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Amy Winehouse Figures She’s Got About Two Years Left


Just when I think I’ve heard all there is to hear about Amy Winehouse, there’s more.  The end of the year offers an opportunity to look back on the past 365 days and reflect how your life has changed.  Can anyone tell me how Amy Winehouse’s life is one coke gram different than it was a year ago?

Alex Haines, the dude that Amy started screwing when her Blaaaaaake was in jail, has granted a tell-all interview to News of the World.  Can you even imagine what the People Who Share Drugs and Bodily Fluids With Amy Winehouse interview budget must be over at NOTW?  If nothing else, I love that they capitalize all the words that they feel are the most critical.  CRACK!  BREAKFAST!  HIS TOOTHBRUSH!  THROW UP!  It really makes for efficient reading.

On drugs:

Alex Haines tells how the singer smoked CRACK for BREAKFAST from pipes she made out of drinks bottles as she blew £3,500 a week on drugs in her darkest hours.

She was so desperate for every last bit she even frantically scraped the residue out with a SCREWDRIVER so it wouldn’t be wasted.

When Amy woke up the first thing she’d ask was, ‘Where’s my pipe?’.  She often made crack pipes by putting foil on top of plastic bottles and then burning the drug.


While she got it going I made toast with butter and a cup of tea for her. It was her normal breakfast.


When Amy ran out of the drug it she would cut the bottle in half and sit there on the floor completely wired, scraping the inside to get the residue with a screwdriver.


She had to have a heroin and crack pipe near her or she freaked out. She’d keep taking drugs until she passed out. I reckon she spent £3,500 a week on them.


Amy’s home in Camden, London, was a hub for drug-fuelled parties—with the singer always eager to impress her fellow addicts.


At one party Amy wanted to prove she was used to cocaine. So she did a line that was 20 CENTIMETRES LONG to show she was a big user.

On Amy’s eating disorder:

He also reveals how the once painfully thin diva was a secret BULIMIC—living on McDonalds and up to 10 Crunchie bars at a time. She even used HIS TOOTHBRUSH to make herself THROW UP afterwards.

Amy suffered from bulimia, which is why she looked so thin. She would have a massive McDonalds and then throw it all up in the bathroom. I found my toothbrush covered in sick, and asked her about it.


She went really sheepish but told me she suffered from it for a long time. Several times I went into her bathroom and saw sick all over the sink.


She lived off Crunchie bars—up to 10 at a time—packets of Haribo sweets and bottles of orange Lucozade Sport. Her heroin problems made her crave sugar.

On sex with Amy:

It was like having my own little porn star. Amy was so dirty—she wanted sex all the time. We did it four or five times a day and she’d even wake me up for it. She was addicted to sex like she was to drugs.  It was 6am. I woke up looked around and there she was. She pounced on me. We made love. Afterwards I said, ‘This is gonna make things difficult,’ but she replied, ‘No it’s not’.


We became wrapped up in one another. When I stayed at hers I would be asleep downstairs and there would be this little girl on the bed crawling towards me waking me up for sex.  But Amy could never get Blake off her mind. She would go on about him and her being together forever straight after we made love. I sat there in disbelief. We had few bust-ups over it.

On Amy cutting:

I was my job to look after her. But it was impossible. I thought she wouldn’t survive the year with all the drugs and self-harming. Cutting herself was her favourite pastime.  He was shocked by her self-harming. The first time I saw her do it was after she told Blake we’d had a fling. She cut herself with scissors from shoulder to wrist.


And even Amy, 25, was afraid her number was almost up.  She reckoned she would join the 27 club of rock stars who died at that age.  She told me, ‘I have a feeling I am gonna die young.’

The 27 Club is in reference to a group of musicians all who have died at the age, obviously, twenty-seven.  This clan includes Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.  All of whom were excessive drug users.  It strikes me funny that Amy “has a feeling”  she’s going to die young as if she’s getting some telepathic download on this.

Thanks Whitney!

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  • What is with the constant shifting between perspectives in this article?

    Anyone notice that?

    Is that really how NOTW writes?

  • I can’t even read this. I feel like I am reading pointless paragraphs, because to me, Amy is already dead. She has done nothing for the past, what, year? Nothing but get in trouble and screw herself up. I know this is harsh, but I just can’t bring myself to care. I hate it when people throw their lives away. Such a waste.

  • That pisses me off.
    She wants to be part of the forever 27…wtf!? She doesn’t deserve that shit . You know why ? Because she WANTS to be part of it . She wants to be a musical and lyrical genius that does drugs to cope with life . She’s a fucking fake …
    fuck her . What a fake bitch. Is it me or is she just doing drugs for attention or doing them just to do them and be a druggie because she thinks it’s cool or ‘cuz she thinks it’s part of being a “cool” or legendary musician . Fuck her.
    ugh that so fucking pisses me off…

  • God, it hurts me to see people like this. I wish everyone had the chance to live a long, healthy, life. Someone get this girl a Snickers and glass of full fat milk. Ewy.