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Demi Lovato’s Rep Is Lying

In response to these pics of Demi Lovato sporting what look to be self-inflicted scars on her wrist, her rep has issued a statement: “Demi was wearing gummy bracelets just prior to her appearance on the red carpet and, because of how tight they were, they left indentations on her wrist.”

And everyone’s just printing this statement like it’s not obviously a bunch of complete and total bullshit.

I mean, COME ON. Yes, sometimes really tight bracelets leave indentations, but they don’t look a fucking thing like this:

I can understand not wanting to be like, “Yes, Demi’s a cutter, and you should be, too,” but Jesus Christ can we use this opportunity to take a second and talk about an absurdly wide-spread and under-discussed phenomenon among teenagers? One that’s typically a good predictor of future struggles with drugs and alcohol, volatile relationships, eating disorders and suicide? Can we please not sweep this shit under the rug like it’s so shameful and embarrassing and awful that we’ll throw out a Hail Mary like fucking gummy bracelets before copping to it? Because that sends a fucking terrible message to the kids out there who do this shit every day and aren’t really sure why and could really use any information and support you’d like to use this opportunity to put into the mainstream media.

The picture above was taken in September, at a different event. Was she wearing gummy bracelets before that shit, too?

Big hugs to you, Demi.

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  • I believe her rep, I always put my hair bands around my wrist and they always leave marks like that. I agree with you that this is a problem people should be discussing but in this instance I believe they’re telling the truth.

  • I believe it, too. Like GloryNY, I put hairbands around my wrist and the marks look exactly like this. She would have to do some seriously lethal cutting to get marks like that. Typically, when adolescents cut, they do it with razor blades and leave very thin scars.

  • her rep IS lying. you can clearly see it in the picture when shes on the phone too!
    [on the hand holding the water bottle]

  • im gonna agree with beet and say its a bunch of BS. I wear my hairbands around my wrist all the time and even the newest ones, the tightest ones, dont leave that dark and inconsistent marks. plus its a different kind of indent. it would be a consistent ring around her whole wrist and not just short marks. They are trying to cover something up.

  • If they were from gummy bracelets or hair ties, wouldn’t the marks run all the way across her wrists? Or at least be more uniform?

  • I think 95% of girls have had bracelets of hairbands make those marks on their wrists… AND THEY DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT. They go all the way around the wrist and the marks don’t curve oddly like that (2nd picture 3rd mark)

  • this isn’t society’s business; it’s demi’s.
    girl should tell whatever story she needs to, and we should leave her the fuck alone.

  • what I don’t get about the marks– they look way too thick to be cutting scars. razors don’t leave such thick lines.

  • BS… fucking PR machines, get the girl help… hell, they can turn it into a TV movie, book deal, Oprah and Ellen appearances, then her return to the screen along with the sentimental soundtrack… but first get the girl some fucking help.

  • It’s pretty obvious that those aren’t from bracelets. But I do think that if she is cutting herself or dealing with serious problems, that we should leave her alone. I know I wouldn’t want my life gossiped about for the world to see, if I were having those problems or having to deal with whatever shit she’s going through.

  • That’s so sad. It looks like she might be burning herself instead of cutting – some people do that instead. She needs help.

  • her hair is in a pony on the first one, and she has a single mark around her wrist-

    i think the top picture is from her hair band thing.

  • They look like knife marks rather than razor, I’ve only really seen marks like that from someone cutting them self quite deep with a knife…

    Or maybe she is secretly into bondage and they are bruises haha wouldn’t that be awesome if it was that

  • i change my mind- those have to be burn marks.

    in the second picture, that same mark from the first picture is there. also the marks look poofy, not indented like bracelets would leave. theyre more like poofy like burn marks would leave.

  • ok idk if demi’s cutting herself but sometimes my hair ties leave dark indents on my wrist that kinda look like that…but those are like yeahh but they look too thick to be razor cuts
    i think that we should just let demi handle this herself if she is cutting herself or anything because it’s not our problem if she is, its hers

  • agree with lillie and torie
    it’s none of our business
    it could be the truth and if its not we can all just pray for her
    how do we know they aren’t getting her help anyways
    i mean they are denying it to the public but that doesn’t mean they are in denial themselves

  • Demi happens to be the only Disney star that I can stand. She has a discernable talent, and she’s adorable to boot.

    Those are scars; she doesn’t have to own up to it. I know I wouldn’t.

  • And I thought you were a person of the world. Whoever comes out and admits committing an act like that? The admission of committing the act lies in the exposure of the scars, which she has done several times, not in giving an “exclusive” to the New York Times, which would be cheap and tawdry. The scars speak more volumes than do words. You’d have to be blind not to notice them. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve.
    Cut the chick some slack (no pun intended). Could YOU come out and say “Yeah, I tried to kill myself” or “I’m in to cutting”? Some things simply just run too deep. Why do all of you columnists seem to think that every famous person’s life must be lived like a public service announcement, where every private torment is discussed openly in the tabloids for the better good of all, like your assertion that Ricky Martin should openly discuss his gayness (like no one can figure out he’s gay – please). Did it ever occur to you that Ricky Martin may not exactly have come to terms with his gayness, himself? Just because you are rich, beautiful, and famous doesn’t mean you’ve faced down all of your Demons. Why do you think so many of them self destruct? In the final analysis, you gossip columnists are all just naïve. All of you, in some teeny, tiny, part of your hearts, really do believe in good. Who’d have guessed it?

  • i just wanted to say that her rep is most likely telling the truth. those marks are more consistent with hairbands than cutting. I am a cutter and can tell you first hand those are not cuts. A) the marks are way to thick to be from a razor, scissor, blade, or glass. B) they arent even in the typical places. Her marks are right across major arteries and cutters typically self- harm for catharsis and not suicide. They usually pick more fleshy areas like forearms and legs….not that low on the wrist. I thought i should share a cutter’s perspective instead of letting you guys rely on outsiders’ opinions. thanks

    • They arent consistent with hairbands at all. THey dont go around the hand which they should be doing if they where.
      And all cutters dont do it the way you do/did. My friend did it in that area to. And to me they look just like cutmarks.

