy, but he is the one that married her, and REmarried her.. whatever. There is no way she wasn’t a total control freak when they first got together. Maybe Jon likes it because he hates making decisions and wants someone else to do it.

    Whatever. You guys are so harsh.

    • Well then, dear. Don’t have 8…no 4 kids… just don’t have any. Why take your mental issues out on your kids? Kate is a psycho bitch and is fucking up the minds of her kids way more than all imperfect parents do. If Jon doesn’t like making decisions and wants is “mommy” to do it for him (and wipe is ass too, no doubt) then he definitely needs to grow some balls and get over his inability to take responsibility for his own stupidity.

      • well some people would think you were crazy as well for thinking that you “know” someone after just watching them on tv. christ.

        and no, I don’t plan on having children, no worries

  • You know, my parents used to fight a lot when I was a kid but all I have are vague recollections.

    These kids will have the video proof of what a douchebag their mother is. I hope Jon and Kate are putting aside some TLC money for therapy, because these kids are going to be f’d up.

    I put money on Mady getting knocked up as a teenager.

    • Do NOT insult Mady. She’s my favourite girl. She has guts. I heart her. she will prolly grow up to be a senator or a ceo. always goes for what she wants… good for her! who needs another wallflower female?

      I think this is stupid. Of course Kate is always like this. I would be a superbitch if I had 8 kids. Seriously, her obsessive compulsiveness is the reason for survival. Jon can take it. Im sure. Seriously if he left her would he be planning on having more kids with another woman? Im sure there are a lot of women who would want to play surrogate mommy to the kids, but Im sure Kate would not be having any of that.

      • ITA about Mady, she’s the only one in that house who stands up for herself. I wonder about people who have nothing better to do than get online and attack an 8 year old as though they were perfect children. She’s just a little kid.

        Her mother, on the other hand… That female is well and truly old enough to get a fucking grip.

  • yeah, if i were married to that raging bitch and had 8 kids i would be out getting drunk with college studens, too!

  • I am so glad to hear someone else say what a bitch she is. I’ve only seen the show a few times and stopped watching because she sucks and is so obnoxious!! I don’t know how he puts up with her. And you’re right about the child support, he is screwed. Poor guy.

  • We live right near Kutztown and my babysitter goes to Kutztown University (where Shorty’s bar is located) and she told me about this when she was here on Monday. The picture is real and he was there ON VALENTINE’S DAY. Apparently, when asked why he was there on V-day without his wife, his response was something to the effect of “because my wife is a pain in my a**”.
    I’m against adultery, but in his case, I could almost understand it. If they did separate can you imagine the child support the poor guy would have to pay?

  • No first-hand knowledge here of when the pic was taken, but that would sure explain some things. First, Jon on the sofa with nothing to say, then later we see Kate pouting because Jon is the ONLY one with something to say, then Jon mocking Kate’s laugh and rolling his eyes, then even more eye rolling, talking back, serious atypical Jon behavior. And where are the older girls these past 2 weeks? Their absence wasn’t even mentined. Are they at school, or could it be that they’re old enough to figure out mommy and daddy are having serious problems and don’t want to be filmed? Or maybe TLC thinks they’d say something or their behavior would give something away? Curious…

    And Jon smashed at a bar? Do you seriously think Kate would give him permission to do that? Do you think he’d risk sneaking out knowing he’d have to face her at 3 AM? I smell a rat, and I’m not talking about the poo under the old freezer. I believe something IS up, and I guess only time will tell if they can work it out or not.

    Oh, and the Hawiian wedding vows, the new million dollar house, etc. is not necessarily evidence that all is well between them. To me, it smacks of a couple of “jump the shark” marital moments…

  • It’s important to remember that this is a television show…designed to get ratings. If you had cameras on you everyday i’m sure they could be spliced together to make you appear happy, sad, rude, kind, evil, or good.

    maybe you don’t know as much about someone else’s life than you think you do…


  • please think twice before saying things like you are happy about something like this.
    if these rumors are really true, 8 little kids could be going through
    a nightmare with a family being broken up.
    don’t you think even a little bit of sensitivity is in order?

  • Buying a new home is one of the most stressful things on a marriage. My ex and I bought a new home (and a move closer to family) thinking it would help our marriage, it didn’t help. Also, why remarry at 9 years in? Most people wait until their 25th anniversary. Plus there is that Valentine Day’s article floating around too. Kate didn’t sound very happy in that and remember, Valentine’s Day is one of her favorite times. Remember that purse Jon got for her? All the goodies the kids got? She was very short in the article and knew she did a episode or two about the occasion.
    You cannot constantly degrade your spouse (and children) and not have it effect them. Verbal abuse sometimes never heals…just sayin’.

  • These rumors having been going on for awhile. I believe they are separated and will eventually get divorced. I don’t know how in his RIGHT MIND he put up with her for as long as he did. Honestly, she’s needs some serious help and he deserves to have his kids full-time until she gets the counseling she needs. She’s is NOT mother material. I always thought she was in love with the idea of having all the kids but not loving the fact of the day-to-day raising and caring for them. Jon does all the work, as we can see on the show, while she gives orders and demands and demeans. Good for him for finally getting a backbone. Now he needs to get those kids out of her grasp and off the TV (most importantly) and try to live a normal life. Kate – you SUCK!

  • I don’t watch the show anymore, either. It’s her personality, coupled with the fact that it’s not even the same show anymore. People were drawn to the idea of trying to relate to a couple struggling with that many kids and how they managed their budget. Who wants to watch them go on free trips, preferential treatment wherever they go and total product placement? It’s run its course.

  • He has been living with his mom since Feb 2nd. His mom lives in Huntingdon Pa and he has been visiting all the local bars….he bought friends of mine drinks one night and they have been going out to different places since. A bunch of us just went out to Mainstreet (wing place) last night and talked to him. He said that they are getting a seperating and getting a divorce but have a year contract with TLC that they have to finish out. But I do have to say, he is not as nice as he seems on the show, kinda cocky….he will be going home on Saturday the 21st, he will be snow boarding at Tussey Mtn. ski resort tomorrow about noon.

    • Hutingdon as in Juniata College? There aren’t a whole lot of bars in that area…of course things have probably changed since I was a student.

      • Dude – another Juniata grad around these here parts!?! I graduated in ’98, and what you say about there being few bars in the area was true then. I remember my friends having to take me to the bar of that hotel on 522 for my 21st birthday because we didn’t want to go to join the townies ;-)

  • The kids are going through their hell every single day of the week living with this awful, manipulative, lying creep of a mother and her so sad husband/son/dad. Sometimes it is better for a couple to break up, get happy again and then the kids will at least know what a normal relationship can be. They don’t know now. They are aware only of a domineering bitch of a mother thinks all boys are gross and icky, and the ickiest of them all is their dad who is ordered about and criticized probably many times a day in their presence. I’m all for Jon dumping this jerk and getting on with the business of raising his children. I think he would be a good father if left to his own devices.

  • Just to clarify … Jon does not work for a software company. He quit going to work and lost his job shortly after the tups were born. He and Kate get money from personal appearances, book sales, picture sales, and begging for “love offerings” from churches where they discuss their faith and how blessed they are.

    In other words, they are KON artists (K from Kate and ON from Jon). Love offerings to support their lavish lifestyle and demanding personal needs.

    All you psych majors … look for Narcisstic Personality Disorder (Kate)
    Delayed adolescence (Jon)

    They were married mid-20s and immediately started fertility treatments. Hmmmm, wonder why.

  • For those who think that it’s all TV and editing, wake up and smell the coffee. They can’t put on TV what didn’t happen. I had the misfortune to live near the wicked witch a couple of years ago and she is as shown on TV. If anything she’s gotten worse as her inner diva has come out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are separated and getting a divorce given how nasty Kate can be and Jon can be a real passive-aggressive tool.

  • Mady is a CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Say what you want about Jon & Kate but for god’s sake leave the child alone
    I am appalled at the adults speaking that way about a CHILD!

    • Selective humanity? Why is it ok to say something about an adult, but not a child? Mady is a bitch– why she is has everything to do with her bitch mother. Call a spade a spade and move on.

  • I must be the only one that finds Kate attractive despite her Bossy attitude. No one has any right to judge her unless they have 8 kids screaming in their house. Jon also has a temper lately, so it’s affecting both of them. I just hope they can work things out IF all this gossip is true!

    • We have five kids, none of whom are old enough yet to attend full-day school, so as you can imagine I have an inkling of what it is like to have a classroom of students looking to you for everything from food to entertainment to learning to wiping bottoms and noses, etc..

      We don’t feel it is a chore as Kate and Jon seem to. I am the mother who sincerely counts her blessings every day. Unlike Kate, I’m out on the grass rolling around with the kids, taking them to McDonalds and “wasting my time” watching them have a blast on all the equipment that is there for them to play with, snuggling up with all of them in the big bed and letting them read to me (even those who can’t read yet) and watching their cartoons with them.

      So I don’t get why it is such a big Fu***ng struggle for these two. I also have lots of laundry. I put a load in while I’m making breakfast and usually do a load at night. That keeps up with it all. I don’t require 2 brand new whirlpool machines and driers.

      As soon as the kids are able, they start to use things like napkins and regular cups and glasses, you know, so they LEARN to use them properly, Kate. I can only imagine my son if I started tying a bib onto him, putting him in a high chair and giving him a sippy cup. He’s think I’d lost my mind — finally.

      I have the right to judge these two parents because they put it all on TV and they come to churches to beg and try to, through their ads, tell us how to economize or even how to make a sandwich.

  • Well I have ten so I can surely judge since that is your criteria and Kate only has eight screaming kids because of how she’s raised them. She’s a shrieking drama queen and that’s what she’s getting back in her face. She deserves it. I have ten and no chaos. They know better than to tantrum and whine. I only have five the same age, but I can’t think it makes that much difference. Surely all little kids try out the whining and fussing to see if they can get their way. You don’t let them have what they whine and tantrum over and it stops. One of the most telling parenting things was when Kate told the nana it was a waste of time stopping fights. Right there is why they still hit each other at 4 and a half. Kate should have had that stopped by 18 months. I’m not sure who is most at fault, but what few shows I’ve seen in the last months, those are two miserable people. I hope they are in counseling. They certainly look like they need it.

    • bullshit. if you have 10 kids, what the f are you doing bitching on the internet? go watch your disgustingly big family, freak

  • I really think that parents should think twice before allowing their children to watch this show. It teaches little girls how to grow up and be degrading wives and it teaches boys to stay quiet and take it.

    My husband predicted that Jon and Kate will be heading for a divorce. It saddens me that the children are in the middle. I don’t think Kate will be a cooperative ex-wife. I also can’t imagine the child support that Jon will be expected to pay! Hopefully the Judge that rules this case has seen the show and will give Jon custody! haha. Then Princess Kate can work as a nurse 90 hours a week and pay Jon!

    What I find sad most of all, is that I think Kate is more concerned with outer appearance, i.e. matching clothes for kids, keeping them looking good, instead of building character in her children. She can get all the tummy tucks in the world, plastic surgery and highlighted hair styles because inside she needs LOTS of improvement. I think she is on her high horse and thinks what she is. Her temper tantrums when things don’t got HER way tell me she’s a lot more than just a control freak. I think she’s a bit histrionic and narcissistic. I wonder how long she thought she could belittle Jon and get away with it?

    I also can’t stand the way she always tells Jon to deal with Mady.
    Mady is HER daughter too. Why does Jon always have to deal with her? Is she that lazy?

    I think there is a lot more to their story. The disappearing parents, relatives, friends and helpers are much more than coincidences.

    Of course, all of this is just my HUMBLE opinion.

  • Actually, child support is not generally calculated per child. In Pennsylvania, it’s statutorily set based on income, but takes into account extenuating circumstances. If Jon were to leave Kate, it would not be child support times 8 children. It would have a lot to do with his income and the circumstances of the children. Child support is often very difficult to figure out because of the differing circumstances of each family.

    • I agree. What people aren’t taking into consideration is that Jon doesn’t support the children now – all the sources of income mentioned in other comments, plus what they get paid by TLC – is what is currently supporting the family. Jon hasn’t worked outside the home since the sextuplets were babies. A judge will take this into consideration when calculating how much (if any) child support he would have to pay. I’m sure Jon could get himself a lawyer that could figure out how to get him out of that sham of a marriage without paying through the teeth for the rest of his life. Sometimes divorce can be a positive thing for children. Is it really better for the children to witness their parents at each others’ throats every single day?

  • John is just as obnoxious to Kate as she is to him. Women are worse then men when it comes to blaming women for everything.

  • The bar is actually called Memories Sports Bar and Grill He was also seen on a date with an older blonde lady.

  • you guys are STUPID. that is 100% jon. i dont htink that there at a billion jon gosselin look a likes. and this looks old. hes definently much skinner.

  • Actually that picture is taking at Shorty’s Bar in Kutztown, PA (approximately 20 minutes from where Jon lives). It’s about three blocks from Kutztown University. It was taken Saturday, February 14th… Valentine’s Day. When asked why he wasn’t with Kate, he replied “She’s a pain in my ass” along with other comments. People who saw him at the bar said he refused pictures… apparently not all pictures though because those are two of the weekly shot-girls who are also KU students. Good going, you idiot!!

    • Just curious, who spoke to john and was he joking when he said “She’s a pain in my ass” on V Day or was he being sarcastic and its part of the show>??

  • people who think they are horrible parents need to wake the f*ck up. jesus christ. read some true crime sites for awhile, or just watch the news. it is not like they are beating or raping their children. the kids are properly looked after and well fed.

    you guys are ridiculous

  • whats the problem with two fans wanting to take a picture with a local “celebrity”? Its not like Kutztown, let alone Pennsylvania sees alot of them, and anyway whats so incriminating about the picture??? nothing.

  • Gosh, O’Lordy Be!! Kate must have been at home cutting Valentine’s with a pink shirt for Jon saying ” I Love Kate” that’s a size too small.

    Wow, looks like Jon grew a set of balls!

  • No one will believe me on this, but I am from right around Huntingdon, PA where he is supposedly been with his mother for the past month.

    I continuously just assumed all the crap I read about him cheating and hitting on girls was bogus… until several of my friends who are just a shade over 21 now saw him at the bar called “memories” in Huntingdon, picking up girls. He did say that they are splitting up, but he is contracted to do another season.

