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Introducing This Year’s Mischa Barton



Charles Barkley was arrested early this morning under suspicion of DUI.  What the fuck?  Why do rich people insist on driving their drunk asses around?  Why is it that Barkley can piss away $10 million on fucking poker but can’t budget a hundred bucks for a cab?

So, blood was drawn and we wait for the results.  I know a man is innocent until proven guilty but I’m going to come out right now and say that he was in fact drunk while driving.  My conclusion is based on the following evidence:  1)  Wine coolers and donuts found in his car at the time of arrest.  2)  He was seen earlier in the evening partying with Jaleel White.  Urkel, people.  You just don’t do that sober.

Oh, what would the new year be without stupid, drunken, licensed celebs?

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  • OMG, wine coolers???? Are you serious, wine coolers were found in his car? So he drinks like either a 17 year old girl or a suburban soccer mom. I’d be more ashamed of that then the arrest (kidding!!!!! drinking and driving is wrong).

  • how on earth did you miss the funniest parts of this arrest? he told cops he was hurrying because he wanted to get a blow job from his passenger, and then told the cops if they would let him off he would tattoo their names on his ass………

    yeah i love dlisted