    • I like how all these “cutters” are commenting saying how they don’t look like cuts they’re too thin, I cut myself with a pocket straightt edge knife, very deep and did nick the artery… So yes cuts CAN look this way…

  • @ ThatLisa,
    I agree that they don’t look like razor marks. However, my sister has the same type of marks on her arms from “cutting,” and she is basically scraping against her skin, not wanting to cause real damage. I don’t know how the hell she does it, because when I used to cut and use an actual blade, it left the type of marks typical to that tool, so I don’t know how she does it to herself. All I know is that at least she isn’t actually causing herself real potential harm with how she is doing it.

  • Those marks look like maybe she is using something like a hairband or rubber band to slap on her wrist over and over. Maybe she used to cut, but turned to using a rubber band or something so it wouldn’t be so obvious, but those marks are clearly something more than a hair band or gummy bracelet marks.

  • If only Demi blogged on Facebook like Lindsey Lohan. We would all know the truth by tomorrow…

    As someone with my own mental health battles, give her time. It’s hard to come out with “the truth” while in the middle of your struggle.

  • I have to defend Beet, here.

    She’s a) trying to drive traffic and b) showing us who read her site what we may have missed.

    It’s gossip – none of us really know the truth.

    But, from my perspective, those aren’t cut marks – too big, too uneven, too lumpy.

    You can barely see the marks I have left on my wrist; and even when they were new you couldn’t really see them.

    If they are self-harm marks, they’re burns or bruises – not cuts.

    If they were cuts, she’d have been hospitalized for ‘fainting’ or some other BS story. You can’t cut that deeply across major veins like that and not nearly bleed out.

  • This may sound incredibly cynical, but if the girl was actually cutting herself I would expect that Disney would be doing everything in their power to make sure she never went to events without makeup covering them or bracelets (ever noticed how many bracelets Lohan used to wear when she was messed up?) – and Disney pretty much owns these girls.

  • First, thank you, Beet. This has to be the most under-discussed common issue (and it is frighteningly common, get your heads out of the sand).

    I’m a white collar professional with scars all over my body that nobody can see because of cutting. If anyone that knows me was told that I have issues with cutting, they’d laugh and think it was a joke. It happens to everybody, even the rich and famous.

    What’s called “cutting” happens in a variety of ways and leaves a variety of scars. The scars are placed in a way that they are both easily hidden and easily visible–yet easily explained away (gummy bracelets, playing with my cat, and so on).

    Cutting comes about as a means of control. When everything in your life is out of control, you take it where you can get it. When you’re sixteen, that pretty much leaves your body. Sixteen years old and a star, fodder for the media? I’m not surprised one bit.

    As a mostly-reformed cutter, I want to thank Beet again for getting this out there. Everyone talks to their kids about drugs and sex, but this seems to be an area that people want to avoid. Although my parents have asked me about some of my scars and I’m sure they suspect, they’d be shocked to know the extent of what I’ve done to myself over the years (and I’m not proud of it, so please be easy with any shots you want to take).

    My thoughts and prayers are with Demi and all teenage cutters.

  • All of you who think those marks ACTUALLY come from hairbands or gummy bracelets or that cutting yourself can’t leave marks like that have obviously NEVER been cutters, or seen someone who was.

    Yes, I suppose they COULD be marks from whatever the rep is claiming, and I sure hope they are. I’m just here to say that I did cut myself during a period in my life (and yes, I was her age then) and yes, the marks TOTALLY can look like that if they get a little inflamed, regardless of the tool used.

    And Beet, I support you for bringing this up, it is as you say an underappreciated issue! Let’s just hope this young girl gets better and soon, if she really is cutting.

    • nah, I have known cutters, and that’s why I don’t really believe it. I have never seen marks that look like that, and I have never known someone to cut that part of their wrists. And everyone that I personally know was very good at covering it up. Cutting was usually something really personal, it wasn’t being used as a cry for help.

      I am not saying though that just because I know people who have gone through it makes me an expert on the subject, by any means. that’s just what I have from my experience.

      Oh, however, I knew someone who “fake” cut their wrists. that was for attention. came to work with their wrist all bandaged up like they had tried to kill themselves. it was all just a fake to get attention.

  • I’ve really never understood cutting. My 23-year old sister has done it off-and-on for years, but she has never talked to me about it. I have heard it all secondhand from our 18-year old sister. Recently, I was told she sliced her stomach after she was used and dumped by a guy she was very much infatuated with. Why oh why?! Eating disorders I understand – the desire to be thinner, the need to be ‘in control’ by controling what goes in (and out, if you’re bulimic) of your body. Drugs I understand – someone’s drug of choice feels good to them. Heroin feels like your best orgasm x 1000, coke makes you feel great about yourself, gives you energy, makes you feel creative, and rids you of all your insecurities, and so on and so on. But cutting? Someone said a need for control. Isn’t slicing yourself up a clear sign one is out of control – one literally can’t control the movements of his or her own body, i.e., they cut themselves and leave lasting scars. And its painful, unlike drugs or even purging, which can give a feeling of (short-lived) euphoria. Any cutters care to explain???

  • Amen to the notion that we need a lot more public awareness of this issue. But I think there has probably been enough attention on this one vulnerable teenager for her to cope with for now.

  • Tiger,

    The worst pain I have ever felt in my life is emotional. Cutting is a physical outlet for that emotional pain which otherwise has no place to go. Having control over the physical pain makes the emotional pain lessen. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that.

  • I had a friend who cut herself when we were about 11 to 14. They don’t look like that, too red. She wouldn’t appear in public like that, they’re good at hiding it.

  • There are many, many ways to cut or otherwise self-mutilate. To say “My friend used to do it, and that’s now what it looks like” means absolutely nothing. And in terms of appearing in public? Part of the whole thing is it’s a secret cry for help … you’re sort of skirting the line of wanting people to say something so you can finally let out the pain you can’t just speak of.

  • **Sorry, “not what it looks like” instead of “now what it looks like.” It’s early, and this topic is stressful to me.

  • i used to cut myself with plastic disposable razors…basically push down on the razor part until i bleed…i had scars just like that.
    I stopped doing that after i gradutated college. I didn’t even know that cutting was an actual “disorder” until i read about it years later.
    oh well…hopefully she grows out of it.

  • I think what many people who says we should leave her alone is missing one point: that Beet is not telling Demi to go public but blaming Disney for sugar coating the issue instead of giving it a proper notice and support.

    Yes, it would be wrong to just put the teenage girl in spot. But, if it has been noticed publicly few times that she has those scars (and those are scars not indentation, I have wore head bands when my hair was long and the marks did not look like those), instead of trying to hide it, better course of action would be give her help and support to make her feel alright to come out with it, and to realize this is a serious issue that needs attention.

