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Frances Bean Cobain’s in the Market for Some Real Estate


Hey, if you’ve got the money, I suppose now’s the time to spend it on real estate — prices are low, right? Low like $6.5M, which is what Frances Bean Cobain’s looking to spend on a SoHo penthouse.

It’s not every day a 16-year-old shows up with a broker to check out a $6.5 million penthouse condo. But that’s what Frances Bean Cobain did recently when she stopped by 115 Mercer St. to peruse its glassy duplex with 2,500 square feet of terraces.

She “seemed very sweet,” a source said of the daughter of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. “She said that she was looking for her mother.”

The unit has three bedrooms, 3½ baths and a glass atrium. We’re told that a potential buyer of legal age, designer Marc Jacobs, has also seen the property.

When I was 16, my mom sent me on errands too. As soon as I got my drivers license, I had to do things like return the movies to Blockbuster, pick up milk, drop off the dry-cleaning, take the cat to the vet, and check out $7M pieces of Manhattan real estate. So annoying!

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  • She’s ridiculously pretty, and it is completely unfair that her skin is that great. She’s a teenager, her face is supposed to be posing as a pizza.

  • Say what you want about Courtney Love, but she never pimped out her child or spent all her money. She’s beautiful. Reminds me of the lead singer for Evanescence.

    • she has spent waaay more than her money. she is living on nirvana money, then sells more nirvana shit when she runs out.

  • Sadly I think she has grown up too fast – she’s taken on the parent role with her mother, as kids of drug abusers often do.

    Theres a sadness in those beautiful eyes…

  • Stunning young lady – but I hope to fuck she’ll be o.k down the line. Growing up the child of an addict is never easy. I don’t know if the money and the fame made it easier though. Maybe it did – she didn’t have to pretend her mother was normal, because everyone knew she wasn’t, and at least she never went to bed hungry or in fear of the house being repossessed. Or maybe she did.

  • wait am I not allowed to say that I don’t agree that she is pretty? Or should I wait two years? regardless, her face shape looks a lot like courtney love’s old face.

  • She is more mature than her own mother. If Curt was still around he would be so proud of her. I think she will grow up just fine, despite having no parental figure in her life since her mom did all that crap to herself.

    Go Frances! =) and she is absolutely pretty! I can see where most of her genetics are from haha!

  • she is pretty, nice eyes too. but man she has the genes of all kinds of crazy in her. hope she can do ok, and her mom (allegedly) is stealing all her money from her dad and spending it

  • She’s quite attractive. And quite frankly from all outward appearances in the photos Courtney has apparently taken some strides in making sure Francis doesn’t turn out a bad egg.