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Fun with YouTube: Demi Lovato, “La La Land”

Hi guys! Wendie’s Internet is on the fritz (stupid snow!) so I’m helping out a bit. Here’s Demi Lovato’s new video. You know what I think is interesting here? At the beginning, the lyric on the album (yes I own the album, and I like it, so fuck you), is “I’m not a supermodel / I still eat McDonalds, baby” but in the video they’ve changed it to “I still eat at Ronald’s.” I wonder if McDonalds complained about the semi-negative use of their brand there.

Another observation: She’s nowhere near as good on camera as Miley or Selena, but, damn, she can outsing both of ’em.

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  • I love the song, but am not a fan of the video, she is beautiful but really needs to work on her stage presence.
    Go Demi!

  • plus her album cover is not to disimilar to no doubts album rock steady over so no originality there i’m going on the font and colour scheme who cares if its different words and has a pic of her its along the same principals

  • and before you all go “can you do better?”, yes,I can.With all the money disney/record label threw at her to make that song,video,and Etc, I’m positive i can do better.

  • Jesus Christ that sucked. How many more song/videos must there be about how she just wants to be herself and the paparazzi twist sings blah blah blah. I couldn’t make it through all of it.

    She’s cute, at best.

  • Jesus Christ that sucked. How many more song/videos must there be about how she just wants to be herself and the paparazzi twist things blah blah blah. I couldn’t make it through all of it.

    She’s cute, at best.

  • “who says i can’t wear converse with my dress?”
    yes please.

    does anyone know if she’s actually done that at a premier or anything? cause that would be awesome.

    and i like that she’s not apologetic for being disney. hillary duff is all obsessed with making a sex symbol out of her lizzy mcguire self, and vanessa hudgens and miley cyrus spend their time throwing nude pictures around the internet. i mean, once you’re of age, sure, come into your own, but you don’t have to do it by skankwhoring yourself around hollywood. it’s nice that demi’s at least acknowledging the fact that she owes a big part of her career to disney, instead of dumping them asap like most of the other ones do.

    her talent is kind of bland compared to like, real music, but for disney, she pwns miley’s nasaly fake drawl.

  • her teeth freak me out.

    i liked her video tho…i recognized the fake blond being paris hilton (did u guys catch the BFF ref?) and the criss angel reference as well.


  • Honestly, I think Demi is going to be the only one of these Disney Princesses that lasts. She seems very genuine, beautiful and hey — actually talented.

  • trying to get a point across demi :P ? LOL

    i hate demi ¬¬

    she has no talent

    and her teeth are weird

    and she reminds me of like a pre pubelescent teen trying to look cool ;)

  • Come on, she’s way hotter than Miley, that girl’s just weird looking. Anyway, not my style of music, but yay for her anyway. I agree that she does kick more ass than Miley and Selena, but then again, that’s not really saying a lot..

  • well, she needs to work on her presence, but that video was shite. Director should have worked with her more and not have used so many sloe up shots.
    can she not dance?

  • I think she’s wayyy better. Her voice is great, and honestly if her camera action is worse than selena or miley its only cause its not so fake and computer generated. (:

  • well i think demi has a much better voice then both miley and selena and she is also much hotter then both of them.

  • I LOVE this song! Of course the song is gonna say the same thing over again, didn’t ya catch on, everything’s the same, in the la la land- (Hollywood). I hope Demi truly will stay the same and not ruin her life, it sounds like I have nothing to worry about. She is so cool and pretty, great song Demi! Don’t forget this song yourself Dem! -Stay the same

  • i,bb,like all of her songs. i like her way to put on makeup and b uniqe. and her outfits r the best.i also like mily and salena’s songs r the best to

  • ummmmmmmmmmmm………… were the person who owns this vid said that demi is not better than miley or selena i had 2 laugh demi is better than both an + she is amazingly hot i mean look at her damn

  • Not as good on camera as Miley? Anybody looks better on camera than Miley, she looks like a troll. Demi looks better than any of the other disney girls.

  • esta bn hermosa la demi el uniko defektoes su pieljajajaja
    soi una arista y kanto mejor k ella arriba las de mexikali soi wisin y yandel perro o perras putos

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