    Yes, I do understand not wanting to fess up to stuff like that when you are in it. But being open will help other to issue support she needs, which she probably doubt because of understandable insecurity. But, you do need courage, whatever you do, to live your life better.

  • The only reason why I don’t think they’re cut marks is because I truly believe that Demi Lovato is not stupid enough to at least cover them up. If not long sleeves or gloves, at the very least some make-up. If I’m wrong, than my heart goes out to her.

  • They look like maybe burn marks, to me. They smaller ones could be from a tight bracelet or scrunchie, its happened to me. The one that is in both pictures definately looks like a burn, though. I have one of those too from my oven racks.

  • im 15 years old.i dont normally comment on these sites but here goes.i have cut myself a couple of times.i first cut myself in this past september.i cant give you a definite reason as to why people cut themselves because oddly enough people have different motives.bu theres the reason why i did it:i was just sad.plain and simple.alot of things were piled on top of my shoulders and…idk.i guess i just took it out on myself.teenagers dont have the freedom that they want and so when we get mad the only way to do it is by drugs or cutting or…whatever.but at the time i was just really sad and i just wanted to die.and i completely agree with evilbeet.THIS IS IGNORED.we here so many things about teen girls posting nude pix and going out with random older guys..all that is B.S.who cares??this is very important but so ignored.and i dont understand why.

  • ohk.
    i rele never do these things but this is serious;
    those really do look like cutting marks.
    and gummy braclets mark.
    its sad..
    im not gunna judge her though.
    still love demi

  • I don’t think they are cutter marks. As others have noted, too thick and way too visible. Maybe not to visible for a cutter, but too visible for a Disney star. Disney would have surely been all over that and made her cover them up. Besides, the first cut on the top pic does not look like the second. They all look more like bruises caused by a rubber band or something else being repeatedly slapped against the skin. I know some people who use to be cutters who do that instead of cutting.

  • ok i’ll admit it they do look a little bit like cut marks but ya know what maybe she did them when she was younger when she got bullied and alienated in seventh grade and they could still be there its called dealing with pain, demi has everything i dont think she would be so stupid as to throw it all away like that, cut the girl some slak ya know and also from a cutter they are burn marks maybe she was cooking and burnt herself on accident and her rep came up with a bogus story because she was embarresed and you all are right cutting is a problem and ya know what i stopped two years ago with the help of my friends, and demi if you do cut yourself stop and think of all your fans who would be so dissapointed if you were actually doing that my heart and blessings are with you

  • Okay first of all, i believe this. Yeha thats right i do, i don’t think she was a ‘cutter. And even of she did, they don’t look fresh so it must have been a long time ago before she had fame and was actually happy with her life. God people are just so jealous these days they’ll make up the dumbest shit. Really? Come on. And just the way people stated it, a ‘cutter’ it just sounds retarded. I think everybody is just making up BS now.

  • Oh yeah, i like that point, if they were razor cuts they would be really thin. And they are not burns, yeah maybe burns from like her wrist rubbing against something. I have like two scars on my ankle from skating and matierial rubbing on my leg and they look exactly like the ones on her wrist. The are braclets, all signs lead to the braclets, so not BS, you just all dumbasses. Think really hard, before you speak. Seriously.

  • okay they look so fake but i do have to say we dont no but she might be cutting her self but i dont think she does cuz i dont expect that from her how bout u guys….????????????????????

  • If she didn’t want this to be published on gossip feeds, why didn’t she just cover them up? Really, it’s plain common sense. And sure, they may not be cutting scars, but they’re scars nonetheless – bracelets and hair ties leave uniform marks. Not whatever it is she has going on. If Disney orchestrated this for attention, sick. If she pulled it off herself, chances are she’s tired of this Disney bullshit.

  • i dont catually think they look real but she might cut her self for all we no were not with her 24 7 so we cant just say she dosent but she might its just hella werid to expect seeing demi lavato cut her self wat do u guys think about it…………………………..?????????????????????????

  • Also – does nobody notice how insecure she comes off in interviews? I may be reading too much into it, but she just doesn’t seem happy. Miley, on the other hand… blech.

  • These scars are obviously what’s left of suicide attempts. Cutters usually hide their scars in places no one will see. Either way she’s a girl who needs help.

  • ughhh.
    i love demi to death
    i dnt know if it is or not
    im not sure.
    i hope not cu she is lik my favriot celebrity and i want her to get really far.

    it looks lik burn scars,u know, u can also use an eraser,instead of cutting ur self,and it makes the same kindd of scars.

  • I don’t think it would’ve been a suicide attempt, but they definately look self inflicted. It’s just weird she doesn’t try to hide them.
    If they were from gummi bracelets the “indentations” would be left right around her wrist not just in one place. And that looks like the same scar in both pictures, so surely the marks wouldn’t stay there over a few days or so…

    I do hope she overcomes whatever she’s going through.

  • Unfortunately due to my experience with sm [self mutilation] those scars on Demi’s wrist look pretty real. Bracelets don’t do that & if they do, they show all around the wrist not just on the under part. Also, those usually go away within 10 mins. Also it’s not the first picture of Demi. Let’s hope that this stopped a while and it’s not happening currently or let’s hope that I’m wrong. Demi is very talented & gorgeous but doesn’t take away the fact that she is human, a teenager at that dealing with the pressures of this world like the rest of us.

    I love Demi :)

  • I dont believe they are caused from gummies either…wouldnt the marks be all the way around…and plus there crimson…not pinkish

  • I am not sure whether or not Demi use to cut herself, but it is extremely hard to believe she would do so now. During her earlier childhood, she was bullied to no ends, which would explain possible self mutilation then. I cannot come up with a single reason for her to do so now though.