    I will say again, I was not there, but have had several people confirm stories like this. People also say he has went to several college parties around here and picked up college girls.

  • He’s been sleeping around with about half the girls in my sorority too. Total man-whore. I find him fat and disgusting, but my roommate said he gives good oral. -shrug-

    • Well, it’s nice to know that his tongue gets some exercise – other than him just biting it when Kate is putting him down. I had a husband who constantly put me down – I never did a thing right in 30 years, then I left.
      I loved that show in the beginning, but just can’t stand watching Kate’s dissatisfaction with everything BUT her perfect self. I also can’t take Mady and her constant snippiness and meltdowns. THAT apple didn’t fall far from the mommy tree, did it?

    • i highly doubt this all…have you all heard of laws that prohibit slander????you can’t just make things up and if your friends did sleep with him then what does that say about your friends and that college volleyball team?? guess you like to hang out with a bunch of whores

      • It’s not slander. Slander is when a person knows something not to be true, totally, and states other wise; assumptions and rumors aren’t slander. To prove it was slander, he’d have to show that some one was making false statements knowing it not to be true, to belittle his image or name. Which of course is possible. But considering peoples statements, eye witness accounts(assumed), even if someone took a pic like this, knowing about the rumors and wanted to show “proof” it’s not slander, b/c they assumed the possibilities of it maybe being true; not slander. Slander is a crime, b/c it has motive, not just pple liking to talk about each other in rumors.

  • I think that its a good thing he moved out(not for kids but for jon)(but bad for kate too,bwahaha) Did u see the recent episode where she made him cry? and it was only for “interrupting” her.
    Anyways, too bad for the kids. theyre awesome! The next season is going to be awkward. wonder if theyre going to say anything about it on the show? they should, imean, GLASS WALLS.

  • Haha! How stupid does a person have to be in order to believe this crap about Jon Gosselin fooling around? Grow up, children.

    • Haha — he’s up to something though, isn’t he? You’d be fine with your husband going to college bars Caroline? Wise up, Old Lady.

      • I know! People keep saying the picture is not incriminating but what the hell is a married father of eight (and a self-proclaimed righteous christian at that) doing at a bar, clearly drunk (hello red face) on Valentine’s Day? Sadly, if he cheated on Kate, this would just be further expression of his passive-aggressive behavior. He takes her shit and then sneaks around behind her back because he doesn’t have the balls to tell her to STFU once and for all. They should get a divorce. All that fighting is doing nothing for the kids.

  • I believe that the children would be better off being raised by Jon without Kate. Let Kate move out and pay support for the kids to Jon.

  • I loathe Kate. Truly, I do. But if this photo is authentic…wtf? I hope she rakes him thru the coals in court. No matter how bad things may ever get with my husband, if I ever woke up one day and saw his face on a pic like that. I can’t even finish that sentence without a lot of f-bombs. I think Jon is 1. a coward, because if this is how he chooses to deal with his issues with his wife he’s worse than she is. and 2. a thoughtless self gratifying ass. He has 8 kids who no doubt can read now. They (if not already) will all also have access to a wonderful little internet tool called the way back machine one day. Can you imagine being in the room the day one of them stumbles upon this? I had a sister in law who I really despised, very hard to get along wth and she rubbed just about the whole family the wrong way. But 3 days after the death of her mother, my @$#!%^@# brother decided to inform her that he was leaving her and their kids for the girlfriend he had shacked up in an apartment for two years. All I can say is, brother or not, he got what he deserved in and out of that court room.

  • Well, who didn’t see this coming from the PR (that’s Public Relations) person:
    Rumor Control: Jon & Kate Still Great

    The blogs have been buzzing overtime with rumors that there’s trouble in the marriage of reality show stars Jon & Kate Gosselin. Hey with eight kids, who wouldn’t fight? But certain blogs have taken the next step, reporting that Jon was seen at a bar in Pennsylvania hitting on — and leaving with — a younger woman.
    But don’t expect to see Jon & Kate in divorce court any time soon.
    In a statement issued through his rep, Jon says: “It is certainly hurtful for people to spread rumors and lies about us. It certainly makes me reluctant to live my life like the average person would. This has made it very clear that the simplest innocent gesture — such as taking a picture with a fan, can be taken out of context.
    “As you can see on the show, I am not perfect, but I am a part of a loving family and couple.”
    Rumor dismissed, Jon. Get back to changing diapers!

    Yeah, the girls and bar background were photoshopped, too, RIGHT?

    • On Newsstands TODAY!

      Star Exclusive! Jon Gosselin: Partying With CoEds!
      March 3, 2009
      On TV, he is a harried father of eight with a wife who is constantly on his case, so it’s not surprising that Jon Gosselin needs to blow off some steam.

      And in recent weeks, the star of the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been doing just that — slipping away from his new $1.3 million mansion to drink and party the night away with a bevy of college cuties!

      The father of twins and sextuplets has been living it up in Huntingdon, Pa., where his mom resides. He turned up uninvited at a Feb. 6 party thrown by Juniata College seniors Erin Albert and Mariel Little — and ended up playing the drinking game beer pong with members of the women’s volleyball team!

      “He was acting like a drunk, girl-chasing frat boy,” one team member tells Star. “It really disturbed me. On the show he is so nice, but here, he was acting like an idiot.”

      The following night he ended up at Memories Sports Bar & Grill. “He was dirty dancing with several girls from the volleyball team, making out, kissing them on their necks and mouths,” says a witness in the bar.

      “He was all over one girl, a long-haired blonde who’s nearly 6 feet tall. He left with several of the girls, including her.”

      Pick up this week’s issue of Star — on sale Wednesday — for more shocking details on Jon’s wild nights and how his mom tried to cover for him. Plus: Find out where Jon spent Valentine’s Day night — without Kate!

  • how about leaving him alone? he is a reality tv star..not you friend or brother. time to turn off the tv, let him live his life…and realize you are WAY too invested in the life of a STRANGER. When you stop and think about it…its pretty ridiculous.

    • Does reading and commenting on a gossip blog about him mean people are way too invested? Uh, you’re here too.

  • Heard that it was not Jon who was doing the fooling around. Rumor has it Kate is hanging with her trainer. Also heard that he left and they want out of the contract.

    I also heard that two weeks ago, a patron of the bar had to drive him home because he was too intoxicated.

    Pretty sad, though. Think of the kids. The price of celebrity isn’t always fun.

  • i have heard from two different people and have a picture to prove that jon was at a bar in west reading twice in one week a couple weeks ago.

  • OMG YOU PEOPLE! Most of you say you want them to get a divorce, then it seems like they might be and your all “aaaww poor j&k and what about the kids?” You are all a bunch of rabid DOGS! Jon & Kate made a decision long ago to have DELIBERATLEY GET PREGNANT. They knew the risks! Their lives are not just theirs anymore. Their lives belong with the kids! Regardless if they are happy or whoring around. Kate needs to keep her legs closed and Jon needs to keep it in his pants! It ALL about the kids now. If they are having problems, they should have thought about that before they had kids. When you marry, you become family, and family is family! You can get a divorce, it just makes it harder and it hurts the kids. They need to grow up and get it together!


      • Both of you grow up! Damit! You choose to be married and have kids and all that you have ::Your still not happy! You make me sick !Just throwing it all away ” and your kids will be just as screwed up as this country is !


  • Rumor has it that Jon has also been seen bar hopping in Harrisburg. He closed the bar down and went to breakfast with two girls. He asked one back to his hotel room, however, she respectfully declined.

    • Yea right!!! You show me some girl that is asked back to a motel room by a man who has MILLIONS of dollars and she is respectfully decline!!!! If she out closing down the bars, she probably out looking for some anyway. And for her to do ANYTHING respectfull is unlikley! To decline a invite back to a motel room by a millionare, I don’t think so. She eather lied, and f__ked his brains out or she wishes he would have so she could have f__ked his brains out! Women are women, and the two things they understand is how use what they have to get what they want! And the second is MONEY!!!

  • I’m confused. If you really loved those kids, none of you would watch Jon & Kate Plus 8, especially once you realized what an exploitative show it is. There’s a reason it isn’t filmed in NY or LA, IT WOULD BE OUTLAWED to put children in the spotlight around the clock. There are labor laws specifically designated to protect children from that kind of life, and clearly the show is filmed far away from that protection those poor kids deserve. Jon & Kate have been a horribly dysfunctional couple from the very beginning, and anyone that continues to watch that show is adding to the abuse these kids are going to suffer when they realize their childhood was completely void of privacy and freedom. To the person talking about how they are good parents and to look at the crimes committed in some families – you don’t have to be a serial killer to be a bad parent. These people are making decisions FOR their children that are going to affect their psyche for years to come. Just look at their oldest children, who are already miserable and unhappy and clearly in need of a therapist already. These two nag each other to no end, Kate even hits Jon, the children have behavioral problems, they have a parent that won’t even let them do the most mundane things that kids take for granted like painting with markers or chewing gum because she’s too worried about her own tasks and not their enjoyment, when in fact they have a maid and a personal organic chef when the cameras are off so she doesn’t have anywhere near as much housework to do as she pretends to. They get over $70,000 an episode and keep running around saying they are poor and can’t afford things so companies keep sending them freebies and giving them trips. If they were good parents, they would not allow video cameras in their children’s bathroom, where those kids are photographed using the toilet and bathing and any number of other scenarios that are completely inappropriate and expose them to creepy predators out there. They don’t even have a room in the house without a camera where those kids can go, and the reason why is that if they did, those kids would stay in it and never come out. All children (especially those in a large house) need privacy to grow and thrive, and need a place they can go off to alone anytime during the day they need it in the house to get away from that stress. Anyone who says they actually care at all and watch that show are complete hypocrites. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you those people are totally over each other and just staying together for all the money and publicity they keep on making, instead of using all that money to stop the show and focus on their children and give them a stable quiet life. Disgusting.

    • You DO know that they are not filmed 24/7 356 right? I mean no show films every single day of the week for years and years. HAHAHA

  • Zoe, thanks for clearing up the fact that YOU are not a rocket scientist! Have you not noticed that the people on the show are usually wearing the same cloths thru the whole episode, unless they are on a trip? That because they are not filming them 24 hours a freaking day!!!

  • Wow! I feel so sad for all of them! I just searched the net to try to find out if Jon did a cameo appearance in 24 Season 7, episode 12, approx. 31 minutes. Not a case of they all look alike, I’m Chinese. Does anyone think that’s him?

  • Jon picks apart Kate just as much as she does to him. Kate is way hotter than the two broads in the pic anyhow.

  • Thanks Elizabeth for all of the positive response! Glad to see you have a good head on your shoulders. I dont really think that is Jon! If it is he IS DRUNK OFF HIS ASS!! So what if it is? There is nothing wrong with going out and tieing one one now and again! Hell, if I had that many f__cking kids Id be going out and getting smashed a lot more than he does! The only difference is, no one cares, and they arent going to be having their picture taken with me! ha

    Im still waiting for Jon to have a kegger at the new house when Kate is out of town!! Can’t you see her face when she comes home and there are beer cans all out in the front of their new 1.2 million dollar home! WAY TO GO JON!!!

    I would also like TLC to make a Simpsons meet the Gosllens! That would be soo cool. Jon and Homer can hang out and Marge could give Kate some parenting advise! hahahahahaha Bart and Maddy could butt heads then fall in love! hahaha

  • did anyone ever think these are just fans? I just turned 21, if i saw him at a bar id jump n scream as if it was justin timberlake. everyone needs to get a life n stp feedin into this nonsense.

    • They are just fans i was at this bar and know these girls. he did nothing but stand around while girls came up to ask him about his show..and why he was there on vday. Maybe they are having problems but im pretty sure he did nothing with anyone. of course its gonna look like he is hanging all over girls because they are drunk and fasinated by a celebrity. i did hear he went back with a few girls but i also heard nothing happened and someone drove him to his car. so who cares if he were any normal person this wouldn’t be an issue.

  • Ashley, Honey, If you would jump and scream over Justin Timberlake, I think you have more problems than we do! hahahahaha

  • I feel bad for Jon…..Kate is a total B***H… She needs help..I know she is busy and needs things organized with 8 kids but she should be happy with any help that she gets…Everything that goes wrong it’s Jon’s fault..She is the one that can’t handle the kids! Jon seems to be great with them..Do you ever see her play with them???She gives them busy work to keep them out of her way! I don’t blame Jon for going out and having a good time..If i had to deal with a spouse like Kate i would be drunk all the time too! Doesn’t she realize that the entire world see’s what a ass she is to her husband..She should be grateful he has stayed this long!All i can say is those poor kids!

  • I feel sorry for people who believe this, Cant a man go to a bar and enjoy himself for a night?? Obviously when someone who is on TV happens to be at the same place as you, you will want to take pictures. If Jon was at the same bar I was at, I would want a picture and I am only 21! What happened hear is that a bunch of dumb college girls want there 15 minutes of fame and to do so they are publicly humiliating this family. You can’t always believe what you read on the internet.

  • People……………………look at the picture of Jon………..thats not him. No way would i ever believe Jon is guilty of whats being said of him.

  • I’ve been watching J & K +8 since the first one our special and I can tell you that IS Jon. Personally, I think that they’ve been romatically separated for quite a while, so who’s really to say if he’s cheating. Kate is horrible to him and I personally would like to fight her for him.
    Honestly, I would rather hear about Jon dipping out to the bar than him pulling a Chris Brown on Kate. I hope the show ends soon, so that those kids can have half a chance at a normal childhood.

  • I believe all of this is false. Don’t you think SOMEONE would have taken an actual picture of this “kissing” and “dirty dancing” he was doing instead of just one stupid little picture that just looks like Jon is a taking a picture with fans. I mean come on. And if this is true, I understand Jon is more in the wrong than the girls he was “making out” with on that volleyball team but I mean come on! What is this saying about the Juniata College volleyball team (or those from the team that were involved)…apparantly he was kissing more than 1 girl so the team is what? just passing around a married man with 8 kids making out with him, dancing with him, doing whatever else! And if it is false then obviously one or more of the girls on the team probably made this up. They should know that by doing so (messing around with a married man or making up false rumours), there should be reprocussions. I for one will be emailing the volleyball coach of this team: Lawrence R Bock at (Athletic Director & Head Women’s Volleyball Coach). If this did happen Jon is in the wrong too but these girls shouldn’t just get to walk away without anyone saying or doing something!

