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Tragedy! John Travolta’s Son Dies on Vacation in Bahamas!

This is awful!!!

John Travolta’s 16-year-old son, Jett, has died while on vacation in the Bahamas.

Details are still sketchy, but it appears he died of a seizure after hitting his head on a bathtub.

What’s even stranger is that he was last seen heading into the bathroom yesterday, but his body wasn’t discovered until 10 am today.

Thoughts and prayers are with the Travolta family. This is so terrible!

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    • ——————————BREAKING —–NEWS (JANUARY 3, 2008) Jett Travolta was in fact placed on a medication called, Depakote (divalproex sodium) This is a drug used under ”doctors orders.. look it up!

  • Poor Travoltas. I don’t care about all the wacky things circulating about them, I really love that family.

    • Now that you typed this heartless, inhumanely judgemental comment their son will come back to life…

    • What a tragedy. Autism can be treated with early intervention. The Travoltas will pay forever for their inability to help their son on his own level. I know personally that intervention pays off. My son is on the spectrum and you would never know it now – because of all the therapy he has received. It is a shame that John and Kelly couldn’t rise above themselves. This is a terrible outcome – especially for their child.

      • I agree wholeheartedly, we are in the same boat with a grandchild who probably wouldn’t be here today, if we hadn’t gotten her therapy and help. Sigh~ My parents were religious fanatics and I know what problems can arise out of that. In this instance, it caused a death. Maybe because it happened to celebrities, some new laws will be enacted about diagnosing and treating your children properly. I fought my son in law in the beginning…as he didn’t want to accept it either. I was ready to take them to court to get her help. Luckily it didn’t come to that.

    • Rumors of autism are false! As early as 1992 at the age of 2 Jett Travolta was diagnosed with Kawasaki Syndrome. Doctors can not determine the problem by using technologies such as X ray’s. Scientology play’s no part in the welfare or disregard of his health. Jett Travolta had a personal caretaker qualified specifically for this disorder. There was no neglect!

    • You don’t know what, you are talking about! Jett Travolta had a caretaker, and all the attention that his parents could give him. You do not know he went without medication, or the practicing of Scientology. His Parents beliefs were never ever put before the caring of his health. You are a cruel human being for thinking such a vile thought and then telling people, what you think…YOU DON”T THINK>>

  • He’s only a year younger than me.. I feel bad for the Travoltas, and his poor sister, especially.

  • strange story
    I cannot think of such thing happening with one of my kids
    it’s truly heartbreaking
    although I understand the kid had serious health problems
    I don’t even know what kind of disease he suffered from
    but I don’t believe it was just autism
    it had to be some sort of a syndrome that could be cause of death

    • A good percentage of adolescents with autism have seizures. A video shows Jett “stimming” as he enters the family van in Paris. He is also shown toe-walking in a photo with his Mom. Both are very typical for those with autism. People who live with the disorder can spot the manifestations easily. I know, because my son has autism, and I am part of a network of many families who have children with autism. It is possible, too, that Jett had comorbid conditions…in other words, one can have autism and other disorders as well.

      • @H. Dietrich You are a “Know Best” and a Hypocrites
        It’s absolutly nuts to beleive you could make any diagnosis about authism by taking 1 Video and 1 Photos to “prove it”

  • Bet you he was neglected proper medical care because of their wacko Scientology beliefs. Instead of giving him meds that could have helped him I wouldn’t be surprised if they blocked it.

  • Their son suffered from Kawasaki syndrome. Kelly was an advocate for this disease and they did not ignore it. There is little known of this disease and it usually occurs in children b/n the ages of 2-5 years old. It affects the lymph node system, arteries, and heart. Kelly spoke about it on different talk shows trying to raise awareness.
    This is a real tragedy and my heart goes out to the family. they have done their best to keep their children out of the spot light and they really did care about their children and tried to provide them with the best “normal life” possible. I could not imagine what they are going through right now, not to mention they had a young daughter 8 y/ do they tell her? They are probably blaming themselves since Jett was left alone.

    • The Travolta’s have released the statement that Jett suffered from Kawasaki Syndrome. Do some research on the Syndrome and what percentage of children over the age of 8 exhibit symptoms. Also Google “Jett Travolta autism”

      • I couldn’t agree more Wendie,

        Kawasaki sufferers do not have social difficulties.

        Another news site talks about frantic efforts to save him but given he went missing one day and wasn’t found till 10am the next, by a caretaker rather than his family, I’d say the “frantic efforts” were just media release hype. I don’t doubt they loved their son but I think they dealt with his challenges in a way contrary to a long and healthy life.