  • I think that they actually are cut marks,because I use to cut too,and they looked like that but worse, but the reason that I think shes doing it is for attention or to make her whole “rocker” image seem more believable . I don’t understand why people are making such a big deal outta this though . She’s not the only person in the world that goes / went through self harm. Just because she’s famous everyone spazzes about it . Like, calm the f*** down ! I understand that everyone knows her and whatever but honestly people, its probably just a stage, & there are only like, 3 cut marks. It would be worse if there were a bunch of marks going up and across her arm… if it was like that, I’d understand everyones concern. Those probably aren’t from suicide attempts and I doubt that she’d cut NOW from being bullied when she was a kid, but rayray made a good point. & ROFL, yah sure, “jelly bracelets” … pfft. At least come up with something BELIEVABLE. Its good enough to fool people that don’t know what jelly bracelets are ( aka sex bracelets ) , but it’s not for people that actual wear them. Like, saying that they’re burn marks or something would at least be more believeable than jelly bracelets. -.-”
    Anyways ,
    those cuts aren’t even that deep , so they should be gone soon, and we’re probably never going to see cuts that look like that on her arms again because I’m sure that shes going to get in sh*t from her agent or whatever. The most that we should see, are scars. And if she cuts again , then shes not thinking about her career. =\

    I don’t like her,
    but I hope that she gets over this,
    because I don’t want to EVER read / see something about how “Demi commits suicide” or something like that.
    All the best towards Demi & whatever she’s going through.

  • It’s perfectly feasible that she is cutting herself. As far as her “not hiding” them, celebrities rarely pick their outfits themselves, especially for red carpet events. Those look like scars. Relatively recent scars, but scars all the same.

    Having been through years struggling with self harming, I don’t hide my scars anymore, although they are very present and visible (though fading, of course). Some people are simply more open about scarring than others.

    I do wish people would stop trying to sweep things like this under the rug as well. Even if she is doing it for “attention” it would be nice if the problem (because if you are cutting yourself at all, even for attention, it is a problem – how desperate must you be for help if you feel the only way you can get it is by harming yourself?) was acknowledged and discussed. People don’t need to understand, but in my mind, they need to at least respect the issue.

  • Okay, this girl is fucking retarded. If she’s actually cutting herself, she has all the fucking money in the world to get help. That’s no way to solve all the problems she has. She can get a good therapist, talk about things with her friends or get on some fucking pills. I think it’s just a publicity stunt. Nobody cuts themselves on their wrists if they don’t want people to notice. I would know.

  • I’m starting to have serious doubts now…all this article proves is that Demi needs to fess up to whatever is happening or happened or people will conclude things.

  • i think she cuts herself. because in the second picture, the scars just go from vein to vein. not all the way around. they look real too. to chillary: sometimes people dont want to talk to therapists about their problems. they dont want to get medication for it. people cut them selves for self gratitude. it makes them feel better. so get the fuck over yourself because money doesn’t solve everything. SHOCKER.

  • leave her alone stop talking shit if she is really hurting herself and everyone continues to keep knocking her down then she’ll still be depressed……….dont contribute to talking negetive about her. she’s a young girl that is very sweet and talented……….stop hate’in on her!!!!

  • Okay, seriously, jelly bracelets are soo not that tight! I wear them all the time, and they never give me marks that bad, but when they do give my wrists marks, they mark all around my wrist, not just on the bottom. I mean, they could’ve thought of a smarter excuse than that.

    Plus, I know what scars look like after you cut yourself. And those, look a LOT like the ones that I used to get.

    BTW… Olivia, we are NOT hating on her, we’re just trying to determine whether or not she cuts or not.

  • i think she is cutting her self because if u look at the google images at gummy braclets there so not tight i own like 300 of those and no way have i got a scar or somethin like that…

  • she does cut it is obvious and they look fake because they are heeling ever get a cut on your leg or arm for that matter try and remember how it heeled thats just what it does just another disney star going down the drain so now who will our little siblings look to?

  • demi is awsome leave her alone. she deserves respect. so wat if she cuts her self she has so much pressure under her.


  • knives leave pucker marks such as the ones on her wrist and if she does do that then it s her way of coping wit something big whoop leaver her alone

  • No they are not cut marks I even asked my mom and she said that it looked more like if someone would have squeeze her hand like abuse her.That is just messed up!

  • umm not to make this too personal but i just wanted to say to everyone leaving comments that although the people saying this do seem to want to show support for those who actually do cut…it’s not a suicide attempt. so please don’t talk about it like it is. if she is cutting, it’s really too bad and i hope she gets the help she needs. personally i thought at first it definitely was cuts but a couple days ago my friend took a tight elastic off her arm and it looked exactly like demi’s soo i’m not sure. i just wanted to reiterate that cutting is NOT a suicide attempt and shouldn’t be treated like one. i would know. i just hope if she is cutting then it’s something she’s getting help for.


  • ps, eleanora you may be a little dillousional as well. she got the marks only on the inside of her wrist because she layed her arm down on a table? really? for how long? and how much pressure would she need to apply to get those marks?

    I know it is not a suicide attempt, but obviously its not good. I love demi and I do hope she isnt destroyed by all this pressure

  • eleanora smart people cut too. its not something you avoid doind because you ‘know better’
    Gosh, you’re an idiot

  • You can’t “know” if someone engages in self-injury or not. For the love of pete–In high school was an honors student, the president of student council, and a varsity basketball player bound for medical school and I was self-harming, and nobody “knew”.
    You can’t just know. Give the girl a break. She’s human. Self-injury doesn’t make you a monster. It doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. And it doesn’t mean you’re a bad role model or you’re ‘crazy’. I’m recovered and on my way to grad school to become a psychologist. Self-harm doesn’t mean your life is over.
    A decade of self-injury gives me a bit of perspective on this one–those are marks from self-harm, almost undoubtedly. So give the girl a break. She’s using maladaptive coping mechanisms. Better self-injury than using drugs or drinking. Probably better than an eating disorder too–self-harm is less likely to kill you or cause lasting health problems. Let her be a human being. Stop scandalizing a relatively common psychological problem.

  • i agree, people should’nt treat this like it’s an embarrassment, like oh god she could never.. we should take the opportunity to talk about it, because it is way to popular among people these days.
    gumym bracelets don’t do that, and just because she’s rich and famous does not mean she can’t be depressed or suicidal. and these do look like cut marks..
    and in many pictures taken at many different times she has marks on her wrists
    and she wouldn’t cut somewhere the public would see? guess it doesn’t matter if you have a rep to jump on it and say it’s completely false and make an excuse for you..
    i believe she does cut herself.. it’s not like it would be so far fetched.


  • I really hope Demi doesn’t cut.. It may seem like it helps at first but it doesn’t later. I know if this is true, she needs help and support not hate…

  • OKAY Demi dosnt cut her self i gave her some gummy bear bracelets and she just left them on wayyyyy 2 long so can u please stop makin fun of my bff

  • One of my good friends was a cutter, maybe a year ago.
    I recently spoke to her about this topic, she says she knows what
    a cut looks like, (if you are cutting.)
    She in fact, does believe Demi is cutting.
    I believe if it were from a bracelet the marks would be all around, not just a tissue scar..
    Of course I’m not Demi, nor will I ever be, shes the only possible one that could know behind those ‘cuts.’