  • Lillian, I totally agree! There have been too many cases of women innocent men being inprisoned because women or young girls have accused them of doing something because they were pissed of at the time or they thought it would be exciting! When the truth finally comes to light because of new DNA eveidence or what have you and nothing is ever done to the females that have caused these injustices. Its is time that they too are held accoutable for their actions! These girls should be expelled from their schools and possable spend some prison time if these rumors are found to be untrue!

  • That doesn’t even look like Jon! And trust me, I know, I pay a great deal of attention to one, Jon is much taller. Kate is a very tall woman, she’s about 5’8” ish these girls are probally 5’4”ish and he’s barely taller, so judging by that it can’t be him. Jon is also part American and his face does not squint when he smiles, like this mans does, and the lower facial structure is diffrent, this man has a hooked chin, Jon does not. AND… His entire family lives in Hawii….so no way is he here at this bar while living with his mom.its prob some look alike trying to cause trouble.

    • Sarah, Did you not watch the episode where they took the kids for a dental checkup? They went to his DADS old office. And they didn’t fly to Hawaii to do it. His Mom lives in PA. The rest of his family live in Hawaii and his Mom was raised there but she here.

      But I agree, the man in the picture does look shorter. He also looks very intoxicated so he might be sitting on a bar stool. But, who knows?

  • Sarah —
    If that’s NOT him, why would his PR team make some news announcements regarding the recent pics, saying that he was posing with fans?

    His mother lives in PENNSYLVANIA.
    It’s his mother’s EXTENDED family that lives in Hawaii. Didn’t you notice his mother did not go to the vow renewal? She was back in PA. ALso, Kate is about 5’7″ tall, and he is SHORT. That’s why a lot of the kids are looking short, too. His family is SHORT.

  • My goodness you people are delusional!! IF that WAS NOT Jon Gosselin in the picture, WHY would his PR person even issue a statement? They’re going to issue a statement based on some ‘look- alike’? Seriously folks, get with it! A 32 year old man has NO business attending college frat parties, ESPECIALLY if that man has a popular tv show, 8 kids and (a bitch for) a wife. None.

  • I would like to know how he is living with his mother, when his mother lives in Hawaii…?

  • Kate is not a bitch.. or a cunt or anything else you say she is..
    anyone who actually watches the show open mindly would know this.
    you all are fucking dumasses!
    Jon and Kate are not and have not sepparated and they won’t be. They do love each other and as for this picture have any of you sluts heard of photoshop..

    stop being bitches..

  • Uh, that doesn’t look like Jon. I know spotting a half Asian is rare in some parts of Pennsyltukey, but seriously. It looks nothing like him. Check the jaw, the eyes, the lips. Totally off. Even the hairline! lol

    He’s clearly a look-alike and taking advantage of it.

  • I saw Kate at the local Giant, looking really decked out, at 8:30 in the AM w/some very good looking grey haired guy.

  • Time will tell but I don’t think its true. I was kinda thinking that the pic don’t really look like him. You can go out drinking but that don’t make you a cheat.

  • oh my goodness, jon has a red face and is standing next to two women. of COURSE that means he was drunk and had sex with them! OF COURSE that MUST be it! what a bunch of sorry losers. you waste your time. bring aaden? that was disgusting. i pity the way you waste your lives making up rumors.

    • Right on brother they are a pain in the ass he needs to move to a warm state with women who aren’t bitches. The bigger they get the more they bitch. My friends wife is 200LBS and all she does is bitch.

      • This doesn’t even begin to explain why Kate’s skinny ass bitches all day long. Are you even reading the same blog?

    • no there not you fukin hoe there greeat kids and ketes a great woman its just that shes past thrugh alot its to many kids I understand her but jhon hes an ass hoe i hate him i feel bad for kate and the kids for havin such a bad example of father and such a bad husvin

  • I hope no one is stupid enough to believe that the above photo is a recent one. Yeah – it is Jon Gosselin, but maybe from like 10 years ago – he doesn’t look like that anymore! You can see how young he looks in this picture & it clearly has to be from his college days!

  • I live in PA and would hope that those students would have enough sense to leave this married man with 8 kids alone! I haven’t always been too keen on Kate, but she has to be well organized, etc. to raise all those kids. He needs to call her on the carpet here and there and I’m sure he does…in private…not on TV so much. I just watched the “going to Hawaii for wedding renewals” with the kids and Kate assured the kids that they would always be a family and together. I hope that is true. They are a beautiful family and the kids are so well behaved, not spoiled like a bunch of kids my kids go to school with!!!

  • Maybe Jon should get a REAL job insteal of living HIGH off of TLC. Jon wouldnt have so much extra time on his hands to go running around while Kate is home with those children if he had a REAL job. Guess he doesnt mind that great big new house he now can suddenly afford. This seems like an attack on Kate….why is it always the woman’s fault??

    • he does have a job. he works for a hospital just like kate used to before she had all those kids. i think it could be him. i’ve taken pics messed up and they don’t look like me. your face goes limp and you struggle to put on a smile rather than puke.

  • Sorry Guys, but you’ve Got the Wrong Guy!! It’s Not Jon check out the hair line, eyes, lips! You’ve got to be kidding if you really thought that was him standing there between those two girls… See this is how stupit rumors get started!!

  • It does not even look like Jon.. I am sure it is stressful raising that many kids but all in all they really seem to do well. As for how Kate treats Jon… he gets his licks in too. They fight like any normal married couple except it is on national television. Hope its not true but I still think the picture does not look like him…. and it could just be a couple of autograph seekers

  • I love that show and i don’t think that looks like john at all and I don’t think it is true that they are separating.

  • couldnt be it would been published on cnn and he was going bald at hte time if you look at carefully its a young pix

  • I would never wish for a family to split. But, if they should, and I think some day they will; Kate will have been the catalyst. She is so demeaning to him and it sickens me.

    I do not really think that picture of John either after comparing it several others of him, but this will eventually happen if Kate continues on her course. You can only mistreat a dog for so long before it turns and bites you, ladies.


  • If all these rumors were true, there certainly would be more than just this one picture circulating around. People need to stop hating and stop trying to break up a family!!!

  • That is so not him. Sad really that people would try and cause problems for this family. They have 8 kids! Clearly they have enough stress without the media adding more.

  • I totally agree with you, Evil Beet. Kate is always sitting on her high horse thinking she’s the “perfect mother,” but is failing to see that the absolutely condescending and downright nasty way she treats Jon sets a terrible example for the kids that will one day affect them and their relationships with the opposite sex.

    Although i love the kids, i too secretly root for Jon to be freed of Kate.

  • My sister in law is from Huntingdon and met Jon at a bar. She has a very similar picture to the one featured. I won’t say that he was at the bar to pick any one up, but he was flirting and buying drinks for a lot of girls. The rumor around town is that there was a hook up. I choose to believe it is true. Huntingdon is a pretty small town and word travels.

  • that doesnt look like jon .. the number one give away is the hair .. look at this guys hair line … and then take a look at jon gosslins .. no offense to jon but his is pushed back much further … hence why he usually has his hair combed down in the front.

    • If you watched the show you would have seen that he had hair replacement surgery. It is definitely him.

  • You can call Kate all the names you like and calll her a controll freak especially. To run a house for 8 kids and one husband needs a measure of control, hence Kate is labeled a controling bitch.

    But notice that those kids are clean, nicely dressed, always fed well (she only cooks with fresh veggies and unaltered beef) and carefully monitored by Kate. One must be very organized to insure mass chaos is avoided.

    And what part of their care does Jon take part in? He can’t be trusted to watch those kids let alone feed them. When Kate was away, Jon barely managed. I’ll vote for Kate the good mother any day. Jon has put the family’s earning power, i.e. TV big bucks in jeopady. Good going Jon! He’s liberated but Kate is a bitch? I can’t see Jon as anything but a stupid loser after this childish drunken spree.

    • Correction: The show’s highly paid organic chef cooks the children healthy meals. Kate is a raging bitch. Stop taking it so personally and deal with it.

  • This cannot be true!! this guy does not look like Jon. Some a**hole is trying to mess up his life because they are jealous of what he has!!!

    • im reading all of this because I Just do not want to believe this can be true, I responded to you because it is the closest to my feelings so far.

  • Thats NOT jon….look at his hair line its not the some person… look at jon the look at the “fake jon” totally different

    • That could very well be Jon He had a hair transplant if you don’t recall and it was all added to the front of his hairline! and he has been drinking which in some people it makes their eyes and lips swell and makes them really red faced. Give it another month or so and then check the rumor mill that is when we will know if there is any truth to them getting separated or divorced. I like Kate but she is OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE and very controlling she could use a little therapy she is hurtful to Jon and I don’t think she realizes that she is being so mean. And the kids are learning to be ocd as well and I will tell you from experience it ruined my marriage and messed up a few of my 5 children. O.c.d is very real disorder that needs to be dealt with or it will tear a family apart!

  • that is sooo NOT jon!! Look at jons hairline… its not him look at jon then look at the fake”jons” hairline completely different…. Its not him!

  • please if its true go for it jon and take the children with you !!!!!!! that kate …. umm wow what a joke she is !!!! she is all in it for the money and free tummy tuck all the free trips ect …

  • OMG leave the guy alone maybe he needs a break,he has alot on his plate 10 to be exact.But that picture really does’nt look like him unless he is wasted!!!! Hope not because drinking will only make things worse if he is having problems.

  • Grow up this is pathetic you all need to grow up and leave them alone they are human they will go out and of the deep end at times but they also have 8 kids please I would as well. these rumors are for immature babies.

  • Even on tv Kate can’t be nice to Jon. He seems like a decent guy and lets face it, he has taken on a lot. He deserves a break (probably from her)

  • First, everyone only see’s what TLC wants us to see, and ofcourse to make the show more interresting, they catch the family at its worst. Jon is more mellow, ofcourse he doesn’t fight back, Kate is a take charge kind of person and with that many kids you need someone is who organized. Sure she is stressed and gets on to him a lot, but we don’t see them in privacy, maybe they are very loving to eachother when the kids are not around, and in fact, I have seen the love in their eyes in a lot of episodes. If it is Jon, it would be understandable that he would have a breakdown, and leave for a bit, it bites he would but, anyone could understand. I believe the people who say these horrible things about Kate are only those who are jealous that their men control them, or that they have no man, and have no idea what it is like to have a man, they need to be shown the way to do things, they are like kids and any happily married woman will tell you that. Honey, I have asked you several times today to do the lawn, Aw but honey I will I promise and days later its not done, sound like a kid to you.

  • that is not jon. as you can see the shape of his head is wrong. he does not have that much hair. you guys have to look at this picture with one from their website or the show.

  • I don’t think that that is Jon. It clearly does not look like him. Take a good look at his face. Jon & Kate belong together and I think after all they have been through with those cute kiddos….they’ll end up together.

  • john got hair plugs which is why the hairline is different… but just cause he is out doesn’t mean he is cheating on his wife!

  • John got hair plugs which is why he has more hair. I do think thats John… what I DON’t think is that he is cheating on his wife… Just cause he is out and has his pic taken with what could be *FANS* doesn’t mean he is cheating! Give it a break people and stop assuming things unless you are sure of the truth!

  • How can people say it’s not JON. He’s admitted it! Now do you think his PR (that’s public relations) would “issue a statement” if this was somebody else? Come on, sheeple, see the writing on the wall. This marriage has been over for a while and Kate is not so innocent either. She’s been pretty cozy with her trainer and Jon moved out back in February.

    • Where did he ” admit it ” . I have seen nothing . I think there is some guy in the area who resembles him and is cashing in on it .

  • What is your problem!!!!!! Kate is just trying to be a mother she has alot of stress on her hands and so does Jon! So what Jon goes to the bar every now and then is that a crime or somthin. I bet all of you go to the bar every once in a while too. When you have 8 kids its alot of stress. I dont care what any of you say i stick up for Jon and kate and there kids and there all great just leave them alone

    • Yeah, I can see how earning $70,000 per episode, having a team of professional nannies and an organic chef cook all the meals when the cameras are off could stress a woman out. I’d probably turn into an abusive raging bitch too if I had those kinds of problems. Poor, poor Kate.

  • That is not Jon!!!!!!! The lips…hair line….head shape….!!!!! It is just a look alike of jhon who is taking advatage! You guys are such babies!! You guys are just jelouse they have 8 beautiful kids and have alot of money because most of America love them. They are not spoiled at all and they are well behaved in the hawaii episod they promised to be together forever. Kate is not a bitch she is just a perfect mother. Jon is just more laid back them Kate. Leave them alone they have enough stress on there hands.

  • Wow. That’s so not Jon. I was worried when I heard mention of this story. Glad this photo was included. This looks like some guy with way too much botox. Not Jon.

  • That’s not him! Give me a break! Someone has too much time on their hands trying to make some fortune off of lies!. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

    • If you want to talk about people making FORTUNES at the expense of others then look NO FURTHER than Kate and Jon Gosselin. They are complete and total sell outs. They USE their children to make money for them. How do you think they bought that BIG NEW HOUSE? They wrote books, they are profiting very well from the sale of past season episodes on DVD.

      Kate is ABUSIVE to her husband. Plain and simple. IF that is what SHE IS WILLING TO DO TO HIM ON CAMERA can you only imagine what goes on when the cameras are shut off?

      Those children are witnessing these interactions. Seeing their mother hit their father. LIVE in their own home AND on TV when they get to watch themselves on their own show.

      Another IMPORTANT point which has been raised about these parents. Their children are actually “child actors” and should be protected under the work and other laws set up to protect children from their money hungry parents. The show is about the children.

      I am sorry but..lately we have not hardly seen the kids. We have seen episodes of them moving into their palatial new home and property. I DO NOT CARE about Kate Gosselins Kitchen appliances. This is not a home improvement show!! ENOUGH ALREADY!

      We have had enough. Pull the plug on this show and let those children attempt to have a normal life. Maybe then their parents can also attempt a normal marriage. IF they have not screwed it up already.

      and ….what happened to the “family and friends” in their lives. Aunt Jodi and Beth and Bob. People who have been treated like hired help and now they are suddenly absent from their lives. I guess they need no one.