      • See, this is where your distorted misconception begins! “””THE NEWSPAPER SAID”” or ACCORDING TO ONE REPORT”” he wasn’t found until 10 hours later! The reports are conflicting contradictory statements, created by the writer of the article. No one and I mean absolutely nobody, knows how Jett and Ella Travolta are (and sadly were) cared for by there parents. You knew nothing of John Travolta once he returned home to spend time with his family. Making it even more difficult, to believe, is that reports show since the birth of Jett and Ella, he has been a very loving, attentive, father in providing a 24 hour a day caretaker who is well qualified, to deal with Kawasaki Syndrome which is not autism. I live in OCALA FLORIDA< I HAVE MET THE MAN< AND SPOKEN WITH HIM!and while I( can’t or would not pass judgment on how he raised his children. I can say that he left absolutely nothing to chance!

  • A true tragedy! I hope it never comes to light that his parent’s denied him proper medical care. Jett, love that name, finally found peace.

  • Why was he found today? Wow, what a great caring set of parents who don’t see their son for over a day and then find out from a CARETAKER that he is dead!!! Also,if they even cared about him at all, they would have taken him to premiers and in public with his sister rather than hide him away in isolation. ALSO kawasaki syndrome? Then why didn’t Jett ever talk? Autism is real and it is more than evident he was Autistic. If autism is ever to be understod, and Autistic people accepted, we cannot keep alowing people to shut them in.
    Travoltas need to be investigated pronto. Oh, but they won’t because they are servants of ZENU and Hollywood elitist rich celebs. How damn nice.Jett is probably happier in heaven now and I pray for his soul and his sister left behind with her freakazoid heartless ‘rents.

    • I saw a (rare) photo of Jett, and he was toe walking. Not something that kids with Kawasaki Syndrome typically do, but it is common in autistic children. Sad situation.

      • If tip toe walking is not a tell tale sign of autism i dont know what is.

        Although Jett was rarely seen in public as he got older, ive seen 3 seperate pictures of him toe walking.

    • reports now show that John Travolta, and Kelly Preston were in the room, when Jett hit his head. It some how does not become suitable to believe, that it’s true because reports have already focused on them being elsewhere. And now the press has your attention, because they don’t want you to believe, they were there. But they were! It was and always is the idea of a newspaper person to create conflict. Jett Travolta did “”NOT GO UNATTENDED !!!!

    • I agree…..I fet the same way when I heard of his death. Somethiong wasn’t sitting with me right until I searched the web for more information. I also thouight his photos of his dad and him looked odd too…. I didn’t know about his son a all but I knew when i saw photos of him i saw something sad about his face. When I saw him toe walking with his mom in a photo I thought that was odd too. And when I saw him with his parents in Paris walking to the van with john holding his hand (and by the way what 16 year old boy holds his fathers hand if there is nothing wrong with him ), he seemed blamk and it looked so sad. Anyway…..I am gald I found more people that see what i see!!!

  • Such a tragedy for such wonderfully caring folks. January 4th is birthday of my darling little boy who was killed. I know their loss and heartbreak. HE will watch over you forever. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you….love you. Look for a butterfly….that’s my little Andy.

  • Poor kid, to be the son of famous parents and to have your autism ignored because they were ashamed and chose not to treat him because of the teachings of Scientology is a true tragedy. There’s a toasty place in hell for parents like that. Way to go John and Kelly.

  • I’d like to respond to INNOCENT who acts like she knows the family personally!! I don’t know many parents who haven’t left their teenage child alone for a day especially if they have a caretaker on the grounds or another adult. What parent is with their child 24 hrs a day??? Get real and while you’re at it get a brain. As far as taking him to premiers and such did you ever think that maybe it was Jetts choice to not want to be at them? Of course your close personal relationship would tell you that he didn’t have the Kawalski syndrom and that he actually had autism because you are so brilliant and no doubt their best friend. I hope you don’t have kids because you are an absolute heartless person! My heart goes out to the Travolta family at this time. Anyone who ever loses a child deserves sympathy and compassion.

      • Isabella: I agree that many children are left alone by their parents at that age but maybe you are ignoring the fact that Jett suffered from seizures and it is rumoured that he never even spoke his first word.

        I know i certainly would not have left a child in that condition alone with anyone i felt was incapable of looking after him. It is rediculous that a severly developmentally challenged teen could go into a bathroom one day and not be found until the next.

  • No use asking or even thinking of the what ifs… there are just too many now that it is over they need to find peace and comfort from what his life was before the accident. Anyone who thinks they know better has not had much life experience…Tragedy can strike anyone any time… be thankful for each day and
    the gifts you get. Jet is at peace and now it is for the family to find theirs.
    God Bless them All… My profound condolences, Katie Wong

  • what a bunch of judmental people you are. and some completely off base, crying for investigations and neglect and shit. these comment threads can take the tone of a witch hunt as soon as scientology is mentioned. dont take me wrong, im not trumpeting for zena or whoever, but these people have suffered a terrible tragedy, cant you put down the toches for a second and say that you are sad it happened?