  • Okay, this is what I think.
    Demi is clearly a cutter. & there’s nothing wrong with it. I do it to. Its not something I do for attention, it’s something that is soothing, and addicting. No body knows what it’s like until you actually do it. So sto judging her.
    Here is why I think she is a cutter. The first picture was taken in September, and there is like, one line of a scar. & the one taken in November at Mileys party, theres a lot more. Which clearly means they arent just scars from when she was bullied, or before she was famous. The fame is ovbiously getting to her, and she must be unhappy.
    No one can say “oh, she’s a star. she’s got everything, why would she cut?” I think if I was a star I would cut even more with all the pressure.

    But that’s just my opinion.
    Either way, Demi Lovata is a role model, cutter or not. & she’s an amazing person. I like the fact that she cuts, its a lot more comforting to know that other people are going what I go through and what tons of other people are too.

  • Me and my friend are big fans of Demi Lovato and when we started seeing pictures and things that said that Demi lovato cuts herself we wanted to know the truth. So we googled a bunch of things about Demi cutting herself and there was only like 2 pictures so we decided to search for cuts on Demi’s left wrist in our magazines. And in tigerbeat and M we noticed a few more pictures of cuts on demi’s wrists and we also realized how demi wears gloves and stuff to cover the cuts, in most pictures her left wrist is not in the picture enless she is wearing gloves or big bracelets or wrist warmers. and if she is not wearing anything on her left wrist it kind of looks like she has makeup on it. Please contact us back at if you can, thanks.

  • Oh My Gosh ! I really don’t know for sure she cut herself but if she did then she should get help like NOW ! She should know that us, her fans, LOVE HER ! and we’re here for her no matter what.

  • If she does / did cut herself it would probally be from the bullying in her childhood..
    Her lifeis amazing so i dont see why she would do it now..

    I love you Demi!! Stay Strong!!


  • I would suppose she cuts herself.
    one: when she had to start writing songs, the jonas brothers had to help her becuz all of her songs we’re very viol and disturbing.
    and two: her mother before she became famous was very worried about her and I think considered her to get help.
    So I think she does cut herself.
    And I dont think gummy bracelets do that…I think they’d be more pinkish.
    Theres a lot of pressure going on in her life. It’s a tuff gig to be famous. If she was stressed before imagine now? I would suggest not to judge her. I think she’s a good person.
    theres also the chance that miley might have clawed her with her demon claws :) just throwin that thought out there offence miley fans ^.^

  • Demi is cool, and she wouldnt cut herself. Will everyone just shutup and leave her alone, she is a great role model, and she doesnt cut herself!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP AND LEAVE HER ALONE

  • Demi’s mom is a stage mom,the type who is very hard on their child.She is apparently very hard on Demi,so I think Demi’s cutting herself.And if they were gummi bracelets maybe they would have at least been crooked or something.But straight,thin cuts like those?It’s obvious.Plus,a lot of people are saying on here and other websites that it’s no big deal leave her alone.Well,if thats what you think,you’re wrong.Demi could SERIOUSLY hurt herself.Cutting her WRISTS is just the begining.Who knows what she’ll cut next(accidently or on purpose!)

    • She SHOULD be left alone.

      At least by America. If you were going through anything, and all of America were talking about it and posting things on the internet, it wouldn’t help you any would it? This is between her and her family. NOT the world.

    • umm i think that demi wore the gummi bracelets so that it whould cover the cuts and then somebody made her take them off so that they could prove that she does cuts herself and i thinks she does it becuse she does not have alone time and that she is always doing something and so she cuts herself so that she whould feel better and i think that is stupid because sometimes you have to just say no you can’t always be the good girl so i think she cut herself byee:):):)

  • I think she is.
    I’ve worn those bracelets and even when they were too tight
    they left a thick indent that looks pink.
    Hers are dark red, you could say it was the lighting
    but when I wore then it’s one just a simple line
    her’s is a broken line.
    Bracelets that are too tight don’t leave broken lines.

  • Okayyy first thing Demi rep is lying!!! Because is wear those gummy bracelets… And they dont leave thin lays like they did in the pic. And i was cutter and it looks like that when i got done… But she cant take the amount of pressure like hollywood. And i love Demi and i hope she strats handely it differnt then cutting.

  • demi has deffinatley cut herself they dont go all around her wrist and right this second i have hair ties on my wrists and it leaves an indention ALL THE WAY AROUND, so yeahh she did cut herself. poor her

  • all of you dont have any idea what you are talking about!
    ok the 2nd pic where she is holding water they could be a differnt type of bracelet she wore! Ever think of that? And plus even is she did cut her self, which she doesnt! She wouldnt be making it so obvious! I mean hello! There are kids at my school that dont take off their jackets because it covers thier wrists! Just stop making such a big deal about this! People are freaking lame! if you do this alot you must not have anything else better to do, than look up people flaws, why dont you start looking for positive things to say, and stop being an idot, and pointing out people’s flaws! GROW UP!

    • u no wat man i have to agree with u …even though i heard that demi cut herself on the set of camp rock (mostly becaus i heard it on the set i was a background dancer only seen in 2 scenes) but rumors spred and demi was a really nice person and u no wut she did? she put me on her top friends on myspace because i asked her …. by the way i introduced her on her concert in arizona once but that was a long time ago i won the camp rock scene in a concert and i asked her about the concert thing

  • Gosh, people seem to have NO respect and consideration, that
    that is her personal life, if she did than whatever, shes strong, or else
    she would NOT be where she is now, and if she didn’t, same for her.
    Mind your own buisness, im pretty sure you wouldn’t want people
    to intrude in your personal life.

    • if she wanted her life to be personal she wouldn’t be a star,to me looks like she can handle it. If she wasn’t strong she would be wearing braclets over the cuts, so people DONT notice them. She can live her life the way she wants to she made herself public.

    • I totally think that u r right sierra. I mean come on! So many teenagers do it and nobody makes a big deal out of it… but when ur a star! EVERYONE makes a big deal out of it. The way u hav to look at it is, what if she was a regular everyday teenager? would u give a damn? i doubt it. and maybe she could of been wearing bracelets, but even if she does cut herself, then whatever. itz her life not urs. shell probably grow out of it anyways.