      One thing that Kate said a few weeks ago is that “her children really deserve to live in this new house”. Really !!!!! Why are YOUR children MORE deserving than mine? They deserve it because YOU MADE MONEY OFF OF THEM !!! I guess they should get SOME benefit of working everyday for NO MONEY! Sounds like Gary Coleman. His parents stole all of his money. That is why child actor labor laws were passed. To protect innocent children from the intense greed of their parents. In this case. It is ALL KATE.

      In a recent episode, while they were doing the interview segment sitting together in the big chair, Kate sat there looking annoyed, put out, and bothered. She covered her face my of the time and even yawned DURING the interview. COME ONE LADY…enough is enough TLC. It is time for this show to be OVER!

      • I just love the commercial where they show Kate looking out the window of their new $1.3m home saying, “All mine, as far as the eye can see.” That pretty much sums up her entire being.

  • u know what this does not look like him
    seconed he has how many kids why would he just leave them you see the episodes every week and you can tell that he loves his kids.
    so you all got the wrong jon.

  • That dosent look like him..

    him and kate are just like US!
    they have live just like ares..

    leave them alone..

  • Give me a Break people look at every other couple in america and tell me u dont fight like they do. they have 8 freekin kids!!! i would shoot my self with just 2!!! That picture looks nothing like him granted he did get hair plugs but still its not that full!! Some 1 should sue that guy for going around and impersonating him! Yes kate does talk down to him some times but how do we know Jon doesn’t talk the same way to her when the cameras arnt around! I really hope they are not seperating! that would be so bad for the kids!

  • I do hope that is not jon but if it is i hope they can work everthing out for the kids sake

    • haha thats jon. asians turn red and everybody’s eyes relax when inebriated. kate’s a bitch. o’doyle rules!

  • idk who it is and all im gonna say is that i love the show and im a teenager and i think its funny how ppl sit here and type up a whole story about this incident with jon hahah lol

    • This is a reply to the whole discussion about this picture not to henrietta in particular.
      I cannot believe this a picture of Jon Gosselin with two girls in a bar in suck a compromising position….posing for a picture. Does everyone really have so little do do? I heard about this whole “controversy” and couldn’t believe all the crap out there. Kate was photographed a few weeks ago with a man as well…Dr. Phil, she had been on his show. Is everyone really implying that Jon should not go to a bar? And if he does go to a bar and two female fans ask to have their picture taken with him he should say no? People….GET A LIFE!!!!!

      • I don’t think anyone is implying anything, but openly stating that a married father of eight has no business being drunk at a bar on Valentine’s Day. Kate may be a mean bitch, but he should stand up for himself instead of running off like a passive-aggressive coward. And if you’ve ever seen the show, it’s pretty clear this is him. His PR people wouldn’t have published a disclaimer otherwise.

  • i think its halarious that ppl r actually getting in arguements and im a teen and i think its pretty funny. all this is gonna blow over soon anywho

  • I hope this is not true. I am a new mom of just one little beautiful baby and it cant be very difficult at times. My poor husband has been yelled at and nagged more than anyone should ever put up with. I dont excuse the behavior but I think some understanding is due. The 24hr care it takes to care a family is overwhelming. I am a stay at home mom and i dont get enforced labor law breaks or lunches, and I NEVER get to clock out. I couldn’t even think what it would do to me to have the responsibility of caring for 8 children twins and six lil ones of the same age. I think if we for a moment thought of Kate and all she takes care of and all the pressure she goes through maybe we could have some compassion for her as we all feel for Jon. I just pray it isn’t true and if it is I pray this family will be mended.

  • i wish people would just leave them alone….why is the media trying to ruin a good family…we watch because we are interested. if you dont like the show..dont watch it…but dont belittle the family. i treat my husband the same way..he is like another child and all my friends feel the same way about their husbands….all the hates need to stop watching. let it be…….find another show to watch..but dont try and break this family up…some of us enjoy watching it and actually get some helpful hints…..

  • I hope that this is not true. I am an avid fan. I do not believe the picture looks exactly like him, however it does a little. Everyone has at least one double. I am here to stick up for Kate which none of you have. I have watched the show since day one. In my opinion, if they didn’t have the camera’s in their face every day, they wouldn’t have made it this far. Kate has learned alot from this experience as well as her audience, she has grown so much as a woman and mother, understanding everything in her life NOW instead of having to say, If only I would’ve known this before. As a couple they have grown together as well. I watch the show because I am so intrigued as to what new problems they will have to solve next. Just try and remember when you had one baby, how much your life changed, now imagine having that x 6’s, my God you cannot imagine. I am jealous every time I watch, jealous of the relationship they are able to keep growing even with the us watching. Being able to see each child as an individual and sharing this with us, letting your shy child stay away from the media, because you know this is the right thing to do, etc. They did not wish this upon themselves, God gave them this opportunity (the babies) and they choose to share it with us. They do not talk about finances, or income, but we know Kate is an RN, Johns job lets him work from, when they moved, it was a well thought out decision. They remain as “normal” and as honest with integrity and pride, in as much as a family can bring to the TLC network. I Do not seem them taking advantage of anything, or anyone. Of all of the “reality” shows out there, I think this show is the most REAL of them all. Please do not try to throw stones, none needed. Just sit back and watch. I promise you will cry and you will laugh with this family. P.S. Nobody is perfect which is what makes it so ENTERTAINING

  • I think the picture is of Jon . I truly hope that Jon and Kate can work out their issues in their marriage. The whole family has captured my interest. Kate, though obsessive-compulsive and at times testy (i.e.”bitchy”), keeps the family organized and focused. Jon so loves Kate and the kids, is laid-back at times, and appears to keep the whole family functional. Sounds all to psychological, but the family works. Their family is not perfect. None of us are. Give them a break. I will be praying that the rumors are false. Jon and Kate, compensated for their story, have helped to make us believe that hard work, commitment, family, God, and capitalism are good things!!

    • i agree that kate can be mean to jon at times and treats him bad …..yes he does deserve to get out alone, as for the picture
      i don’t believe it’s him it dosen’t look like him. and thy justed purchased a 1.3 million dollar house i don’t think he would walk away from that house and his kids

  • I don’t know if it’s Jon or not, but Kate definitely needs to read Dr. Laura’s “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands…”

    • High five on that one! The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands is an amzing book and YES KATE, you NEEd to read it or you will be alone soon! We sent it to my sister in law, however, and I’m sure she promptly tossed it in the trash. She’s alot like Kate but worse! My poor brother and Jon could compare stories! Good luck for the kids sake…..those twins are already the biggest of brats!

  • Kate does treat him like crap…she needs to be careful…i think Jon is just staying bc of his kids…and you can tell that he has been trying ALOOTT lately…to be nice to Kate…KATE U B#@%&

  • No, that is not Jon. Tho I fully expect it to be eventually. How he lives with Kate is beyond me? I no longer watch the show because of her and Mady. The little ones are precious but overworked in my opinion. I do think Kate has always been greedy and very jealous. She is very Vain.

  • Kate is such a b-tch on the show with this poor guy, nothing would surprise me… The family situation I have seen too often. I call it The Discovery Channel divorse…. Mamma lioness no longer needs daddy lion as she now has what she always wanted… her cubs….So just like on the Discovery Channel, she throws the daddy lion out of the family….

    I saw it coming for too long on this show. The a typical life of too many American women.

  • All of this talk of it not being him…different hairline…bla, bla, bla. Was I the only person who saw the episode of him getting hair implants? We all look different when we are wasted!

  • so not him look up his picture. and look at this. jon head is more round, his nose is different. this is not him! yeah she treats him not great but he still wouldnt do that hes a good guy

  • Ok, first of all Duh!!! Read the story, this is an Additional pic sent to whoever wrote THIS story, not the original story. Therefore, whether THIS pic is him or not he has already admitted to being at a bar, drinking with college girls. Damn, not only are those Kate fans like a Cult but I guess they can’t read either!

  • If that is Jon it looks like he posed for a pic with a couple of waitresses from a restaurant bar. Kate and the kids were probably sitting at a table out of sight. He doesn’t strike me as the type to cheat on his wife or have a “hook up”. Pretty sure if he had moved out there would be a reliable source to back that info up.

  • Remember in a show where Jon and Kate answered questions, Jon said his Mom had re-married and DID NOT live locally. This was an answer to why she was not on the show, so I doubt he is living with his Mom. Do you really think Kate would let Jon out of the house at night? IMO, I do not believe he has the time, after doing all “his chores”.

  • I do think it is him. I am with the writer. I love those little ones but Kate is just too much. She needs to know that John is a good man and not a dog that needs his nose pressed in his mess and smacked over the butt to make him not do something she doesn’t like. Even in their dialog she critiques everything he says and tells him how to word his own thoughts. I am happy if he is away from her. She seems way too cocky now that they are in their million dollar home. She may say she is thankful but actions speak way more louder than words.

  • well ppl im from around pa and this is true about him being in huntingdon pa bt th storys are wrong h just came toget away from shit in te big light so just to let u no it is him

  • You know the problem with rumors? That is all they are until proven to be true. If a guy is at a bar and is recognized and a couple of fans want a picture hey who wouldn’t. He isn’t hanging all over them. So give him the benefit of the doubt. Before you print you should verify your facts. I think both Kate and John work well as a team. She’s the type A who keeps everything running. You could contact the show’s spokesman or even check with his mom to see if it’s inded true. Facts, facts are good Rumors are just that.

  • they love they fight they are a normal family. God love them and hope theycan survive the teenage years. Now that will be a whole new show. In the mean time let them enjoy their children as we all do getting that little glimpse into their lives

  • Someone posted Jon’s head to some other man I can tell he’s skinner than that, I watch it atleast everyday

  • Very sorry to disappoint all you Jon and Kate lovers out there, but it is Jon. Shorty’s Bar, where the photo was taken, is in Kutztown, Pa., about 20 minutes from Jon and Kate’s new home. Excuse me, Kate’s new home (“This is all MINE.”).
    My daughter attends the university and she was at Shorty’s the night Jon boy was there.

  • whoever wrote this is a pathetic MORON it is clearly not jon. he is an extremely devoted father and would never do that. why would you try to do that to such an innocent man? JERK!!!!

  • I think everyone is jealous of these people that are normal that make it big and need to try and make them look bad. This is not Jon now. This man works very hard for his family. Most men i know would run the other way with two kids let alone 8. Kate is a little touchy but she is at home 24/7 with 8 kids. Give the poor woman a break. I am sure they are not seperated b/c he isn’t like half the other men in america. He loves his family. Leave this family alone they don’t deserve this. I hope they get a lawsuit against the person who is making all these alligations. I heard about this last night and had to see what friends were talking about. Someone just trying to steal someone elses thunder. Grow up!!

  • its not him sheesh, the guy has hair and is much heavier. People have to be blind to see it’s not him!

  • Dude omg!!!! how do you know that they weren’t just two fans and somebody got their hands on this pic and made all this shit up??? the kids are like 4 don’t you think that i he wanted out he would have done it a long time ago??? hello people use your brains.

  • Why is it sooooo hard to believe it’s not Jon boy???? Not here to convince anyone of anything. Just passing along information I know to be factual. Anyway, what’s wrong with Jon posing with a pair of co-eds at a bar??? I mean, if Jon was showing his Won Ton, well, that would be another story entirely.

  • Come on it is so not Jon! It may look like him but it isn’t! I love the show and to see how he is on the show, he would never do a thing like that! And besides it is probably just a bunch of reporters trying to get a story! Give celebrities a break ppl! I mean seriously!

  • that is really funny. i know the girl on the left. i love Jon and Kate. Jon is a grown man he is allowed to go to Shorty’s on a Saturday night if he wants too.

  • that is so not jon. him and kate just got married again for the second time. jon would not do that.

  • Hey Aunt Jodi,
    Looks like every dog gets there day, if u know what i mean.What goes around comes around.She deserves this and more. She is the worst person i have ever seen in a reality show. Get her and those kids off the t.v. As far as Jon, run boy run and dont look back, because all you see is that witch with that duck ass haircut. Iam sure 99.9 percent of the watchers are on Jons side. Good luck to you now that you found your pair of B—s.

  • It does not look like JON. My nephew is adopted from Korea and could pass as a JON look alike.

  • Well i just finshed watching your show and i love to see it, well because i have a little brother that is 4 and he is about 7 mouths younger then the 6. also i have a 8 year old brother too and i just love to see how the kids ask diffrint as a girl or boy. O by the way i am a teen. Not true about jon

  • That photo looks photoshopped to me. Look at the space around his eyes. It doesn’t match up with the “rest” of his face.

    • It looks photoshopped to me as well. Even if Jon did pose with these girls…did anybody ever think that may it was just somebody asking to take a picture with him since he is on t.v. and then decided to abuse the photo the way that they have??? The picture does look cropped, but even if it isn’t…there’s nothing incriminating about this picture.


  • You know what everyone should leave kate alone. The woman has 8 kids.. 8 KIDS!!! imagine that. Of course she is going to be a bit controlling.. she has a family of 10 to keep running. She is a darn good mom and think about it if that is him and he is doing that this woman is taking care of 8 Children ALONE…. NICE GUY HUH

  • if this is all there is for proof of jon’s partying with co-eds idk why anyone would take it too seriously. it may or may not be photoshopped but who cares? it looks like two girls recognized him in a bar and asked to get a pic with him like anyone would when they saw someone famous. looks pretty innocent to me.

  • Clips of Jon being degraded by Kate have made their way onto many shows such as reality show talk soup etc; being labelled “hen pecked” or “ball less” especially by other men can be devastating to the frail male ego. Jon is most likely looking to reinstate his masculinity to himself by attempting to seduce desirable women. Jon obviously feels humiliated…give him space and let him work it out.


  • maybe I’m the only person who won’t take Jon’s side about the show. I too am not sure this is Jon in the pic. I don’t think it’s that disturbing if it is – it’s the other stuff out on celebnews that’s bad. I don’t glorify Jon or Kate – on the episode where he’s in the woods w/the kids and the skiing one, I didn’t care for the way he interacted w/his kids. He seems immature.

  • OMFG! How STUPID can you people be? Why in the F would Jon’s PR (that’s Public Relations) person ISSUE A STATEMENT ADDRESSING RUMORS IF IT WAS SOME RANDOM KOREAN DUDE IN A COLLEGE BAR?!?! Why? Jon WAS THERE. That’s why. Innocent of cheating or not, it is still NOT the most brilliant place for a 32 year old married father of 8 to be. Period.
    I cannot wait until the divorce papers are filed so all of you blind a$$ supporters can be made fools of!

