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Fergie and Josh Set a Date


Ok, I am here and seriously roughing it.  And by roughing it, I mean Cheetos for breakfast, 13 inches of snow (and still snowing) and cycling electricity and internet outages.  I seem to have a consistent connection for the moment and really didn’t appreciate anything Fergie related being the first cyber-item my brain was required to process.

I was hoping, since a year has passed since their engagement announcement coupled with the fact that there have been no other subsequent announcements, that maybe this union wasn’t going to take place.  Because usually it’s more like a three month span of engagement announcement, pregnancy announcement, bam-wedding.  But no such luck.  Gorgeous Josh Duhamel and um, Fergie have set the date of January 10th to be married. 

I’m trying to picture the dress.  Fergie in a dress, any dress, always seems contradictory.  But I’ll keep an open mind.

So yeah, good luck to the happy couple.  Wish you years of happiness and joy, blah, blah, blah.

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