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155Kristen Stewart Lights Up

Twilight hottie Kristen Stewart has the early makings of a gossip column mainstay — photogs caught her smoking a bowl on her stoop in broad daylight.

You’re gonna have to get smarter about this stuff, Kristen! You’re famous now.

November 26, 2008 at 2:06 pm by Evil Beet
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155 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Lights Up”

  1. Marx says:

    NOBODY EVER GOT HIGH FROM WEED AND BEAT THEIR WIFE! alcohol on the other hand… I may go see that silly Twilight Movie now!

    • superchuckholly says:

      I’ve gotten sick of hearing this.
      How do you KNOW no one’s done that? Sounds perfectly plausible to me. And I’ve done pot enough times to know what it’s like.

      • Anonymous says:

        wow your smart

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re an idiot. Believe, the last thing pot makes you want to do is beat your wife, or anyone for that matter.

      • FYI says:

        Well I have no issue with smoking weed, I do have issue with people who don’t have their facts straight. As much as weed can make many or even MOST people very mellow and peaceful, it can also make people aggravated and hostile, and can even induce psychosis in some instances.

        If she can deal with the flack from the press and her fans/fans’ parents/whomever over her publicly doing drugs/smoking weed/whatever, then yay for her. She’s a big girl, smoking bowls is not the worst she could do. Look at all the stars out there getting coked up or drunk as hell and getting in their cars, etc.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pot was the only thing to make my abusive ex normal!

      • Nelson says:

        LOL. I have never once met a person that smokes pot and beat their spouse. The only time people become agitated is when they are dry; you are either that or just a flat out liar about smoking pot.

  2. leslie says:

    whatever. she shouldn’t be doing illegal stuff in the public eye. no wonder all her interviews are blah. girlfriend’s too stoned in real life.

  3. imustsay says:

    oh yay! stay in the news kristin! i love you!!! lol

  4. Amber says:

    Dude it’s just friggin weed!

  5. chet says:

    What beefy said. If you people only knew the list of celebs who smoke pot, your mouths would drop. Damage control time!

    • Your Are All Idiots says:

      you guys r all stupid its illgeal shes famous now so if she wants to get high and be a real stupid person up there with all u people (witch by the way u told all of us now so we can go tell other people. like if we happen to know u maybe your parents. just a thought) then she should at least do it in her own home, in doors where nobody can see her

  6. gtrgrl21 says:

    I love the pictures…the guy is laughing because she thought she dropped an ash on herself,seriously. Two friends sharing a harmless bowl in the morning. Its called a wake and bake. Yes,I know whats up….Now everyone lets have a great Holiday.

  7. Emilia says:

    Disgusting. Truly unattractive.

  8. Ale says:


    “Oh and as an actress, she should know all about emotion and how to control them. Stress is definitely a feeling. Actors are like professional emotionals. Ha. I mean, they have to be able to experience them all obviously, or they wouldn’t have a career! Acting is feeling, how could she not know how to “deal” with them by now?”

    “Actors are like professional emotionals”

    what kind of crap is that lol wow this is funny.

    Actors are HUMAN. not robots, just like everyone else.
    this whole because your an actor you should be able to deal with stress better is a load of crap.

    i think its people like you putting pressure on people that are famous
    to be perfect or somehow ideal is why they break.

    but what i dont think you realize is that no one is perfect and just because she’s famous she doesnt have to be this little miss perfect who wouldnt hurt a fly.
    she can do whatever she wants with her life her choices and her 10 mil. if she wants to smoke it away more power to her. if she wants to smoke outside her house more power to her

    you should inform yourself better before speaking your mind or stating your so-called opinions.
    you shouldnt judge a book by its cover either, because from your point of view she has this perfect life and money and job and she goes to school and blah blah!!
    who are you to judge and assume her problems arent near as bad as those kids in africa. who are you to assume her life is perfect in the first place.
    and who are you to assume actors should deal with their stress better because there actors, that’s pretty ignorant.

    at the end of the day she’s just human just like everyone else.
    the only difference is she has people following her around watching her every move waiting for her to slip up.
    and there you have it she did, but i doubt this will affect her career on the contrary, the more contraversy the better.
    it’ll just get people to talk more about her, good or bad.

    i say if getting high is your thing go for it
    if its getting drunk go for it
    if its both more power to you.
    you only live once and your entitled to make a million mistakes
    she’s only 18, she still has a lot of growing up to do.

    she’s an actress not a role model, it’s not a celebrities fault you have no brain idiot kids out there following their every move n attitude just cuz she did it i will to. but that’s where the parents coming, its up to them to teach their kids right from wrong, not celebrities.

    i take my hat off to her. she’s an amazing talent on the road to stardom..dont be suprised if she wins an oscar one day.
    then you can say hey pot heads can do anything. =)

    • Simon.Z. says:

      You are so right! OI agree with you totally!