  • i am a cutter, those look exacly like my cuts when i finish when there healing, they are cuts. no braclet leaves that kind of mark. i wear braclets almost everyday. they arn’t diffrent braslets they are CUTS get proof get me a pic of those braclets go on go find some then i will believe you all i know is that those look like the cuts i have on my wrists.

  • Those are definitely cut marks. Bracelets would make a mark all the way around her wrist, not just at the veins. And anyway, I used to cut. These are just healed scars. I have them, too. Who cares if she cuts? Of course we should support her, because she obviously needs it, but we shouldn’t pretend it’s not happening or make rude comments. So support her, and if you don’t like her then just keep to yourself.

  • yes jelly bracelets can leave some indentations but most indentations are some form of red
    as a former cutter myself i know what scars look like
    the very closely resemble the scars on my wrists
    but i cant help to think that they might also look like burns

    im not trying to say that she is or is not
    but i cant help to notice what i notice
    if she is in fact hurting herself
    i hope she gets the help she needs


  • gosh ppl
    y cant you just respect that this is her personal life and stop digging in to the deep details she might want to keep private!!!
    you discust me whoever posted this.
    Demi might be cutting herself… but leave her alone. Dont show it to the world like this this is sick what you are doing here.
    i really dont like it leave her alone plz! this really isnt fair on her
    if she really is cutting herself, ur making it worse but putting this everywhere, cuz its putting more stress on her, y cant you just leave her alone!!!

  • she is reallee nice..she smiles alot ..but she is sad from the inside..maybe because of her dead REAL FATHER


    i got nothing to do with her

    she is nice

    ignore wat i wrote before

    by the way

    leave her alone

    cutting is good


    • Cutting deffinatly isnt good. Instead of ragging on her or pointlessly defending her figure out a different way of stress relief

  • All of you should shut the. Hell up if she is cutting herself then u guys are making it worse by showing the pictures u disgust me if watt do u think demi thinks about this

  • um wow why do you guys waste yourself with this shit? the only reason i wrote on this was because i just couldnt believe people could think that anything they say on this shit matters

  • i am emo myself, I know a scar when I see a scar. and that was a self-inflicted scar!

    it breaks my heart to have someone like that do somthing like that, it makes me what to cry.

    it couldn’t be possibly a gummy bracelet, they are at different length and different angles. and the bracelet can’t be that tight to leave marks it would sufficate your hands and make it turn a little purple

    and if she does cut herself, then she knows what it’s like to get pleasure from a razor

    and the scar on the first pic might of been done that day becuase it looks new

    the second picture is maybe done the day before or two days ago or maybe even three becuase they are in a staged call scabs

    in my opioion they might of been done with a very sharp raxor or knife of some sort and done very quick and fast. guess she doesn’t like it nice and slowwwwwwwwww..

    this is the expert opioion from a real EMO!

    so none of you can say anything about it mahh hah hahah haa!

  • I have worn gummy Bracelets, and yes they do leave those marks. Even if she did cut, why do you care? Its her life butt out seriously. She makes her own choices!

    • i’m not tring yo be a stocker but what is your last name mine is hayes but please tell me your please please please please

  • so thats it 2 pics and ppl think she cuts her self i do agree about how that could not happen with the braclets but she could have a reson that she does not need to tell every 1 it is her bisness not ours

  • Demi lovato dosent cut herself!!! does are just bracelet marks. I once talked to her when she was giving me her autogrhaph and i notice she had marks on her wrist and i asked her and she said they were bracelets marks. I dont know if she was telling the truth or not but Im sure she was. Demi is not emo.

  • well i cut myself and it looks just like that and i have never hurt myself bad so yeah u ppl need to leave her alone its her life not urs so butt out and maybe she dont do it but thats her not u if ur sooooo interested in her cutting then u go and do it and u wont be back on this website i kan tel u that jack asses

  • First, Yes I am real…But first…I did never such a thing cut myself! I know its hard to believe me!! But no, I am pressured…with everything that I do. But I have family,friends and fans that trust me…! I did not cut myself. In the first Picture of me..when I went to go see a movie..I dont need to tell detail…I remeber I was wearing a tiffany bracelet! The second picture showed isnt me! I mean come on if it was then why would I wear plaid? I think I mentioned on myspace (music) a couple of months ago i mentioned “I hate it when my mom makes me wear disgusting trends…like PLAID!” Not only but the 2nd Picture taken in September..I DIDNT GO ANYWHERE!!! i went to no events in septemeber!
    Thank you. Now you Know..I am no cutter…Please do not look up at me that way!

  • Demi does not cut…. Based on her personality and perserverance she is not the type to cut. Sure her mom may be hard on her, my dad was hard on me due to the navy and I don’t cut. Psycologically she does not fit the personality for a cutter. I will defend her with everything I have because I believe in her… try and prove me wrong.



  • Okay. Growing up in the public eye is going to cause some stress. You can deny it all you want but you know those are scars from cutting. Like almost everyone has said, bracelets would leave a mark the whole way around, and they probably would have faded after her hair and make up were done if she had worn them earlier that day. And people who cut don’t have a specific type of personality to do so, not just certain stereotypes of people cut. And after the alligations why would she try covering them up now? It would just be more obvious that she does because she is trying to hide it now after it has already been pointed out. And what someone else said. Show some respect. Some people try to escape things by cutting, it’s not the right answer at all, but not everyone is strong enough to do so. But don’t just sweep it under the rug. Cutting is a problem and needs to be faced and fixed.

    Stay strong Demi.

  • fuck u all i dnt think she cut her self ur all just hating on a yung buetyful girl that is gunna hit big wen shes older I LOVE U DEMI

  • Okay, so to all these people talking about demi being a cutter.
    its absolutely stupid.
    it shows many pictures of the “Scars” and none of them are the same. all the pictures all look different yet its on the same wrist.
    demi doesnt cut and those “scars” are clearly photoshoped.

  • my gosh! that was terrible but i dont know how does it feel?..maybe she was so that she cut her self!..but we dont know whats the real reason!

  • demi says that she is not a cutter..i trust with her.. please all of us respect demi lovato!

