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Someone Cut This Kid’s Hair!!

Jaden Smith shows up looking more like an umbrella than a little boy at the NYC premiere of The Day the Earth Stood Still. I just think he looks ridiculous. This is not a fashion statement. When your hair, like, presents a drowning risk, it’s time for a change. Those tight curls can be really hot, but not at that length.

It is worth noting that he looks more and more like dad Will with each passing day.

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  • does the hair have to be that long to make good cornrows? i was thinking there might be a practical reason for it. this hairdo would certainly be practical for a shoplifter.

    • yes if his parents want it 2 be that long than dont say nothin about it because he is cuter than u!!!

  • Damn, the thing that scares me more is he’s what, 10? How many more years will we have to see this poser?

  • wow…i guess you ppl don’t get ii huh…its all about being natural, only his hair is long….he wants to be different, not looking like everyone else…and LOLLY…i didn’t get your comment about shoplifter……came off ”LAME”

  • keelee, before you get your panties in a twist, i meant his hair is the perfect place to HIDE THINGS IN. and it is.

    personally i dont get your overuse of the ellipsis. it comes off “STUPID”.

  • I’m in agreement with Beet Czar. Though the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… Will has been look WAY obnoxious in pictures these days, so the kid only follows his dad’s example. They both bother me regardless. God help us when the kid becomes legal. He’ll pull a DUI, total a car, and then smirk in the mug shot – all in one night.

  • ahahha…. he does come off douchy. but he IS adorable. and looks a lot like his dad. That hair needs to be cut, not because it is not ‘in style’ or ‘conformist’ or whatever you tards want to say- but it looks stupid. just trim it because he is coming off as a black Hey Arnold or Stewie Griffin.

  • it may be on the extreme side, but i think kids should be able to wear their hair the way they want to, just like they should be allowed to dress themselves even if what they pick out looks silly to us. jayden’s a beautiful child and his hair’s not hurting anyone – i think his parents are to be commended for letting him control how he looks.

  • So why do you think Cindy Crawford’s kid is cute with his long blonde girly hair, and Jayden is not cute with long curly hair?
    I think he looks adorable.

  • The amount of grease that it takes to keep this style up is awful, as is the fact that they either have to wear a cap to bed or get the grease on the pillow cases.

    I work with many AA children in a Residential Treatment center and have to work with their hair. I hate the feel of that grease.

    At lease his folks seem to keep up his hair. And…he is adorable!

  • Jaden’s hair is beautiful and he is a cute kid. I think that Will and Jada encourage self-expression and individuality in their children. Jada said that in high school she used to dye her hair blue, pink, etc. So it stands to reasin that they will allow their kids to choose their own hairstyles.

  • I’ve had hair like that before and its hot, hard to take care of and a pain in the ass. I got rid of it. Why would a kid want a head of hair like that? I bet he’d rather not have it and he’s old enough to decide but I bet he doesn’ t get to. Just sayin’…

  • maybe he wants to go as sideshow bob for halloween next year, and he is just gettin it ready.

    yeah, i hate it.

  • Hair notwithstanding, I think he looks SOOO CUTE! Look at his little suit! I just want to pinch his cheeks. He totally has the perfect star face.

  • hes a cute kid, and yes hes starting to look a lot more like his dad (when he was younger) but the hair is too much. he was on ellen the other day, and it was huge, i wasnt expecting it. maybe a little cut? hes hilarious though he seems sooooooooooooooooooo much like his dad

  • I think he looks cute. Dare to be different, Jaden.
    What? He’s rich enough to hire people to wash all that hair for him.

  • what’s with these celeb moms and having their boys with the Rapunzel hair?

    cindy crawford
    celine dion
    sarah jessica parker
    kate hudson

    it’s time for baby’s 1st trip to the barber already. sheesh!

    husband’s man up and put your foot down!

  • This looks like another “my daddy’s a star, love me or else” entitled douchebag. He looks like a bitch.. there, I said it

  • and you are the most cutest thing in this picture.Some day i would be famous and we’ll meet face to face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • and every one just shutup……………………………jaden is a boy that can make his own options and can rather cut off his hair or keep it on so just leave him alone and he’s still fine looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!! OR YOU WILL FACE ME!!!!