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Demi Lovato Cuts on Wrist Pictures Photos

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  • Demi is this ture di you actually cut your wrists you are a really god singer and a very beutiful girl and i think that people are telling lies bc my si sgot cuts from wearing jewrlery!!!i?you DEMI!

  • actully those are the works of a razor. I know from myself. I am a cutter. Her life is head remember that people. Just leave her alone live her life the way she wants to? who cares she was gonna quit acting she prob started cutting but decided she wants to keep on acting. Once you start cutting its hard to stop.

  • demi did not cut her wrist i know that jewlery can make it look like that i have have that happen before and she could have also been wearing several tight ponytails around her wrist cause those leave marks…i love you demii keep rocking

    • well if thats the case then why is it only on the wrist? wouldnt it be all the way around if it was a bracelet or hairtie or rubber band or anything like that?

  • i first thought she did cut her self because they did look like them, there is anought pic you can see closser.
    but them i was wereing like 30 poonietails on my hand for about not even a day, and when i took it off, it looked the same as what her looks like, and my marks lasted for more them a day. so i dont think she did cut herself. and i am not a fan of her, i just saw it in a magisein and i was like aww she cut i fell bad for her. but them a few days latter i saw my wist when i wore those, and it look the same.

  • idk if those are real or just rubberbands but if those are cuts i would not understand she’s ALWAYS Smiling&laughing on &off screen it just wouldn’t make sense but people shouldn’t make conclusions without asking HER 1st.

  • Everyone who thinks she cuts is a freaking idiot I’m sorry but it’s the truth she’s so hot and talented why would she need to cut my sister gets those all thebtimevon her wrists from those rubber bands I love demi

  • Gosh… It’s true, those aint bracelett imprints, those are a cry for help. That’s probabley why she didn’t hide them, she probabley wants help.

  • im not going to believe that she cut her self. why would she ? shes beutiful ! and shes got the prettiest voice ! i luv Demi ! shes my fav singer and actor ! i luv you Demi your the best i wish i could meet you or go to one of your concerts! goodluck Demi !

  • Guys just because someone appears very content, happy and is very successful, talented, etc doesnt mean that they don’t suffer from depression. As a cutter myself, and one whom many people consider to be perfectly happy-go-lucky, those marks on her wrist look very much like my own scars…And it’s as other people have said, if they were caused by rubber bands, how come the marks don’t circulate her entire wrist?….I feel sorry for Demi and I just hope she stays strong and can pull through this period

  • she cutts its obvious and maybe she likes it, i do… and people who say its from rubber bands and bracelets and all that other crap are idiots this is bull twinkle just leave her alone… i mean its her body

  • and i dont wanna say that she is cutting but it really looks like my cuts and when does she ever wear bracelets?!!!

  • i hope demi gets better she is a good person and is going through some crap she is going through rehab wich is good for her she was doing cocain last december but i dont get why people cut their self those cutters out there not trying to be mean but cutting is stupid and should be illegle they r dangering there self wich could lead to killing or some other seiriosly dangerous hurting.<(") so please get better demi i dont want to see you dead

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