  • If it was Jon,I think he was just out and a fan ask to have a picture taken, being the nice guy he did. and now everyone making a big deal out of it. I don’t think Jon would hurt his family or Kate…Just leave them alone..Find someone else to pick on….

  • i do think it is him. its about time he steps up to kate.i really get mad at her for the way she treats him. i watch it all the time also.she just acts too upti do. he is not a kid that has to be told what to do all the time.and, about the house, that is not entirely hers. i think jon has a part in it also. she should not have said it was”mine” and i sure do wish she would do something with that hair of hers. it is sickening.

  • People…look at the hairline…it is obviously not him unless he has also been visiting the hair club for men.

  • That is not Jon with the girls in the bar. Check out the hairline and compare. Put the pics side by side and you will see it def is not Jon Gosselin! I wasn’t sure either until I did the side by side. America, you are too quick to judge!

  • This isn’t him. I was curious – so I pulled up actual photos – this guy’s nose is different – in other photos, john’s nose is sort of wider, on the bottom, this guy has a really round narrower nose – it’s not him, don’t waste your time. They may be seperated, I don’t know, but this guy isn’t John.

  • Marci,
    HELLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!! Free HAIRPLUGS trip when the kids were sick episode ring a bell?

  • I hope they can make the marriage work.But truthfully I doubt he’s out getting trashed. Never struck me as the type on the show. But Kate surely needs to loosen up and get the pole out from up her butt. Kids getting messy isn’t a bad thing. Mom having OCD is hell on the whole family..

  • Unfortunately it is him, but dont condemn him…he just ended up at the wrong get together. Someone with a camera didnt like him.

  • I don’t think that is him… isn’t right neither is the smile.

    But I have to agree….Kate has been a real b**** lately. She really needs to calm the heck down….

  • That is definitely not Jon. Doesn’t even look like him. Who is trying to ruin his family? If you had 8 small children, you, too, would need to have some control. Looking at their home, their is no OCD problem.

  • That is not Jon. If you notice in the new episodes, the hair surgery did not take as well as expected. The eyes do not match either.

  • I believe it is Jon and I’m so disappointed in him. If you are having trouble with your wife partying with co-eds is not the way to solve them.

    I hope for the children’s sake they can work out their problems.

  • Anyone with 8 kids at those ages needs to be a drill sargent to keep it all together. And anyone who says they don’t occasionally mouth off to their significant other or get rude once in a while because of stress is lying! They level to which a couple goes to is different with everybody and the stress on them has got to be immense! I had a tough time with two toddlers! they cameras just happen to catch every mood, good or bad. If it is him, it is not anyones business and how can anyone knwo the real reason why he might have been there. Give them both a break already. Go babysit their kids for an afternoon.

  • That is soooooo not Jon! My daughter and I watch Jon & Kate plus 8 all the time! You guys are idiots! Not all Asians look alike! DUH!!!

  • Can’t stand that show or that family. The wife’s a flaming bitch, oldest daughter is a flaming brat and it’s all about pimping out the kids for money. Gross. Hope it gets cancelled soon as those children are being exploited by their parents.


  • I happen to live about 10 minutes from Jon and Kate’s new home. I have to drive past their home on occassion. I just drove past yesterday and he was outside with the girls and the dogs, so I don’t think the rumors of him not living there are accurate. However, there have been NUMEROUS sightings of Jon at some of the local bars in the area. The bar mentioned in the article, Shorty’s, is not too far away from here, so the picture could be him. It’s hard to say…

  • I really do hope that Jon and kate’s marriage is not in trouble, but it wouldn’t surprise me. He has been thru a lot for his age. It is disappointing that he would do this after they just renewed their vows in Hawaii. He needs to think about the 8 kids which he did have a hand in creating. Kate could lighten up. She seems very insecure about Jon and maybe with good reason; however, this all said, I don’t think that picture looks totally like him. I am wondering if he has a younger brother.

  • Jon has said it was him and I and sad about the fact that he would betray his family like that. I think it was a scummy thing to do. 8 kids, 2 dogs, a 1.3 million dollar home and Kate has no job. If he does leave Kate will have the world on her sholders. People think that she is a B**** and a bad parent but I disagree. She has the kids very well handled for a mother of 9 ( 9th being Jon and yes I said it).

  • That’s him–he just looks very drunk. There have been articles about this and he doesn’t deny being in these bars. Anyway, who cares. The Gosslins are media whores who will live off their kids as long as possible. They remind me of that sick Jackson (as in Michael Jackson) family. The parents used those kids for an income and look at them.

  • I’m fairly certain that their house if off in the woods along a quite long path…I don’t think that you could just “drive by” unnoticed.

  • wat the HECK??? that doesn’t even look like jon gosselin at all! if it WERE, than anyway, it just looks like he’s posing with some fans

  • Oh for the sake of it all!!! How easy is it to sit and tell everyone that you could be perfect while raising eight kids? Yes they had them and yes they are on TV. We all would do the same thing. They travel and offer help to others. They get paid to speak at functions and churches. They write books for money. They are not unlike many business professionals. And they are very protective of those kids. But need a drink once in awhile? Even the most tea toating person would have to get a drink managing eight little kids 24/7. I’m surprised Kate isn’t joining Jon on occassion. And marriage? That is tough enough to get through without kids much less adding eight kids to the mix. They are doing the best they can and the camera only let’s us see what the producers want us to see. Leave them alone and look into your own livevs. No one on earth is perfect.

  • This is NOT jon!

    I think it’s rude someone is trying to ruin his life and integrity. Before writing or saying rumors about someone, think about the consequences that come from the words you generate. This COULD ruin these children’s lives and their marriage!

    If you don’t know something is 100% true, then STOP assuming!

  • If it is Jon, those girls are obviously just “star-struck”. If I saw someone who had a show on TV I would love to take a picture with them! What dad isn’t entitled to going to a bar once in a while. I really don’t think it’s Jon though. The picture looks like its been photoshoped.

  • Kate is a bitch, Maddy has mental problems and Jon has no bal**. He would be best to dump her fat ass and take the kids with him.

  • This isnt Jon at least not now,maybe in his younger college years ,this looks like picture from years ago!!..not now….


  • Regarding height…when J+K were on the Regis and Kelly Show. I was really surprised to see that Jon and Kate were the same height as Kelly Ripa, who stands 5 foot 2 inches. …( SHORT PEOPLE..or what, eh!)….

  • For the last time Sheeple ……… IT IS HIM !!!! HE admits it in a statement (from his own Publicist no less) that the picture was an innocent gesture on his part when asked to be taken by fans. I’d like nothing more than to see J&K go away too …. but this lone picture isn’t exactly the smoking gun to prove his errant ways. I hear there are others but, this is the only pic anyone is coming up with.

  • This is def. not him. I got to Juanita and it was a rumor, yes he came to speak at our school but he never went out. It’s just some college girls trying to get some 15 mins of fame!

  • This is just some college girls trying to get their 15 mins of fame! It’s a look alike!

    You-tube “Jon and Kate on the REGIS + KELLY SHOW”..and you’ll see… Jon and Kate are shorter than Kelly Ripa, (who stands a tiny FIVE FOOT – THREE INCHES…)

    Amazing to see how really SHORT Jon and Kate are….especially Jon.
    ( He appears to be only 5 ft in height.)

  • that is NOT Jon. Tell me one person that would not want to break free from Kate’s insults and lack of appreciation.

  • i dont think this is jon it just dont look like him and i really dont think that it is something he would do you know

  • it probably is him ….but is that really supposed to be an incriminating picture? standing between two young women…what a stretch…and for Gods sake leave their daughter Maddy out of it all…she will grow up to read these comments someday…that will be your contribution to any problems she may have but on that subject ….Maddy lets her feelings out…that is a GOOD thing…my brother was the ”Maddy” when we were growing up…people told my parents he was ”having problems etc.” ..he has a very aggressive personality but is now a happily married , church going daddy and lawyer (LOL) there is room in Gods world for all our personalities…you are labeling her and that is destructive…she is our favorite,by the way…we loved on Valentines when she declared ”This is the best Valentives ever!!” she is just very sensitive and emotional…so? it is a personality type…we have a Maddy by the way …but our ”Maddie” is perfect like she is….she will probably be a writer or lawyer( thats cracks me up because it is a sterotype and I dislike stereotyping people) but your saying ”Maddy has mental problems” is horrible…you are not qualified to say that and nothing we have seen here has upset us more than that…we are sure you can rationalize it but its the worse of the worse on this blog…so far

  • i’m glad to see some jon & kate supporters on this site! Love them, love the show and wish them ALL (yes kate included) the best!

  • I think the funniest comment of all is this one:

    Even the most tea toating person would have to get a drink managing eight little kids 24/7.

    LOL, TEA TOATING???? I’m cackling away here.

    And oh yeah, Kate is seriously disturbed

  • Any person living with Kate would probably need to drink a fifth of Vodka everyday in order to tolerate her. The woman needs psychiatric intervention. Something seems very, very wrong with her!

  • that is jon i am a big fan and if you dont think its him then you should no it is and maybe they are just fans and wanted a picture or they dont like him and want to get him in trouble.

  • kate is only stressed out with her kids you know you would be to. and that is him and only two fans

  • the bottom line is that they opened up their life to scrutiny when they signed on for the show….the cameras are rolling often enough to capture the good moods , the bad moods the highs and the lows..they are not aliens but real humans who despite providing entertainment for us each evening have lots of mouths to feed, lots of college money to earn before these children are 18…so would you honestly pass up the offer if it were you……YOU KNOW YOU WOULD NOT….granted Kate could be less caustic to John at times but most of us have not walked in her shoes and lets never forget the problems the cameras caused for Terry Bollea(hulk hogan) and linda……I personally think we should all keep an open mind … could be us someday

  • It clearly is him, people can you say denial!! He is drunk, so he is going to look different (Drunk eyes, red face, crooked smile). He admited it was an innocent picture.

  • THAT IS TOTALLY HIM! How can you say that it isn’t? There are at least 3 other pictures of him with other girls/fans at bars, so why do you all still deny that this could be him? WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!

  • Hardly looks like him…Could be the alcohol but this in not Jon whoring around with college students. This is college student fans who wanted to take a pic with a star and got him at the completely wrong time. This is dumb. Jon and Kate have always been the way they are and Kate may be a lil crazy but no one is perfect.

  • Children Children your all pretty… Yes that is Jon. Sad but true.. It wont be long before J&K+8 will be taken off the air. The kids are not as cute as they used to be and thanks to the camera phone another life is put before the world and judged. GOOD JOB. I hope the glass houses we are building are strong as the new camera phones we use as rocks.

  • i do not understand why every one is giving kate a hard time i love the show and the kids sure kate is the way she is no wonder she has 8 kids give her a break and leave maddy out of it this is so stupid and i hope that jon understands that if he does leave kate then he will be paying child support and i hope that kate keeps the kids she knows how to handle kids why re-new vowls if he was cheating

  • kate is ok how she is!!!! so wat if she is like tat!! i mean if tat was some other women even she would be like tat!!!!! and remember tat she is a clean freak so yeah its ok for her to be like tat……. gosh just leave her alone…..i would be worse if i was their mother!!! kate and jon do so many things for their kids….. every father goes out and drinks at some point……jon is a great father. AND THEY ARE NOT USING THE KIDS FOR MONEY…….they are getting money to HELP their KIDS in the FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!…… else will they be able to support them all!!!!!…..if tat is jon well boo hoo isnt he w/ his family atleast?!?!? if he is controlled when the kids are around then, to me, its ok!!!!!!! as long as he is controlled w/ his kids tat is wat really matters THE KIDS…..kate and jon dont have time to deal w/ rumors and other stupid things……im sure they ALONE will resove it

      • Using the word “retard” is cruel and unacceptable. It shows a basic lack of intelligence and compassion. Your sentence structure and grammar left something to be desired as well, so you should not complain about someone else’s grammar or writing style. You must have loved finding an opportunity to be insulting and cruel… shame on you, grow up.

    • I know right if Jon feels like he needs to get out and go have a lilttle fun let him for the past like eight years Jon and Kate have had their hands full and Jon would NEVER do that to Kate because she is a wonderful wife to Jon and mother to her kids and Jon is a wondeful husband and father to his kids so lets just forget this whole thing and let jon move on. Because he has more things to worry about than some rumor someone started. That doesn’t even look like Jon in the picture that is just some body who dressed up like jon and went out and tried to started that rumor and it worked but Jon would never do that in a million years maybe even more!!!!!

    • Erm, yeah…..leart to spell! And write! Capital letters at the beginning of sentances…H’s!! Learn to use them!

  • Speaking as another Asian, that is no way Jon. Not all Asians look alike, really

    Jon has a receding hairline, this guy doesn’t

  • anyone with eyes could see that the man posing with those girls IS NOT JON GOSSELIN!!
    where would that man find the time to go party at a bar with 8 children at home???
    you idiots believe anything!

    • OMG someone with sense!!!!! I’m looking at the picture and watching the show right now! That’s so not him, it’s a poser. Truly, there’s no way in hell a man with a popular television show and 8 kids would be STUPID enough to be CAUGHT CHEATING! I’m not putting anything past Jon though. Lately, in their interviews on the show, they seem distant (did you notice how they didn’t touch at all in the episode where they got the puppies?) Men (and women) are capable of anything, no matter what their home life is like…but college girls? Come on.

  • Jon is taking a picture with some fans. The photographer caught him squinting. This does not prove that he is cheating. It only proves he is willing to take a pic with fans. I love this show.

    • I agree. If he was doing what they said he was doing (making out with college girls) then someone would have taken a photo of it for sure. Everyone has cameras in their cell phones these days. The photo I see looks like he is taking a photo for fans.
      I do think Kate treats him like shit though.

  • I like the show just don’t like the way kate talks down to john yes we don’t see it all what happens when there not on tv just think if she is like that to him on air then she must be worse off air kate let john wear the paints little more treat him like a man not a child ..

    thank you for sharing your family with us

  • Do you really think that is Jon? He looks nothing like him.. and so what if it was? It is nobodys business.. I hate what Kate does to him also, but that is not an excuse to cheat, and I highly doubt he would. Anyways, thats not Jon, so give it a rest!

