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It’s Okay If You Haven’t Lost the Baby Weight Yet, Ashlee

Miz Simpson-Wentz was all wrapped up in layers of black at the opening of Pete Wentz and Travis McCoy’s art exhibit at Gallery 1988 in WeHo. She also made damn sure the camera always caught her in profile — never face-on.

I guess I can appreciate her position — and it’s cool that she came out to support her hubby rather than hiding at home because she hadn’t yet lost the baby weight. But, seriously, Ash, you just had the baby like twenty seconds ago. If anyone dares to call you fat right now, I will personally bitch them out, and I’m a really mean blogger. Your “I’m fat because I had a baby” card is valid for at least a couple more months, sweetheart. Don’t sweat it.

Also there: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. Nicole looks so much older lately. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s not that she looks wrinkly or haggard or anything. It’s her eyes. There’s so much more maturity there these day. She looks peaceful for the first time since we were introduced to her. Nice to see.

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