    • Jim says:

      I also won’t be surprised if she pulls a Heath Ledger.


      Were you high when you wrote this? Kristen Stewart is not even remotely close to being an amazing talent, and she will never win an Oscar. She sucks ass when it comes to acting, and her expressions just look stupid.
      Nobody ever said being an actress meant living the high life, of course being famous has its ups and downs, and it must be annoying as hell having the paparazzi follow you around everywhere.
      And who gives a damn if she can smoke pot, but she an idiot for doing it outside in broad daylight, the least she can do is take it inside where she wouldn’t be seen.
      What an idiot, and KRISTEN STEWART SUCKS AT ACTING!!!!!! I’m better than her, and I’ve never acted in my life.

    • Shannon says:


  9. Lisa says:

    it’s her personal life people. whatever she decides to do it’s not our choice. this doesn’t change my view on her really. she’s still a cool person for me. it’s just that i thought she would be a little smarter than to smoke weed outside in broad daylight.
    but i guess it’s just the teen experience right?

  10. gNorah says:

    this is one of those posts i love reading when im bored.

  11. oh so sexy says:

    okay fjk you make me laugh. just shut your mouth what are you trying to be dr. phil here? please spear us all and just stop.

  12. Jenny Fallopias says:

    “If your idea of having a good time is disconnecting yourself from reality, I’m thinking there is a problem……?”

    Better stop going to the movies then Fjk…

  13. Night Man, rapist says:

    Team Ganga also. Like Stewart a lot, with her hatred for publicity and pot and things. Seems to pull off a good Bella.

    And to Day Man (fighter of the Night Man): You will be raped, boy.

  14. nadia b says:

    Kristen baby, do you! I have cancer and have tried for years to get where u r. Always be u, that is what i tell everyone. Because if u try too hard to be what others want, u loose yourself, i know. Love ya and great work in Twilight.

  15. johnny b says:

    who the fuck cares is she smokes weed in or outside her house; get over it fjk.

    I<3 kristen

  16. Topsy says:

    I like her more now.

    Even the dog is stoned xD

  17. cartex says:

    if she was shooting up heroin, snorting a line of coke, or taking some extreme hallucinogens i could definetly see a 117 post long debate sparking….

    but it is literally JUST pot, it is slowly but surely becoming decriminalized and legalized in many different countries around the world…

    i think the “Above the influence” commercials are extremely, extremely retarded, I personally have never gotten so baked that i have put on 37 different t shirts before bed, or deflated on my couch, or had my dog talking, telling what a big problem he has with my smoking habits, or had 8 million people speeding like “the flash” all around my room changing my clothes and shaving my head…but i wouldnt mind getting pot that was so good my dog talked to me, that would be pretty funny…

    If bella wants to toke up, she is allowed to do whatever she wants…i hope she does become a role model to young americans everywhere, I would bet MY life that the number of teenage suicides would drop dramatically if teens just sparked a blunt every now and again, yes it does help you escape reality, but whats wrong with that, reality sucks

    the government wants you to beleive that smoking pot is bad…because “It’s all part of the plan”…

    Pot opens your mind and gets you to think about things that go on in the world and it makes you realize how screwed up the world really is…

    • hhh says:

      “Pot opens your mind and gets you to think about things that go on in the world and it makes you realize how screwed up the world really is…”

      wait, then why do people smoke pot to relax and have fun or whatever??????????
      i think youve smoked a bit to much and think you know more than you actually do

    • Steph says:

      Oh my god you’re one of the world’s savior, i thought i was the only one thinking about this government shit. I agree with every word of yours one hundred percent haha awesome :D
      Pot does open your mind, it expands your horizons and it does make you think about the really important shit in life not the crap we’re told to thiink about :P oh yeah kristen’s another one in our club :P awesome VIVA LA WEED!!

    • Cartex obviously doesn't know what he's talking about says:

      were you high when you wrote this?
      you guys are just a bunch of pot heads! smoking pot does nothing good for… and all you’re ganna do is screw up your life even more than it already is, otherwise why would you be smoking pot in the first place. Let me guess you think the government is out to et us. what a load of crap. When you smoke pot all your doing is running away from your life, suck it up and face life and reality as it is, because you can’t have the fantasy life you imagine when you’re smoking pot.