  • It is really telling how pathetic some of your lives must be if you “love this show.” The wife is a psycho, the oldest daughter has serious issues and the entire family are a bunch of media whores looking to suck money off of the public. These kids will be screwed up messes and the parents could care less–as long as they generate income.Get a life you losers.

  • Ummm, has anyone ever seen someone who is drunk? Well you just have. Jon is wasted in that picture.

  • My husband and I watch Jon & Kate all the time. We love the show. Those kids are just so cute. The sad part is we watch to to see how bad Kate is going to treat Jon on each episode. We all have our problems in marriage but she is just so rude to him and does not treat him how a spouse should be treated. She is the one that wanted to try and have one more child, and then they were blessed with eight. Yeah she is stressed out with having 8 kids but you should lean on your mate during stressful times not push them away. They should be able to go to one another when the kids get so stressful. But Kate treats him like he is one of the children. We always knew that one day he would have to leave, who could take that kind abuse day in and day out. He loves his children and that is the saddest part of the whole thing. He would have been gone a long time ago if it wasn’t for his children. But good luck to you Jon.

  • wow- some of you need spelling and grammar lessons. Completely atrocious writing from you.
    As far as JK8- I sure as hell can’t blame jon for going out and tossing booze down his gullet until he’s so trashed that going home to that sandpaper relationship sounds good.

  • Of course that’s Jon. He’s completely wasted. I think it must be bitch Kate writing these denials. Divorce within the year and who can blame him. She is a monster.

  • Kate needs to realize what a good man she has. She pressured him into parenthood and then leaves him with a truckload of children while she runs around the unioted States promoting the show. It sickens me to watch the show anymore. Kate used to be a decent person but I think all the money her kids earned her has gone straight to her head. Jon is hot and Kate needs to appreciate what she has before he is house shopping again. Btw whats up with Kates hair? Yikes reverse mullet.

  • I honestly cannot stand Kate. I can’t even watch the show anymore, not only because of her, but because of the fact that they’re making all their money off of their kids. I mean do they really need a 1.3 Million dollar home? Shouldn’t they be saving towards their children’s college funds? As much as I love the show, and I love all eight children, it’s practically sickening to endure.

  • I am a friend of John and Kate and its all a rumor. They are not getting divorced, and john was posing with fans and he was there with some college friends. He had nothing to do with cheating? Some of you need to get a life!

    • If you are Jon’s friend, then surely you would know how he spells his name. Phony. BTW, did Jon even go to college??

    • Really? I’m surprised the KON’s have friends. Where were you on moving day. If you’re their friends, where’s Beth . . . and Jodi? You’re as much a phony as they are.

  • Watching kate belittle jon every week has made me cherish my husband more. Sometimes it can be difficult to switch from mommy mode to spouse mode. Wrapped up in eight kids has probably put her in constant mommy mode. No excuse but has sure made me watch the way i talk to my husband and my kids. Its so embarrassing to think that 20 years from now the kids are going to watch the show and see their dad being belittled while their mom chose to swiffer the floors for the third time that day instead of playing with them.

  • wtf no this is jon taking a picture with some jon and kate plus 8 groupies. how this is cheating? standing in a picture with two girls? he’s famous! he was out a the bars and some people want to take a picture with him so what? Misery loves company is all i have to say about you lame-Os who start rumors like this!

  • All I have to say is, everyone goes out from time to time to enjoy themselves and pass their life issues away. In this case Jon did it. Until there is a PICTURE where he is making out, or kissing girls on the neck then we can’t call it cheating. Until then, all he was doing was having a good time and enjoying himself. Posing with fans. That’s it.

  • obviously it is really easy for everyone to demonize kate. our culture does it to women every day. before you call kate monstrous i urge you to examine yourself.

  • um he’s so famous a friend of mine served him at a local bar here in Huntingdon and she didnt even no who he was…however he drinks yingling lager…lol

  • I don’t think that’s even him. The face shape is off, and that doesn’t look like his nose. And so what if he goes out to a bar to have a drink? I think after having 8 kids and a busy day he is entitled to relax. This picture is just of him and 2 fans. Doesn’t prove anything.

  • That is definitely Jon. I do hope that they can figure our their relationship solution behind a curtain and not in the public eye.

  • This is definately Jon in the picture. I am a huge fan so I can tell that this is definately him. If he’s been doing what people have said then I don’t feel bad for him at all. I do feel bad for the way that Kate treats him, but then they should work it out or get a divorce. But the only thing I’m wondering is if he was at a bar dancing and kissing all of these girls then why didn’t anyone get it on tape with their cell phone or whatever…

  • If you look in the news lately they apologized to the Gosslins seeing as this picture is not of John.

  • This is nuts, there is nothing about this picture that looks like he is doing anything wrong, people have way too much time on their hands. Not to mention the fact that , im not so sure either thats even Jon, that guy resembles him yes, but there is something off about his face, it doesnt look right.

  • Inside Edition ran a story on this tonight…Yes they are having marital problems, he says he didnt cheat on Kate. Seems odd since so many people seem to have seen him with different chicks and reported it back to the comment section of this blog last month. Those of you who believe people with publicists make me laugh. It took the happy couple a month to even respond to the picture, I guess it will take them a year to respond to his comment that she is a PITA as he put it to his new college friends. LOL

  • i totally agree with the way kate acts, if she didnt act like that the house would be insane. There has to be someone who is stable in that house for it to run as smoothly as it does. John is a sleezebag…
    rooting for kate

    • Are you insinuating that Kate is the stable one in that house??? HA! That’s the joke of the century. The house is not just insane, it’s an asylum!

  • i totally afree with joelle, kate gets a nasty rep for trying to keep the house hold in line.
    its pathedic the way people care, the only man i care about whether or not is cheating is my husband. to each their own and who is to say that kate and jon dont have some freaky love life where they allow eachother to be with other people, you never know whos into that kind of thing secretly.

  • this photo doesnt prove a single thing, regardless of whether or not its really jon (which 4the record, i dont think it is because i, too am watching the show right now and jon’s eyebrows are a little arched wheras this guy’s are str8 lines). i just dont think he’d do that to his wife, who by the way is being a tad overly critisized. they dont show us every waking moment of the gosselin’s lives. they show her her freak out so much because its entertaining. jon be a jerk too sometimes. it doesnt make them bad ppl or bad parents. they’re human. we seem to 4get that sometimes.

  • You know I think that people need to stop believing in everything that is said. Jon would never leave his family or his wife. I know that Kate might come across mean to some people. But you know my husband and I joke around like that all of the time. People think that we have problems but we don’t. Anyways, it is really none of our buisness to judge anyone. They are GREAT parents and a wonderful CHRISTIAN family!

  • For all of you idiots who didn’t believe the pictures were Jon in the bars, you might want to pick up this week’s People Magazine:
    “The rumors began when Jon, 31, left Kate, 33, and their brood for a few days in February to help his mother cope with a broken foot in her Huntingdon, PA home. ‘While I was THERE, I WENT OUT AND HAD SOME DRINKS TO BLOW OFF STEAM’…’Did I do something stupid?’ says Jon. ‘Sure’.”
    There you go. Straight from the horse’s ass’ mouth! Believe it NOW?!?!

  • Well, looking at the picture at a first glace it seems like he is really drunk. However, when you actually take a good look at the picture, you can see that the “bar” is completely empty except for those three people smiling for the camera, and the chairs are turned up onto the tables, which clearly means that even if it is a bar he is not there to party because the bar is not expecting anyone to sit down and drink…as they commonly expect people. So, my personal opinion is that he is there for possibly a charity or whatever, and maybe he is staying with his mother because she is lonely or very sick. We just don’t know and there is no need to jump to drastic conclusions. Lastly, those boxes in the background on the middle to rightare from Sisco company, which is a highly reputable company that makes the computer chips for video games and probably many other things… my uncle works there.
    So, my opinion is that everyone is just looking for them to fail. Sorry, but this picture that could have just caught him at a really bad time, closing his eyes while the picture was being taken, is not enough information or “proof” for me to believe anything is wrong. Sorry.

    • Uh, SYSCO (not Sisco as you write), where those boxes are from, is one of the largest food distributors in the US. Also, if you’ve ever been to a bar when they are ready to close, its pretty common for them to put the chairs on the tables to get you to leave. Looks more to me like they are in a storage area or a hallway, etc…

      No offense to anyone who thinks that isn’t JG, but being a Juniata College alumnus, I lived in Huntingdon for 4 years. Trust me–in this pic, JG is probably 1 of 4 Asian people in Huntingdon County, PA at any given time.

      Anyway, since when did going out for a beer and having your picture taken make you an adulterer???

  • Well now I know why they have been just showing her with the kids or him with the kids , since the show where they got the dogs. & why there was no Christmas show.. I agree Kate is a bit demining of Jon , But I dont think Jon is gonna want to be having to pay mega child support & knowing Kate she would still go after him for that even tho they make millions ! I just hope Jon & Kate can work it out for the kids sake . I really think they all need to get some counsling esp Maddy, she has some major problems & is only going to get worse. I love the show so I hope everyone works it out !

  • you know its totally ridiculous that people are so free to make comments about this family whom i’m sure most of you dont know on a personal level. You know the old sayin “dont judge until you have walked a mile in my shoes”! I do think Kate is rude to jon at times, however, hes more child like and you have to have somebody who is willing to take charge and keep 9 other people in line, or you would have complete chaos. This show is very enjoying i think they do alot with those children and are probably doing a better job than i ever could! If there is anything wrong here i think its with Maddie. She is a brat who needs her mouth smacked or a good old fashion ass bustin to straighten her up! Leave Kate alone…shes taking care of her family probably better than most of you!

  • ok….hi and all i have to say is, well hopefully someone will read this b4 it gets deleted. This is the most ridiculous website ever! Whoever the editor is you mite think its cool and gets a lot website visitors. but you are ruining pples lives. Honestly im not gonna lie like all the other stupid pple who commented, i dont know if that is Jon Gosselin or not but its not your job to write how much of a sinner he is! Look at you! I’m just totally livid! And another thing, dont u even think about asking ” well if u hate this website so much then why are you on it?” I’ll tell you why. b/c i love and care about jon and kate gosselin and the family and every family has issues and theres is just exposed b/c they are “celebrities” ok?and i was just looking in to it to see whats really going on and TRYING TO GET ALL THE FACTS FIRST !BEFORE! I ACCUSE! And Im totally sick of you guys bashing Kate, Mady and Jon… b/c basically what you saying is that you are perfect, so ur gonna go on retarted website and bash pple…yeah thats real mature….not! and i believe the most pathetic thing about this whole thign is…….I’M 13. and i know what all of u are doing is wrong. this country is “burning” enough w/o pple spreading gossip b/c they have too much tme on there hands…. and i know this means nothing to you all b/c you dont even know who i am but from an american 13 year old who likes to do things in a mature manner, thats all i have to say…… and obvisouly i mean it cuz i took the time out of my schedule to look into this and comment…..

  • I just think its funny the fuss evry1 is making over this…… Who cares if their marriage is a wreck and they are not happy……Who cares if they r getting a divorce….Who cares if she is getting free stuff wouldnt we all take free stuff if it was being handed over?! Yeah they are on T.V but they are regular pppl, do we make a fuss out of evry broken relationship in our country, do we gossip over evry divorce…. No! So why cant ppl leave them alone? And who are any of YOU to judge them anyway?!?!?! Do any of you acctually know them, do you know what happens when the cameras are off?! Anyone who has kids, myself included, knows that you need some time to go out and have fun….so all of a sudden thats a bad thing? They have 8 kids…they are gunna be stressed….. I have 1 and it takes alot for me to stay sane! So before we go out and bash these ppl why dont you think about how you would feel being in their shoes!!

  • Idiots… that is obviously Jon Gosselin. He was probably just taking pictures with fans. Maybe Kate was there with him.. Who was behind the camera? They could tell what was really happening at the bar. If Jon really is having an affair.. Kate you should ditch that jerk. I love KAte and think she is an inspirational woman and would love to meet her. Sometimes she may be a little high strung and may be rude to Jon, but he is rude right back so dont go and blame her. And I bet you would be a little high stung too if you had to take care of eight kids while your husband went off to bars. Anyway, I love the show and hope all of this is just a stupid rumor. If its not, good luck to the both of em.

  • I don’t know who has more major psychological problems, Kate or Maddy. It’s a toss up!!!! Leave the bitch Jon. How can you stand her and her obnoxious mouth??

  • oh my god! you know he’s getting hair plugs!!!! it takes several times to get the result you want!
    I used to watch the show, but i just can’t anymore. Kate is an uptight crazy lady. She reminds me of my mother. so i quit watching it.

  • Something to keep in mind here people, is that one of the biggest reasons this show is so popular, is because its REAL!

    Perhaps some of you would find it more entertaining or satisfying to watch Full House, Growing Pains, or another 30 min. TV show were you can feel better about not having to judge a “scripted” TV family.

    Whether or not Jon & Kate are having problems, it is ridiculous to say that Kate’s temper or curt words is what, (if there is any truth to it) drove Jon into the arms of another. He’s a grown ass MAN, with the same right to choose as we all have.

    Instead of further dissecting yet another hypothetical “affair”, I think a better topic to discuss is people’s assumption of their right to JUDGE others.

    Some think that because they are in the spotlight, they are obligated by the public to conduct themselves as saints, not the real life people (with some human error) that we have all come to know. How unfortunate for them.

    In closing I wanted to address one more topic, their children. People seem to chastise Jon & Kate for using their kids to financially better themselves. I find that outrageous, because I cannot think that it would be easy to welcome into your home, a camera crew and North America, to have your life, and how you choose to conduct it, scrutinized.

  • I only have one little boy (a year old). Therefore, I could only imagine how difficult it is to handle all those kids day in and day out. I give Kate a lot of credit. Bitchy or not – she has a lot to handle everyday while Jon’s at work.

  • Yeah Kate is a Royal BITCH, I would pimp slap her if she talked to me like she talks to Jon… I think he deserves better. They should be together for the children but seriously Kate needs to treat Jon better!!!

  • Jon actually admits the photo is of him, however their PR says Kate was with him when the pic was taken.

