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Let’s Talk About Some Batman Casting Decisions

The Sun is reporting today that Eddie Murphy will be playing the role of The Riddler in the new Batman flick, tentatively being titled Gotham. This is not a good start to the new movie in my mind, because I hate Eddie Murphy and I think he’s a total asshole who treats women like dirt and abandons his babies. I have no idea if he’d be good in the role and I don’t care. I will be WAY less psyched about seeing it if he’s in it. Ew, ew, ew. I hope this is a lie.

Other Batman castings: Shia LaBeouf as Robin (confirmed) and Rachel Weisz as Catwoman (rumored).

Christian Bale and Michael Caine will be reprising their roles.

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  • BUT I AM SO EXCITED FOR RACHEL AS CATWOMAN. Not sure if she will be to good, but still excited.
    hope that is true.

  • Holy casting rumors Beetgirl…

    I thought Kanye West was playing the Riddler Samantha Ronson was playing Robin.

    Tune In Next Week…Same Beet Blog

    …da na na na na na na na …. Who Cares!

  • I have a hard time seeing Shia LaBeouf as Robin…to a point that it freaks me out a little… I like him…but it freaks me out….agreed about Eddie Murphy …yuck

  • Eddie Murphey? That would remove my automatic viewing of this movie. Not strictly because of what an ass he is IRL, he just is a bad actor and I hate that laugh.

  • None of this “INFO” is real. Other sites have already pointed out that at this point there are NO factual rumors coming out about the next Batman yet.

    Not sure of proper net-etiquette, so I’ll skip linking to another site, but suffice it to say, anything pertaining the next Batman thus far is totally false.

  • The laugh is probably what got him the part…
    Or the Sun is full of it…

    Eddie is only funny when he is playing a multitude of parts in the same movie.

  • Shouldn’t Catwoman be sexy? I can’t stand Rachel Weisz. Maybe if she gets a nose job but still, I don’t think she’s sexy.

  • Shia, is all over these days, the kid is on his way to being HUGE! He doesn’t have the looks of the big guys, tom curise, will smith, but if he keeps staring in Blockbusters, the kid will have some clout someday. Eddie Murphy is “stupid” the riddler needs to be crazy funny or evil funny, eddie will not play the part well.

  • Christopher Nolan himself has said he wouldn’t be using the character of Robin, so I’d take all of this to be bullshit. Every couple of months, “confirmation” of this crap comes out, and it’s never true.

  • It’s good that rumours circulate about projects we are interested in. If big newspapers make up rumours, it sets us free to make them up too. The marketing people are paying more attention to fan views too and the big box office films are moving in the direction of fantasy fans. Anyone, Eddie Murphy included, could play any possibble character in the next Batman film. If we have the same director, I’d let him make all the decisions. Actors deserve respect. Eddie Murphy was an influential stand-up comedian of the most outrageous kind. He has done well to establish himself as an actor. Why should he have the success curve of an outstanding actor? Like us all, he is a human being on a journey. He can’t be written off until the final curtain.

  • oh SHIA. he has become a lot of man. mmmmm
    Edie Murphy? I thought Johnny Depp had that!!! DAMMIT!!!!
    Weisz will be good as catwoman. come on, eddie murphy? He is a comedian. and not psycho comedian like Jim Carrey- but annoying fart comedian like The Nutty Professor. Boycott!
    oh wait no. Shia. I LUB shia. smoking a fag or not.

  • YEs, Shia LeBeouf (or whatever hahaha) WOULD play Robin, because we find him everywhere, seriously I found him in my goddamn cheerios this morning as well.

    Ugh. Annoying.

    I like him, a lot even , I like him as an actor and everything, I just DON’T see him as Robin and it pisses me off that they would show him in this.

    Also, I don’t know..I’m not a huuuuge fan of Eddie Murphy, but he atually might do a good job yeah..

    Also, Rachel Weisz is pretty and even sexy at points, but I don’t see her as a BAD ASS catwoman type.

    But I do love her as well.

  • Christopher Nolan has repeatedly said that he’s not working on the next film yet and there’s not even a script. This is all fanboy wet dreaming.

  • I do not like Shia, but I do like Eddie. Not sure why everyone hates on Eddie. He requested a DNA test on a baby, every man probably should since 33% of DNA tests prove men are NOT the father!

  • I DESPISE Shia L’Idiot and if he’s in the film, I’m not watching. Not even Christian Bale can get me to see a movie with that logorrheic acting black hole in it.

    I agree that Eddie Murphy would be a nightmare.

  • UGH, I hope this is bullshit. I hate Shia LeBaoeoeof and Eddie Murphy. Actually, I don’t even want Robin at all in that movie. Robin is a boring little fairy. Ughhh.

  • Anyone who knows anything about this Batman franchise would know that Christopher Nolan, first of all, said he would never include Robin in his movies, and secondly, he has not even put together any sort of script.. all he’s done so far is jot down some ideas.

    So when you post this news saying a casting role has been “confirmed,” I wonder, confirmed by whom? This whole post is made of fail and bullshit.

  • omg i cant believe youre even bothering to report this… as has already been said, its the sun, and secondly, christopher nolan and the batman franchise would NEVER think about such a dumb cast… adding the riddler, robin, AND catwoman in the next movie?? and such weird actors?? no way! the problem with this rumor is that it isnt even plausible… kind of defeating the purpose of a good one!

  • please let it be a lie, or a nightmare, i hate Eddie Murphy and his overacting process, we need better casting, and we know they can do so much better!!

  • Man I wanted Johnny Depp as The Riddler…and god if they are casting Eddie Murphy then I’d prefer Jim Carrey way more. (And I hate both.)


    Kudos to Shia Lebouf though, he’d make a cute Robin. (:

    Rachel Weisz…isn’t she dating Marilyn Manson? Ew. I can’t think of anyone worthy to play Catwoman at the moment…just not her…lol