  • If commenters are so incensed at child neglect, how about they hop on Google for some local child welfare / advocacy groups that desperately need their assistance, effort and time?

    These people just lost their child, and we are just on the sidelines guessing about what we think we may know about his medical condition. A little mercy and grace might be nice to try instead. I am sure they are tortured enoughright now.

  • I am not even focusing on scientology, that is the least of my concern.

    I am more concerned of how shady this all seems. Why couldnt he be out in the public eye ? why dont we know anything about this young man who isn’t with us anymore? Tons of you have googled this disease and young man’s life, but I dont need to, I have a family member who suffers (ed) from the same disease. I’m wondering why it took over a day to find him? I recognize his age, but clearly he also had other disabilities going on, so why was he left for so long without even a thought?

    I truly wish them peace. One can never get over such a tragedy, but worse off one can never get over guilt such as this.

    • do you really think putting him in the public eye is protecting him?

      look at the way people just on THIS board talk about rumer willis. and she isnt even challenged.

      as a parent do you seriously think you owe more to the public than to your own child as far as keeping him safe? and maybe themselves safe from the cruelty they would get from people?

      • I dont disagree with anything you mention.

        Its just that anyone’s child is out and about at some point…. its just a wee bit odd that a gazillion people can say they have never seen a picture of him or barely heard of him.

        Again….. This is so sad, but I do feel like there’s more to it, like there is to every hollywood story..and we’ll never know.


        P.s. Rumor Willis may not be beautiful to most standards, but I like to think of it this way: did she pick to look like that? does she do what she can most the time to enhance and look more beautiful? yes. She wears make up, gets her hair done, wears nice clothing. It sucks to have that shape of face, but my god there’s more to life then what your face looks like. ahh well… peace out.

    • Because the personal loss of a family member, is private, and deeply emotional, it’s not your business mine or anyone’s business. There is no right to intrude, when the public knows absolutely nothing, about they’re private life. The Travolta family are always, entitled to they’re private life. If your going to respond to this comment, then your just a bigger idiot looking for attention. How can you say you wish them peace when you feel it is your right to intrude…. Asshole!

  • you people have no clue what you are talking about. my son also suffers from kawasaki disease and his symptoms are the same as jett’s were. some of the symptoms are similar to autism but it is a totally different illness. please watch what you say about something you dont know about and you hurt people with your words

    • I looked up Kawasaki Syndrome, and could not find a similarity to autism>???? Redness of the skin and eyes, swelling of the hands, I’m not arguing a point, but autism, does not have life threatening symptoms as far as I know. (?) Kawasaki Syndrome is pretty rare, and found in children 3-8 years old, It was said that Jett Travolta had this at 16, and that in itself is rare. He was diagnosed with Kawasaki syndrome in 1992, at the age of 2. So for right now I believe that’s what he had. But autism??? no!

      • Hey, what shrink asked was how could he be 2 in 1992, sounds like you are the dumb one, GEEZ buddy, if he was 2 in 1992 he would be 18 now not 16..and who cares either way, he’s dead and nothing can change that now. Poor John and Kelly

      • … But they’re saying he was 2 in 1992 idiot.
        Which would make him born in 90 and 18…
        He was born in 92 and then had to have been diagnosed in 94

      • Shrink’s question is absolutely reasonable. If Jett was diagnosed in 1992 at the age of 2, it means he was born in 1990. 2008-1990 equals 18, not 16 y/o.

        Who’s the dumbass now, “hey”?

      • lol..ur the dumbass…this is simple.simple.simple math ppl. it is impossible for him to be 16 y.o. if he were 2 y.o. in 1992. If he were 2 y.o. in 1992, then he would be 18 y.o. in 2008… soooo, are you dumb?

  • I am curious why a very ill child with a seizure disorder was not checked on for nearly 12 hours. I don’t know of a teenager that can or will go that long without food, that’s a long time not to see a child when you are on a family vacation. In any event, I feel very sorry for them, and it’s certainly the worst possible way to start the year off.

  • he was last seen the night before and was found the next morning. teenagers can go that long without eating over night and yes it is horrible my heart aches for them

  • No matter what the circumstance or who the people…losing a child is the absolute bottomest pit of devastation. No one really knows what went on behind closed doors, but any human with a bit of compassion will know that these parents dearly loved their child and must be dealing with the most extreme grief one can imagine. It’s absolutely the worst pain, I am sure.

  • This is SO SAD!!! My heart goes out to the Travolta’s. That has to be HARDEST thing a Parent can go through.