  • Don’t believe everything you see on TV. There are people called directors and producers, their sole job is to make the show interesting and as much drama as it takes to keep people watching. Thus, with all the people talking about Kate’s attitude and her mental abuse towards Jon, guess what.. if Kate’s attitude and quirky obsessions keeps you glued to the tube, that’s what they are going to show most of. The producers are doing their jobs, and by the looks of it, quite a good job. Seriously, how can a man that is unhappily married, and “constantly” being abused mentally, smile so much on camera, and not show any type of frustration around the his 8 kids. It’s impossible! Unless you know them personally, your opinion really isn’t valid or worthwhile. So just glue your butt to the couch, shut up and watch the show! lol…

  • i think that that photo looks nothing like him;
    this is probably all a rumor because jon is not the type of guy.
    i mean have you ever heard of photo shop and rumors? come on.


    • i hear ya sista! i think it is super duper retarded how you can take a pic with fans and then people think your cheating on your spouse! some people have no class. kate does treat jon a little cruel, but they do love each other so much. this isn’t jon gosselin. do i get a heck yeah?

      • Heck yeah. That has got to be the down side to being in the public eye. Everyone else his age can go out and have a good time except him… And then when he does here come the rumors. If people ruin this show for me, Im going to be pissed. People need not worry about how someone else is living there life and be worried about how to better themselves.

  • I agree that possibly that isn’t Jon in the picture above. I am comparing to current picture on TLC website for Jon & Kate Plus 8. I think what we need is to hear from both of them on this matter. We as fans have a right to know considering they just renewed their vows INFRONT OF US ALL!!!! Also I think they love each other but raising 8 kids is a major stress on a relationship. It can cause people to act in ways they might not be fully aware of. Not saying this is ok. We know Kate is kinda the drill sargent in the house & Jon takes charge w/ planning & organizing. I believe if they are truely going thru a though time together that they could benefit greatly to try & get away ALONE even if only for a weekend. Then they need to do some major communicating, talking about how each it treated by the other & figure out if they are going to keep their love & family alive. In the future if they figure things out they NEED to COMMUNICATE & HELP EACH OTHER whenever possible. Also make sure to have a date night, movie night or night away EVERY week if possible w/ help from friends & family. I’m sure the parents, grandparents are willing to help out if Jon & Kate want to work this out & continue their future together w/ their beautiful 8 kids & 2 dogs.

  • That is Jon, but he looks wasted.

    Yes, Kate is horrible to him, she is way over controlling and does talk to him like a 5 year old, that has to get to him after awhile. You then throw in all the media attention and everything else, very stressful, something has to give.
    I do hope that this is all rumor because splitting up is not the solution either. Communication is key.
    Besides, can you see them each dating and the question comes up “do you have any kids?” LOL!

  • It is so funny to me that people don’t believe that is Jon. HE ISSUED A STATEMENT and admitted it is him. Why is it so hard to believe that Jon went out drinking? He’s young and he’s been henpecked to death. I’m surprised he isn’t shooting heroin.

    • I love the show and those Kids. I do agree Kate is very controling. But with that big of a family someone has to be. Not making it right, but its just hard all around for everyone. Jon is a young man who was made to feel like he was OLD, Kate made issues of his hair of his weight. She really should have never put him down about those things.
      I just hope this is a blessing for them,. maybe Kate will now see how bad she is to him and change and maybe Jon will stand up for himself a tad more.

  • That does look like Jon, but if he were “cheating” I think he’d be a little less ‘posey’ in the photo….he looks like he was out having a few too many drinks, some girls were like “hey can we get a picture?”, he posed and they are looking like “omg this is the best thing EVER” and he just looks like he’s posing with them, his arms aren’t around them or anything like that, the body language, to me says he was just taking a pic with some fans.

  • That does look like Jon, but if he were “cheating” I think he’d be a little less ‘posey’ in the photo….he looks like he was out having a few too many drinks, some girls were like “hey can we get a picture?”, he posed and they are looking like “omg this is the best thing EVER” and he just looks like he’s posing with them, his arms aren’t around them or anything like that, the body language, to me says he was just taking a pic with some fans. Not that my heart didn’t skip a beat of JOY to hear of the possibility of him leaving that nasty mean control freak of woman.

    • i don’t understand the people who keep saying that it’s not jon!!!! WTF??? Of course it is, he already admitted that he took these photos, you idiots! Geez. Haven’t you ever took a photo that didn’t really look like you? He looks like he’s very drunk and a little bloated but it’s him.

      Anyway, I don’t blame him at all. He’s obviously in need of some relaxation. I am constantly amused and a little saddened by Kate’s constant degrading behavior. I DO think he could have been a little smarter about it. He is constantly in the public eye and he should have known how bad this would look….especially after all of the bible beating they do…

      • Kate’s not a horrible, evil person. Jon is not a horrible, evil person.

        Kate is not perfect. Jon is not perfect. Neither have ever claimed to be.

        They are both very brave for sharing their lives with America and being so open. Let’s not condemn them for it. They’re not there for you to judge. If you don’t like Kate, don’t watch. That doesn’t mean you should rejoice in their difficult time by bashing her.

  • if jon was out drinking and dirty dancing with college girls there would be hundreds of video and pictures. every college student has a cell phone with a camera. come on.

  • It IS him. In the People magazine from 3/13 it shows a statement from him and Kate, he admits that this is him in the pictures, but that they aren’t separated. According to the both of them, they were at his mom’s cuz she broke her foot so they were helping out for a few days, he went out to the bar and that’s where the pics are from.

  • He did not cheat. He was with his mom to help her with a foot surgery, and he went to a bar to blow off some steam… he took a picture with some fans. whatever

  • It’s him, and he is wasted, but who cares?? So he was stupid and let some college girls take a pic of him, haven’t we all done worse things when we were drunk? Besides, if he was cheating and throwing away his marriage, hugely successful show and relationship with his children, wouldn’t it be with some better looking girls???

  • Hahahaha…I like how the chairs are flipped over ontop of the tables
    ..of the…basement? Garage?? um….where is everyone else??? LMAO

  • yall try to think how it would be to have 8 kids. I know for a fact you all wouldnt always be jumpy and happy those are his fans. LEAVE KATE ALONE!!!

  • 1. that dosent look like jon
    2. the got ther vowels renued
    3. kates stresed (8 kids)
    4.there FANS!
    So, just leave Kate and Jon alone people!!!

    • Vowels renued? What are you, like 8? Dosent? “there” fans?? Must be a product of public school education.

      • I agree that this person is not using proper english, but come on, knocking public school? Even as a joke it’s not funny. Let’s not generalize here. Or maybe I can go ahead and say that your response can be attributed to ignorant private schooling where all you learn is a sense of entitlement.

        Anyway, I understand that it is Jon, but I don’t really care. People are people. I enjoy watching the show very much, but if there are issues between the two of them (as is common in ANY relationship) I don’t think my life will end.

  • Wasted? Have none of you EVER blinked right as a photo was taken? I’m fairly certain that every group picture ever taken has one person mid-blink. Usually drunk people aren’t smiling politely. Typically “wasted” pictures involve a little more of the screaming-with-the-tongue-out-while-grabbing-a-strangers-butt style.

  • just because his eyes are half shut doesn’t mean he is wasted. I’ve taken plenty of fics where I look wasted and I don’t drink…..

  • Oh PLeeeaassee! Come on! Everyone knows that is a total HORN DOG! And yea, those girls in the picture are butt ugly BUT THEY’RE ALL PRETTY AT CLOSING TIME!!!!!!

  • Its Him. If I were to give him nay advice. Get out while you can. Kate is a nut. Take the kids and run.

  • OK, that is jon, and i do agree kate is a little controlling, but going for a drink and posing with some girls is not so bad…I am a little confused about the boxes and chairs on the table thing, on second thought maybe he was drunk!…but the girls talked him into it. I am just going to say what everyone else is thinking. I AM CONFUSED! How am I supposed to know what he was doing just by a pic.! HE COULD BE ANYWHERE DOING ANYTHING!

  • I think people would just love to break this great couple up. Thei picture looks nothing like jon. I mean hello are you blind. Leave the family alone and move on to someone else. If they are getting divorced thats there bussiness not ours.

  • I can’t believe how ignorant some of you are. (doesn’t look anything like him) LMAO He even acknowledged the photo but denied cheating on his wife but he did also say he is working on their marriage.

  • If we are products of our raisinx, was Kate w/o love as a little one? Kate frequently asks Jon for praise, kinda like Mady wants. And yes it IS all made for TV…even if it is called Reality. It sells, it makes $$$$$$, plays on questionable events & we return to look. Life is tuff splattered on TV. Irate fans lend producers more ideas. Jon and Kate are not perfect, not bad, just dealin w/life…it is not all pretty.

  • hate to bust ya alls bubble -it was him see people mags article on it. both he and kate comment on him being stupid-funny i think he looks happy-you never see him smile like that w/kate-but yes read the article!

  • Please stop saying it’s not Jon, it is. I just finished my People magazine which featured an interview with Jon whereby he openly admits he went to a bar, took pictures with some college kids, and now regrets having done that because of the image it portrayed. However, he also said that indeed they are having some problems and my response to that is what married couple doesn’t have problems. I don’t think this picture is any indication of cheating whatsoever. It’s not a big deal if he did go out and if they are separated, maybe that’s a good thing. Some say to leave them alone but we have to remember that they make a living from the public, so to say they should be left alone is hypocritical.

  • Yes it’s him. Big deal. He posed for a photo with some fans. The poor guy, he’ll never go out again after this. Its a shame that a guy can’t go out drinking with some friends without all these rumours surfacing. There’d be more pictures than this if anything else had happened (eg. kissing) I know Jon and Kate have put themselves in the public eye, so this type of stuff is to be expected, but really..Jon seems like an OK guy..I mean 8 kids, that has to be stressful..I only have 2 and my husband and I want to kill each other sometimes. A night drinking is not the worst thing he could do.

  • hands down, this picture is jon gosselin. that hairline wouldn’t lie. i just read the previous comment, and yes, jon admitted to going out and partying.

  • that is so totally him–you can tell by the crooked smile! regardless, who the heck knows what he was up to? everyone needs some time to be themselves, and with a wife and 8 kids running around, he probably needed some free space.

  • I guess we can ALL assume that every celebrity that has a picture taken with another woman and NOT his is also cheating. Come on now!

  • Everyone seems to hate Kate. I don’t know what the deal is. I love the both of them. I understand that sometimes she can be a bit snappy, but it’s stressful to be a stay at home mom. Unlike a career, your day doesn’t end at 5. It actually doesn’t end at all.

    Everyone takes their frustrations out on a loved one sometimes, and unfortunately that’s the case here. They never have a night to themselves, and it’s difficult to rekindle that romance when you’re constantly being pulled every which way.

    So be less critical and more understanding.

  • I think all of you that are saying that Jon cheated on Kate with one of these UGLY girls are lame, seriously get a life. Kate is WAYYY cuter than either of these girls and she has had 8 children. The girl on the left looks like a man and the girl on the right could use some braces and a tan. This photo was posted to get attention and publicity.. RIDICULOUS to think anything other than that by viewing this photo.

  • OK so here is to all of you who thinks that Kate is horrible to Jon. Have you ever had 8 kids between the ages of 4 and 9? Have you ever had your life put on television? My guess is the answer to both questions is NO. You can not judge a person until you have personally met them. Plus if you are married and have children, you know that you might get in a ton of stupid little fights over lots of things. The difference is our lives and all of our little stupid fights are not edited and then aired on television. So you have no idea what kind of person she truly is, you know what you see on tv. Now I am not going to say that it isn’t true that she says some nasty things to him sometimes, but I say mean and regretful things to my husband sometimes too, because of stress. That doesn’t make me a horrible person that deserves to have my husband cheat on me. I also think that rumors are easily started over nothing, and that this picture is merely one taken with fans.

  • I dont really know if that is jon or not. His hair don’t look like that at all, but thats just my opinion. And i dont think kate treats jon that bad at all. She’s always under alot of stress like all of us and she just takes it out on him. I think i would do that if i had 8 kids and 2 dogs and had a TV show to do. I don’t know, but it dont look easy at all. Just leave them alone about it. We’ll find out if this is true when the show never airs again. :).

  • I think that one of the girls in the picture is a tansvestite. And they probably had a three way. One was giveing him oral pleasure while the other one spanked his little korean ass wth a wet bar towel! And I bet the JON LIKED IT! HIM LOVE YOU LONG TIME JOE!

  • My friends and I were out to lunch at Christopehrs, a restaurant in Wayne, PA (Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia.) My friend’s son recognized him – he was by himself with a brewski and burger at the bar. When asked why he was alone, he replied ‘taking a break.” he refused to be photographed with my friend’s kids. Just an FYI on his whereabouts for all you fans.

  • with all the pressure of raising eight kids, on tv no less, AND being treated like crap from a domineering controlling woman like Kate, who is really surprised Jon is out on the town? Do I think that makes it ok to cheat on his wife? No. Do I think he did? No…I think Jon is more a moral man than that….we all know once the media grabs hold of even a HINT of controversy it gets blown up far and wide. I really think they need to end the show and work on having a normal family life for their childrens sake. I alos think Kate needs to take a long hard look at how she treats the man who appears to be doing his best to help raise his children with her. She needs to loosen up a bit and not be so freakin anal.

  • That does look like Jon and why shouldn’t he get out of the henhouse when he can? Looks like a regular star/fan photo to me. Living with all those kids would be nothing compared to Living EVERY day with Kate the SHREW has to be pure HELL! She is a controlling, ungrateful, shrew of a woman and I would have left her ass a LONG time ago.

  • That is definitely not Jon. I agree that he should be treated better, but either way, that picture looks nothing like him. I watch the show daily and I would know Jon if I saw him a mile away …

  • I enjoy the show and the children are so adorable. Each is unique and adorable.
    I hope Jon and Kate stay together and have a very happy marriage. Anything can be worked out, if that is the case. Know I am praying for their family.
    Anyone can jump at another and not realize it all the time. Sometimes situations can be overwhelming.
    I do hope they have marriage counseling. Kate is a perfectionist and that is something that she needs to cut some slack. I know she will and Jon will realize it and help her in the way that affect them.
    God bless all………..

    • i totally agree with you he is like a celeb and on another website he tells all about how he was takin a pic with a friend and that ppl twisted it up

  • It IS Jon ad he admits to it. He was there for dinner and took a fan picture with the girls. Its hard not to notice someone whos been on tv so long, who wouldnt want a picture with him? He went to his mothers for a week to help care for her becasue she had broken her foot. Jon and kate have an unbelievable relationship. they are both very strong people. For all of you bashing kate, id like to see you in her place. she isnt like that all the time. but every couple fights over stupid stuff sometimes. I support her and jon together. they have real love. Stop gossiping and read the real news sites.

