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This Explains a Lot

Kristen Stewart and Her Dad Pictures Photos

On the left: Kristen Stewart.

On the right: Her handsome father, who was none too happy to see the paps lined up as he and his daughter returned to LAX from Sundance.

This dude probably sells her the weed she smokes.

Is everyone else super jealous of his really cool sunglasses?

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  • BACK OFF HER FAMILY! We are so impressed that Kristen loves her fam but shields them from the Media Bitches. They know this is HER career –and step back from the spotlight. They are still Good and Counseling parents–and they want what is best for her.
    They’ve ALOT of experience in the biz. Don’t ASS.u.ME.

    • no, kirsten doesn’t seem like the promise ring type, not that that’s bad but she wears a lot of rings on one hand.

  • Why is she so angry all of the time? I would love to see a picture of her smiling and laughing.

    As for her Dad, he looks like a lovely man who has chosen to go against the grain. I like him. Don’t like his sunglasses though.

  • she is probably the most truley beautiful person in holywood. seriously. she totally doesnt care about what other people think. that’s hot.

    i love her

  • So that’s where she gets her “I don’t give a fuck” attitude from =P

    But seriously, Kristen is easily, in my opinion, the hottest female in Hollywood right now. Everything she does makes me love her more

  • Why would she smoke weed, just cuz her dad has long hair? Dont people think that she could have used it just the one time, i mean we have only seen ONE PICTURE, how can we assume that she is a regular weed smoker! God shes a teenager heaps of teenagers at least try it! Stop judging on ONE picture and get the facts right. Arse bandits!