  • seriously, those are bruises not scars. from someone who’s had really tight rubber bands on before, those definitely are bruises from something being tight around her wrist. scars would be more permanent and wouldn’t be gone a few months later. is everyone so desperate to believe the first bad thing they hear about someone without even examining things first?? is everyone idiots? sheesh, she’s not a cutter. wouldn’t her arms be COVERED in scars? (Yes they would, but they are not)

  • what i on’t get is don’t cuts leave scars??? if they do then why doesn’t she have any scars from the ones before, it makes sence. when you cut yourself they turn into scars. and in the first picture she only has two and the other like for but if you look closely they are in different spots. it might not be from jell braclets but i highly doubt that she is a cutter.

    • Well, I used to cut (Keyword is used!) and I only have one scar from all of the times I cut myself.

  • This is all lies. Demi is a smart girl who would never do such a thing.
    I look up to people like her.

  • I really don’t know what to think.

    I used to cut myself (I stopped a few months ago) and most of my cuts looked like that. But then again, the cuts could have came from many other things. A cat could have scratched her, for instance.

    But, lets all hope that she didn’t cut herself and if she actually did, lets hope she stopped.

    We all love you Demi, and you can get through this!

  • Okay. This is Retarded.
    When I wear tight bracelets and I wear them all day or even rubber bands. They look REALLY close to that.
    I get acused of cutting all the time. But I’m not because they see that it goes away within the hour.
    I’m sure that it was just a bracelet or maybe she was leaning on old furnace or she burned her self. Don’t always jump to the worse case.

    If she said she wasn’t cutting. Then she wasn’t. If she lied. Then thats her business. But I doubt she did. Shes always so happy and smiling
    and not just on camera.

  • yea. I agree with Johanna.
    there are no pictures that show the front of her arms. So the bruises could go all the way around.
    You just don’t see them.
    i bet they are bruises.

    Demi is a smart girl.
    I heard that there is a Johanna Girl who is getting her way into disney.
    I don’t think its that Johanna. but they spell their name the same.
    I wonder what she will be like haha.

  • and dont you think after the first time people talked about the bracelets, she wouldve stopped wearing them (if she werent cutting) to avoid the gossip



  • I honestly don’t know what to think…I mean, for all any of us know, it could just be photo shopped…you never know what magazines will do to get attention. Plus the fact it was only in on magazine makes it a little suspisious…Idk.

    Ummm…other thoughts on this. If those marks or cuts are in fact real, I don’t think they came from braclets, because no matter what kind of braclet you wear, it wouldn’t make a mark like that. If they are cuts, well, Idont know. I mean they look like they could be but at the same time, I don’t think she would be (I don’t want to sound mean, but I don’t know how else to word this.) I don’t think anyone would be that dumb. Demi wears alot of clothes that leave her wrists exposed. So this is also a reason I think it’s not true, because you would think with have her wrists exposed so often, someone would have noticed sooner. Like I said I honestly don’t know. I don’t believe the marks are from any braclets, but at the same time I don’t think they are self inflicted cuts. But, I am not Demi so I wouldn’t know.

    As a end note, I read a comment some where saying like “why would someone with so much cut herself she has such a great life blah blah blah…” it went on like that, but the thing is, depression doesn’t always happen just because something bad happened. It can be passed down form generation and stuff like that. Also, no one can know for sure what Demi’s going through, unless you are Demi, then you really have no right to say she has like some perfect life. The truth is, alot of celebs have hard lives. Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they aren’t people with problems. Alot of people are just totally ignorant to the fact that celebs don’t always have perfect lives. So, please, I don’t want comments on this saying how stupid I am or anything….It’s just my oppinion Im not saying I’m right and everyone else is wrong, so no need for anger or anything. Thanks


  • i too have cut my self before and it definatley looks like that .. but maybe she wants attention but doesn’t want to ask for it maybe thats why she didn’t cover it up… but i am praying for her because i think fame can get to you and when someone is having a serious problem like this they need love not criticism

  • I love Demi. I have cut myself in the past and it does look like that. I wish she wouldn’t cut herself, but gummy bracelets don’t leave that kind of marks unless you hold it into your skin for prolonged periods of time O.o; But. I love Demi even if she does.

      • People cut themselves bc believe it or not, it makes us feel better. I cut. It truly is a silent addiction. But in any case, it helps bc it puts you in control. When everything is spiraling into chaos, the one thing that you can control is your pain. And it’s also a distraction. It helps divert your attention from the mental and emotion pain when focusing on the physical. And to see the blood running down your arm, it feels really good. Many times, cutting actually keeps us from doing other things. It’s our outlet. I’m not saying it’s good. I’m just saying, sometimes, something as simple as a scratch across the skin can keep you from doing something much worse.

  • I’m so sick of this I’m a cutter 2 as m.o.f I just finished a cut those are burns or nail scratches u people ba d mouthin are makin it worse if it’s. True so help her know that she has our support

    • Why? Why do you cut yourself? I really don’t get it.. Im so stressed trying to figure it out and I just can’t find an answer… I cant sit here calmly while I know you’re harming yourself.. It’s too hard!

  • bitch bitch bitch
    if u cant take the fact that these assholes wanna fuck ya then move ya ass to an far away island

  • ive cut myself before and that does not look like it they look like burns cause ive done that before too. demi is an amazing person but we shouldnt be pin pointing this out leave her alone shes still a human being

  • Ok, i really dont think there is a reason to swear. If Demi is cutting herself which to me it looks like she is, Then she needs to get help. Ive never cutt myself before, but i know what it looks like.Demi got bullied alot in school when she was younger and she also has been getting stressed out about the whole sonny with a chance thing on disney channel. She needs help right away because someday if she keeps doing this it will get worse and she could die. im not trying to be all negative but thats very possible. I love demi shes my idol. Yes she might be a human being and she might make mastakes, but give her a break please she deservs it.I just hope she gets help.

    • i know right people make mistakes and yes she does need help or else yah she will die its a definet possibility

  • demi dont cut ur self ur a beatiful young lady like me but im a guy i found this will i was lookng for info about micheal but i saw it said u cuted ur self and i had to say something well just dont cut the more u cut the more im sad the more u dont the more im happy and i love u demi

  • i dont know what gummy bracelets are (i mean, i have an idea, but im not exactly sure) but i know that i wear hair elastics around my wrists all the time, and if i leave them on for a long time, or sleep with them on, they leave marks that look just like that.
    i’m sure she doesnt cut herself, but i dont know her personal life.
    i’m sure that she would try much harder than that to cover them up, because she knows that she is in the public spotlight. of course she wouldnt think anything of it if she jsut took off bracelets, therefore, wouldnt try to hide it, like clearly she isnt trying to do here.
    its not even like im demis biggest fan and i’m trying to protect her. i dont hate her, but i dont love her. so this is coming from someone with a completely non-biased opinion.