  • I think your all idiots that woman is doing what she can to keep everyone orangized. If she wasnt anal like that her kids would be running around acting like little devils. And as far as im concerned jon was well aware of the way she treated him before the marriage and kids so if he had wanted to get out of it he should have done it then if he calls it quits now he is nothing but a coward.

    • I enjoy the show, but I think Jon should at least seperate from Kate. She takes advantage of him, she treats him like a child. BTW- women change after getting married and after kids. Some women feel that since they are married they can say and do whatever they feel. Kate is one of those women. Kate has admitted that she talked Jon into having more kids after the twins.

      If Kate does not change, We will see a train wreak, Jon has told her over and over..she has not listened…

  • I never write on these things.. but seriously come on. That is so Jon and it just looks like some fans that were wanting a photo; and he happened to be drunk. Dont you think that if there were more “incriminating” pictures of him making out with girls and dirty dancing those would be all over the web?? But their not!! SO.. people need to just chill and stop speculating until they know the facts!

  • it is photoshopped the cut off of his right arm the way his shirt is not bunched around the arm as if he had his arm around her and if its not im not sure if it is even jon jon does not have squinty eyes such as that and also i am almost positive it is photo shopped

      • IT’s definetly photoshopped. He mole on his right (our left) check is missing. And it’s quiet nearly the same angle as another photo I saw of him. Just google his name. Its the picture of him in black and blue dress clothes. Oh and btw his skin is the wrong hue.

    • I would strongly agree. I am a loyal show watcher (love seeing the kids grow and change). This photo is not him. Also whom ever it is, the mouth has totally been photoshopped. Let him/her who is perfect cast the first stone – come on people get a life!

  • Okay,
    First of all you guys are idiots for even trying to make this a story! Do you know how many fans this family has?! A dad of 8 can’t go out without his wife and have a few drinks in public??? Come on! Has anyone ever stopped to think how much money the person made that took this picture and sold it to magazines by throwing in there some extra bs so people would actually pay for this picture?? I mean seriously.. for anyone who watches the show, the man does one hell of a job raising 8 kids and having a uptight wife talking to him like he’s one of the kids! I’d want a night by myself and a few drinks too! This is absolutely ridiculous!

    • I agree with you! he was just out for a change by himself. what is the problem. i’m sure if Kate Stopped at a bar to have a drink with friends someone would want to take a pic with her too. they are all very well known and if i saw then i would ask to take pic too. love them and the show andi hope they can work this out and come back next season.

  • Any of you denying idiots watch the ‘season finale’ last night? Poor baby Jon was boohooing that he can’t go out as ‘just Jon’. Tough fucking shit Jon! You’re just pissed all of the photos at bars ended up on the internet! DO YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT HE WAS OUT AT THE BARS NOW?!?! And Kate is still a fucking greedy bitch. She doesn’t give a shit about ANYBODY but Kate. Never has never will. Fuck the both of them.

  • It’s all really sad how people are always talking badly about people. It doesnt matter what he did wether its right or wrong it was his business and only Kate has the right to judge him. I think they will make a season 5 remember people its television. A reality show. Its everything real. Remember Kate saying she wont do a television show if its scripted? well its gotta make it interesting. I hope they all do well and good luck to the family.

  • I absolutely loved this show until last night. Whether it’s scripted or not I can’t believe the dialogue between Jon and Kate. Body language, tone of voice, etc. was downright sad. I hate to see any man belittled like that. Let’s hope they come back for a season 5 in a better frame of mind.

    • No, OUCHfan, let’s hope they DON”T come back for season 5! It’s wishful thinking ’cause they’ve already signed for another season. So much for the wimp whining about maybe they’ll be back and maybe they won’t – he’s a freaking liar with that comment – the monies are in the bank and they’re both laughing all the way! Those children will never know what it is to have a normal life out of the limelight. The tide is turning against this family – Kate refuses to see the writing on the wall and Jon just resents that his leash won’t allow him to do more beer pong with co-eds and continue to act like the jerk he is! He’s mad because the public is watching his behavior and he doesn’t like it. He needs to pull up his Spiderman panties and grow the hell up!

  • THE GUY WAS WITH HIS MOM BECAUSE SHE BROKE HER FOOT!!!!!! my gosh people want attention is all and my advice dont be like them and make crap up and i’m sure all of you would want your kids to grow up right so quit making fun of Kate and if you can’t stand Kate don’t watch the show simple as that

  • Kate is such a flaming bitch I just don’t know how he can stand her. Please put a stop to this show as all they do is pimp out their kids for more and more money. That oldest one-Madeline- is already a mental case.

    • i dont think she is. jon doesnt take care of the kids! she is totally stressed thats all. but they have to do somethin to get money. she is a stay at home mom, for cryin out loud!!! and without jons support, she has no choice!

  • K, I agree with you about the pictures, if there were more, they would have killed one another getting to the highest bidder,

    dcr, you really make a good point, why watch a show that boils your blood to pure hatred?? beyond me.

    Joanne, ITA with you, how ever J&K handle this should be their business, but you know that ppl love making a mountain out of a mole hill, even when theres nothing to a story, these posters will lie and tell things so off the wall, it amazes me how/why ppl want to trash Kate so badly, as dcr said just stop watching, I do not agree with all they do/say, but it’s reality t.v. and it is their life not mine, big thing is no matter what they get for free (oh my lord are we not tired of hearing about freebies? Gezzzzz) it does not cost these ppl anything, why do they care what is free? I guess maybe jealousy does play a part in on it.

    But I am so glad that you gals could at least state your thoughts with out the filthy talk should I say LIKE BOBBI, wow what a dirty mouth. makes one wonder what kinda of home their children live in, hmmm maybe some one ought to check in on that.


  • Missy, I like your comment very much, and I agree about sharing our opinions in a civil manner. I also agree that jealousy plays a HUGE role in the complaints we often hear about J&K getting a lot of “freebies”. But honestly, if I had kids and had the opportunity to do all the things they are able to do for their kids, I would take total advantage of it. If that makes me a horrible and greedy person, then so be it. I just want to say to all these people who are trashing Kate, if you had your life taped non-stop do you think that you would always be perceived as a ray of sunshine? I don’t think so. Maybe, but it would be very hard to find a perfect person. Also, it may be REALITY T.V. but it’s still T.V. and the goal is to get ratings. Not saying that they pull stunts to get viewers, just that there are many more hours of footage that we never get to see.

  • Where’s his mole? Kate probably sold it to the highest bidder. I think she’d sell the kids if someone offered her enough.

  • Are people still believing that these pictures are not him?
    He admitted it. Why would he admit to pictures if they weren’t him?

    Sheeple will believe ANYTHING.

  • i dont no wat all u bitches are talkin about kate has a right to be stressed and talk to jon like that she has 8 kids give her a break.that is not jon in that pictures.if u think so u all r big fuckin assholes. yeah i said that so watch gonna do bout it assholes. lol u guys stink jon and kate are the best.
    aaden is too

    • You stupid prick! Now spit it out, it ain’t yours! Jon has already admitted that it was him! I guess he is lieing about himself? Dumbass. You certianly do seem to be obseessed with Assholes! Is that you latent Homosexual comming out? I believe it is! Unless you are already out of the closet. Maybe you need to go back in and close the door. Now hush little fella, go back in your wittie closet and let the grown ups talk, ok?

  • I just can’t believe what i saw this just doesn’t seem right. As for jon he needs to work it out with kate. I don’t care how long it takes just jon and kate work this out. you guys are the coolest parents to me . I love you guys so much.

  • I see the sequel, “Jon and Kate Separate!” Watch Jon work 3 jobs to pay child support for the next 18 years while he babysits the children full time so Kate can keep up with her speaking engagements and book tours celebrating her as “Mother Superior” and inspiring octomommies all over the coutry.

  • Thats a good question really! Since Octomom and kate were enpregnated the same way, the Octomoms donar has no financial responsability so would Jon?

  • I really hope they don’t split up. I’m going to cry if they do because that would be horrible for the kids. I wish they would go to marital counceling or something. On the trailers for the finale, I thought they were going to tell everyone that they were splitting up. Thank god they didn’t yet. Whatever. I really hope they stay together.

  • I agree with many how Jon has been treated like dirt by Kate, and it isn’t right. However, those kids need two parents and an intact family so I would say Jon has to suck it up and hopefully he and Kate can put their differences aside for the sake of the children.


  • Kate does NOT treat Jon like a five-year-old! Kate is just stressed with her kids and takes it out on Jon. Yes, I am a HUGE fan of their tv show Jon and Kate Plus 8. And there is a name called for when Kate yells at Jon…….REALITY!!!!!!!!! Get over is people!!!! And the sick person who wrote this artical was ovasily drunk by writing “Looking Good, Jon Gosselin!” Cause if Kate say this artical she will FURIOS!!! And yes, I have to admet that is was wrong for Jon to go out to a bar with college girls. Imagine how humiliated Jon must feel be cause the this thing happening!!! Who ever started this thing about Jon………….ASHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yo Face, I am not even going to put my name on this, but go back and read this post and tell me you were drunk too please???? I understand about blogging after you have had a few, but this thing was posted at 5:34pm. I don’t disagree with you, but just go back and read it. Maybe even cut and paste it to a word document so you can check the spelling and syntax. My spelling sucks but MYY gooddd! I have met my match! Love ya Face!

  • Holy moly, this family is in trouble. Their new-found Fame started out being something we could all enjoy, watching the kids growing up, walking, talking, then the money they are making certainly changed them. Including the kids. Everyone seemed to have a sense of entitlement. Sad, but they can marry those octuplets and start the new version of the Brady Bunch. Happy endings for everyone!!!

    • Way to contribute something of value to the conversation. That has nothing to do with what this topic and your opinions are unneeded.

    • Ah, you used the wrong word…..its not THEY, it’s THEIR.
      I guess they won’t fuck you too, coz you’re too dumb.

    • How would you know if you’ve never “f’d” an asian guy SHANIQUA!!!!!
      So, Shanishutyourmouth!




    • My family has filmed on a reality show before and yes, they do edit things to be how they want them. We filmed for 8 hours which then turned into 20 minutes on TV. We found out quickly how well they can fix things to look one way or another. I do have a lot of confidence however in the fact that Kate talks to Jon like he is a dog who needs to be given commands vs her partner for life who needs to be talked to with respect and caring.

  • Jon did not cheat on Kate. I read an article and he said that they are together forever, and that he didnt cheat…

  • All I can add is if you hate the show so much, don’t watch it. Jon & Kate are a couple, couples argue and belittle each other at times, big deal. They are on T.V. to entertain us, and I would imagine that having a camera crew around all the time gets old. So what if they’ve made decent money, they still give their fans a good clean show to watch.
    I’ve loved watching the kids grow up

  • I remember thinking over a year ago that Kate was just a BEAST to her husband. Those kids are beautiful (well, Maddy could learn to be less like her mom) but how do you LIVE with someone like Kate? When the show was new I remember thinking, “I would be stressed, too”…but it never changed. I used to think she was so attractive, but she stands there snapping at him like a turtle and he is dancing as fast as he can, trying to help. Geeezzzzz….it just makes her such a beast. If I were a man, I think I’d be at the bar, too. You can see how much he loves those kids, but he is human, after all. He needs to be with adults who don’t treat HIM like a child.

    • I hate to say that I support that statement but she definitely makes me think he may be doing what he can to stay sane! He is one of those people I could see having a heart attack in their mid 40s from stress. The way Kate speaks to Jon giving him orders is inexcusable.

  • Honestly? For one, it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. Two, she did nothing but talk over and denounce any reach of pride a man could strive to have! I watched only a few episodes with my soon to be fiance, and realized life could be much worse than just being confined to one woman. Life could be… being attached at the hip to the Devil vantriliquist. playing you as her not so lucky of a catch hubby. Life could be…I made a quick million now lets settle down and focus on the kids? It’s funny to me that most women seem to think poor Kate, when you think about it, it was her idea in the first place and she’s wanted the spot lite and held it until now. Just wish girls would see the good guys when they come across. Jon did, or tried to do everything right…regardless of the truth of the situation everyone had to admit in the televised interviews, he seemed miserable!

  • Jon definitely needs to put his foot down and demand some respect from Kate. She is so condescending towards him in nearly aspect of their lives. While I certainly understand that they are under immense stress each day, it does not give her the right to talk to her husband like he is incapable of doing anything on his own.I think she needs to learn to “ask” rather than “tell” him what to do. My hubby would have walked out a long time ago and vice versa if either of us had been that disrespectful towards one another. “Would you, please and thank you go a long way” in life.”

  • i think it was a big misunderstanding and i see alot of haters on this page…..if u didnt care about it then why comment?????? lol what a bunch of losers!

  • stop hatin and let them get through this on their own, deannas brother should get his ass beat for this.
    gettt em jonn

  • he fu ks them he fu cks them He fu cks them all, the 2 girls he fu ks them, kate he fu ks her, the kids he fu cks them, he fu cks them all every last one he fu hu hu ks them

  • I am rooting for Jon to free himself. I am rooting for TLC to end the maddness of Katezilla. I hope that these kids will be able to recover from all this madness that they are having to experience right now. I wish that people would remember that there are EIGHT impressionable and innocent children that need to be protected. I hope that Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin will scoop them up and out of the spotlight until their parents can get their heads on straight.

  • Oh I hope things get better, the kids, are all special, even the dramaticals, jon and kate are just trying to be good parents and honestly, you who are saying it was Kate’s idea, (love her, she does not talk to Jon badly! >:O) lets go back a ways, JON ASKED FOR KATE TO MARRY HIM AND SHE SAID YES! I’m just saying, I donno if I believe this story, but I think it was NOT photoshopped but I’m sure that it was just fans and some IDIOT being cruel to Jon/Kate. I agree with Andrea, Uncle Kevin (probably the best uncle in the world :3) and aunt Jodi (probably the best aunt in the world :3) should help out with the kids some more right now while Jon and Kate get counseling.

  • oh and also, the intro SAYS “we’ve always wanted to have kids” (watching the marathon in HD)

  • He looks like he just got drunk[no is drunk]and was beat up at the bar. He is a sad excuse. But still, that might not be Jon, but they look similar.

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