  18. meano says:

    i dont care that much but it breaks a tiny piece of my heart to see her do it and i really cant belive it she hasnt justified anything and as someone said earlier who know when this was takeing TMZ could have done what ever they wanted with this photo and i am pretty damn sure she is not this retarded to this in broad daylight i highly doubt they will kick her out of twilight if they say they are it wont happen werent they supposed to kick vanessa hudgens of of hms3(hate disney love gossip) for her nude pics and jamie lynn for pregancy and what about freaking miley these teens who are younger (most) are more messed up yet we spend time worrying about a amazeing actress haveing a little fun untill she says it true its not gonna do anything to anyone maybe if its true then she has a reason for it i am gonna sit her waiting

  19. meano says:

    also about the role modle thing its not her fault she needs to worry about her own life not 390000 other poeple who love her if parents sit there telling there childern to not like her than maybe they shouldntbe saying swear words all the time or going out to clubs or doing the D while there 7 year old child is home like if your kid is messed its not there role modles fault its the parents

  20. roxi says:

    she is a retarted bitch she is gonna end up like lindsay lohan, paris hilton, and britney spears and shes a bisexual bitch ewwwww she is a stupied trick and if robert pattinson is thinking about going out wit her then he gon have a crackhead as a girlfriend.

  21. Alexandra says:

    Yeah, i dont care much either, but like, it is a big shock.
    Cuz she’s so pretty, but even if she is a stuck up cow, she still shouldnt do that.
    And to all those people out there saying
    ‘Its just pot’
    It’s not ‘Just pot.’ why?
    because i lost my mum to pot.


  22. cccciiivvv says:

    its nt nice judge. let her live her life.

  23. k. says:

    oh god just leave her alone
    its her own personal life, its not like its our problem
    and most of it could just be her fans fault, for making her feel down, cuz no-one really accepts her as bella do they, just cuz she gets to work alongside robert. i mean get over it, its not like you will all be in movies with him too, its not fair on the poor girl

    and shes even said in interviews that she doesnt handle too much fame well, she didnt get much attention from the small movies shes done in the past but all the attention shes now gotten from Twilight makes her feel incredibly uncomfortable, she doesnt like it you know!
    so let her make her own choices

    you rock kristen! :D

  24. Penny_982001 says:

    Who cares what ppl say….. Kristen keep token.. :-)

  25. Alice says:

    the guys cute
    have a happy toke

  26. rockcriedout says:

    this is hilarious. weed in the daytime is lame kristin, and you should have learnt that by now.

  27. stickvalentine says:

    who gives a shit if Kristen Stewart smokes? i’ve heard that during the entire shooting of Twilight that’s all she did off-set, which would probably explain her nasaly monotone and absolutely atrocious acting job.

  28. Rick says:

    Way to kill my boner Kristen, you look fu%king nasty, yea keep smoking weed, try a lil coke to, pretty soon your look like the rest of the freaks on this site giving props to weed….

    • Anonymous says:

      ya’ll need a life.
      toke up and pull out whatever crawled up your ass.
      you are so uptight about pot
      i feel sorry for you

  29. brock says:

    shes so hot

  30. Claire says:

    She doesn’t deserve to be Bella AT ALL. Her idea of acting is being so serious she sucks the life out of the room. I’ve heard her co-stars say she is so professional brooding constantly isn’t being professional its just being the egotistical bitch she is. I think that was just stoned 24/7. I heard she smoked it regularly onset. That explains why she sucked so bad and ruined the series for me forever. Kristen is an arrogant stuck up little BITCH. I hope she will get type cast and never do anything worthwhile again. I CAN’T STAND ACTORS WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT FAME. What did you think was going to happen? It’s twilight you moron of course you’re going to have a massive fan base. Don’t stress about it go toke up another bowl or roll another joint. I can’t wait to see you hanging out at clubs with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Most people would kill to be where you are at so stop complaining about it you dumb twot

  31. kuhnistropolisungemeyer says:

    yehh get loose ;)
    what a babe.

  32. Gerbal.Warfare says:

    I think her, smoking pot is legit..nothing better than a gorgeous girl smokin up..means shes more down to earth than most celebs

  33. Anonymous says:

    Occasional use of ANY drug is a sign of addiction. Some people do not realize that even though you claim to use it once in awhile, it’s not a addiction. WRONG.

    Your still dependent on it even if it’s not as hardcore as you think it is. It’s ridiculous that people(usually stupid teens my age) try to justify the point that they only do it once in awhile. In Kristen’s case it seems like she does it ALOT. She shouldnt’ve started it at all.

    No one should. I’m proud to say I have no interest in such things at all, and I never will. You lose braincells, and it affects your kidneys and other organs internally over time. Some may bring up a point that it doesn’t do anything to them…well keep it up and see. I think Kristen is a good actress but you do not need drugs to be successful and to “relax” or be “social”. Also her enablers out there need to get their heads examined.

  34. wacky tabacky says:

    I smoke weed and I beat my wife! what now niggaz! hahaha! that isn’t the chick from twilight either… dumb shit little kids arguing on a forum over one comment makes me laugh like I’m the same age as all you little retards…


    Its not a drug, its a plant. stop buggin, take a hit of the blunt and if u dont like it then complain. but that wont ever happen bc everyone like the maryjane.

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