  • Autism has many manifestations, wandering off, not speaking, elopement, violent fits, and many more. It takes near superhuman strength, patience and love to deal with these manifestations and it takes appropriate treatment through therapy or even medication some times to be able to help the autistic person deal with basic “normal” life day to day. Jett’s toe walking, his not speaking, and his under developed repetitive speech we saw on some vidoe footage are signs of autism not kawasaki syndrome. And to those of you whining about people being judgmental, why don’t you quit judging others on here? To those of you suggesting we “get informed” etc then why don’t you realize you know nothing about the education, informed lives, and personal experience of us that you disagree with before declaring such assumptions about us? As for investigations, etc? Yes, in the US most people who have a child or other person under their responsibility and care who dies suddenly and unexplained, there is an aggressive investigation. I hope that the Travoltas are treated like any of the rest of us would be. And isn’t it ironic that this happened in the same area where ANS died and it was never really found out why or how and there were no charges on anyone around her?

  • When one has first-hand knowledge of a disability or affliction you become a “champion” of it, wanting to bring public awareness to your cause, especially if public opinion might be negative or little understood. And when you know from your own experience that medications, therapy etc. are helpful you want the word spread.

    When a celebrity comes forward with the same thing, it forwards the cause, and humanizes it. Of course it was the right of the Travolta’s to keep their son out of the public eye, but to deny the obvious denotes that it’s shameful and it’s hurtful for those who have children that suffer. It’s a slap in the face to them.

    So sad for them that Jett died like this. But sad as well that they seemed to deny his problems.

  • First of all, I am so sorry for the loss of Jett and the greif the Travoltas willl be suffering forever. No pain on earth compares to losing a child.
    John Travolta has given us many, many years of fun and entetainment and seems to be a wonderful down to earth guy. I cried for both parents last night wondering how heart broken they must be and how bad the rumor mill would get over the autism/kawasaki thing. Looking at this thread has answered that.
    God so many unanswered questions and what if’s can make people go crazy but honestly, do we have the right to answers? We don’t, it’s nobody’s business but theirs. They have the religious freedom granted all of us by the constitution and that’s that.
    Poor John and Kelly and the rest of the family. Either support them or leave them alone. Ya, ya, i know, we all have the right to freedom of speech as well but there is such a thing as human compassion and dignity isn’t there? Face it people, some things are just never going to be known about this boys life and death. RIP

  • Ugh so sick of hearing how if only he had treatment this could have been prevented. People do not die of autism. As the owner of a home for the developmentally disabled, many of our residents under doctors care do not benefit from them. Too many times we get cases on too much drugs & see a vast improvement in their lives when they’re decreased or discontinued. Yes many residents do take meds for diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, or to keep aggressive behaviors at bay. I’m not an anti drug fanatic by any means but autism in no way equates to a life sentence of drugs and tests and prodding. May Jett’s spirit comfort the Travoltas in this dark time.

  • Looks like Scientologists know how to use Google and are out in full force with their PR campaign to protect one of their precious celebrities.

    Welcome to the Beet!

  • Solipsister, NO ONE is saying he “died of Autism”. As someone who knows autism on a very personal level, please be careful who you preach to and where you try to hold your pontificating. NO ONE with Autism is the same or has the same manifestations. One of the reasons Autism is so misunderstood, even by “professionals” is because there is no named cure, cause, definite medication or treatment that works consistently across the board. This is a travesty considering Autism and Aspergers has been around a long time, and this is 2009 already and millions of americans are autistic. Another reason that the ignorance is stil;l prevalent is because so called experts are busy nitpicking on if this is “over diagnosed” and scholars, etc are putting that in the public ear on the media and this allows the general public and experts to blow it off as just another unserious, overly diagnosed mythrather than the pandemic status it truly has and the true travesty that we do not have any real answers for Autism.Meanwhile my son never sits to watch a mvie, play a game, he roams, climbs, and cruises about pouring out things and wasting things, trying to get to electical outlets and is just now speaking at age 4. While people on tv yap about denying this is real, and suggesting autism is nothing more than the “fictional” adhd or an excuse for lazy parents to medicate kids. I have read Dennis Leary’s stupid comments about Autism, Thomas Sowell, Michael Savage, and other celebs running their mouths. I wish they not our kids, were trapped within the shell of autism.
    So, yeah when an over-fed,over paid celeb denies the obvious regarding his son, then his son is mysteriously dead and there is little to no investigation, many of us are pissed. Medication is not always the answer. BUT there needs to be answers. Our kids need to quit being guinea pigs. And if one of our kids died like Jett, guess what? We would be answering a great deal of questions right now. The Travoltas? Nope. Why is that?
    Scientology and stupid parents are the cause of Jett’s passing and I can only hope for a better afterlife for us all, and real justice to those who are not seeing fairness here on Earth. Poor Ella has to be stuck with these sick people for parents.

  • alos pretty damned weird that the travoltas have already cremated their son’s remains before returning to the USA.