    • I wear hair elastics around my wrist every single day, i sleep with them on, and they are tight, but they do NOT look like that at alllll.

  • Demi why are you cutting your self you are a rock star why are you doing this too your self you have a great life why are u doing this if u wanna tell me why please read this and send me at i hope u are going to tell me why

  • u mother fucker! thats so fucking stupid 2 cut ur self why would u even do that ?????? why dont u tell the world everyone knows that ur EMO .Its called a picture. people look 4 that stuff. oh p.s I HATE U 4 THAT!!!

    • uh firstly it’s not called “emo” and secondly it’s not something you should be so judgemental about. people cut themselves because it’s a feeling, usually because they have depression, and it’s a way to let out feelings.
      i’m fairly certain you have no idea what thats like based on what you said so you really shouldn’t be saying “thats so fucking stupid” because it’s not stupid to cutters.

    • Hating someone for hating themselves enough to harm their body like that? (If this story is even true which we dont know) I think thats quite a twisted statement. Don’t hate someone for something like this, and im sure you’d be grateful for some empathy when something overwhelming happens to you. At least consider being more humane to people even if theyre famous.

    • Demi dont cut urself….. it doesnt help anything bhut dont do it because all it does is make people gossip about you…its not good for you

  • Cutting is a disease… it is not for attention and it is not something you voluntarily do. As for why she wouldn’t cover it, she probably is sick of wearing long sleeves or bracelets. She should be able to go out in public without people zooming in on her wrist with a camera.

  • What! omg thats what all the fuss is about!? that looks like she just left a rubberband on her wrist for too long ,but of coarse she has to blow it out of proportion all for the attention.she is such an attention hog.once the spotlight is on someone else she has to go do something stupid for the attention. >:(

    • wow, really? people do not cut themselves for attention.
      and i where tight braclets on my wrist all the time, even when i sleep, and they do not look a thing like that.

    • Well she didnt take the photo and enhance it to look at the lines on her wrist, the press did that, looking for stories about things that make people call her an attention hog. I doubt she either wants that or has any control over it if you think about it. The press isnt easy to manipulate.

  • omg im using these pics for my JEMI STORY
    hope no one minds
    If she is cutting, then I hope she stops, because I get what emotion can drive you to do sometimes. I’ve never cut myself but I have felt so much pain I just wanted to end… She needs to get someones help and i agree that it should be spoken of everywhere cos kids need to ken about it for their future and they need to learn that there are other ways of dealing with emotion. like talking to someone, anyone! It doesnt have to be your parents if your not close to them or something. It can be anyone you wish to know about it.

  • i think demi cutts but i don’t think it is cuz she wonts to maybe something is going on that we don’t know about but don’t hate her cuz of that we all have are problums

  • i cut but i stoped!!demi ples get help for it we all love u and u r f****** the best!!!!!! i love your songs!!

  • bs, that’s no gummy bracelet marks.
    i used to cut myself. and i used to wear those and nothing like that ever came of it.
    i know what cut marks look like.

  • This whole thing pisses me off. Okay coming from a girl who has had struggles with cutting in the past yes they look like scars. But I fell asleep with a couple of tight hair ties on my wrist a few weeks ago and they left these weird indentations that puffed up. Now it looks like I have scars on my wrists from it and they’re still there. So it is possible that they are braclets marks. Unlikely but entirely possible. If they are cuts though people need to back off. Your just going to make things worse. Let her family and her take care of it.

  • actually it’sa mark from her tight plastic bracelet
    she wear a lot of bracelate tights if you notice in the pass years and at the future
    she didn’t cut herself
    she tweet that she is not a cutter

  • and where did i get my answer from her
    i tweeted her about that situation and she said that it’s from her bracelet because it’s very tight
    please believe me it’s really true
    or as demi say it’s you’re choice if really want to believe it

    • Yes, it does look like that!
      and ‘demi’ on twitter could have said anything to cover that up because it isnt the publics buisness.
      but i wear hair ties on my wrist 24/7 and they dont leave marks like that at all.

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  • the ones on her wrist from the airport dont look like cuts, they look like eraser burns. an yes i no what each looks like.

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  • I just finding this out like since yesterday
    i hope Demetria gets allot of help help
    me and my friend Karina wish you the best.
    WE ALL <3 YOU
    ohhh yea & 1 more thing people who dont
    care y should we give f**k about u
    just give her some space

  • Yeah the whole bracelet thing is bullshit . i mean i’m pretty sure everyone can tell that those are cut marks. They just don’t want to believe it. I mean she has had past problems in her life..and if she did that she did you can’t change it . Even though I would’ve never expected her to do that she always seemed so bubbly and happy all the time. But now i hear that shes in rehab for her physical and emotional problems. That’s actually the important thing, that she’s getting help. I also heard she was caught snorting cocaine at a party last year ..and some people that were at the party admitted they saw her and some no life filmed it. But no video has came out yet. So, nobody really knows whats being goin on with her. Hopefully she’ll be alright though): even though i’m not a fan of her smile pisses me off lmao. Wow i sound really mean. but she seems like a good person:)

  • yh wat she sed they not ukno so get lost all of you you are so weird people why dont you just get lost she is the best person in the world!!!!!……….WELL AFTER SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!!

  • first of all thanks zara for that lovely comment!!!
    and shes right about the whole demi thing. its not true and
    ive read all your comments and there is alot of swearing in them, please could you stop it and demi would never do any thing like that i know what happened but its a secret i wish i could tell u guys but i cant sorry! =(
    so please listen bye got to go going to go to have a shower!!!

  • Sick. I might be able to understand someone who isn’t as fortunate at Demi doing this, MIGHT BE ABLE TO. Still don’t like it, but you know. But after all her fame and fortune, that’s just insanity. No reason to do a stupid thing like this. She’s following after Miley who’s following after Lindsay.

  • Reading this post now is almost chilling. I totally remember reading about Demi possibly cutting herself on (what else?) Perez Hilton, only to see an update below with her publicist’s statement and that dope acting all relieved that she’s “fine.” I really should have transferred over to Evil Beet ages ago and read Emily’s post.

    “One that’s typically a good predictor of future struggles with drugs and alcohol, volatile relationships, eating disorders and suicide?” >> Emily was spot-on, unfortunately.