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O.J. Is Sowwwwy and Nobody Cares

Here’s O.J. begging for his life before a Nevada judge:

And here’s the judge handing him his ass:


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  • I love how she said “And that concludes today’s sentencing.”

    It’s like she said “And that concludes the news at nine, here’s Susan, with the weather.”

  • Umm i hate to break it to oj, but those possessions were sold when the civil judgment came down to pay the Goldman family. So therefore, they are the property of the people who bought them and the people who bought them from the former.

  • let me be the one to say that i feel for the guy
    yes, he’s a killer that got away, blood-boiling, all that stuff
    and yet i can’t help it, i feel sorry for him

    it’s a wonderful turn of events, yes, ironic too, to be going to prison for something as stupid as this

    still, it’s gonna suck for him big time and i can’t bring myself to celebrate that

  • See I’m the exact opposite str, I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for the people he held at gunpoint.

  • ellie, i just can’t take sides
    the way i work, i feel sorry for someone if they seem to be going through pain, no matter the reason

    just because i feel sorry for those other guys won’t make me not feel sorry for this one, too

    oh well, that’s that… :)

  • OJ’s sad, sorry pity party in the first video reminds me of someone in my family who is a horrible, vengeful man and a total WIFE BEATER. bad men are really good at turning on the charm when they finally get CAUGHT. he’s so full of shit, guys. though some of you out there have big hearts and are feelin’ for the man while you watch this, PLEEEEEEEEASE put your guard up and grow a little skeptical… he’s so full of it, it hurts.

  • I found him mucho convincing. He was going to call the cops—is where I left off the first video, and began the other video with— burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon. Priceless. I always plan ahead to call the cops for back up when I’m the one brandishing a weapon.
    He’s got quite a conscience, I say.

  • Message to str: I recommend that you look up on the internet the crime scene photos of the homicides that took place in 1993 (and they’re out there) and then maybe your overwhelming sympathy for OJ will subside a bit.
    I just can’t figure OJ out. Is he stupid, arrogant, or both? How did he go from being a fairly successful businessman, having almost no major run-ins with the law, to a become complete and total self-destructive asshole who can’t seem to ever stay out of trouble?

  • Str – read his book about how he “would have” killed Ron and Nicole then try to feel sorry for him for anything. He is a calculating sociopath and he deserves so much worse in life than what he got today. I hope his cellmate can deliver.

  • You people who feel sorry for O.J. are naive and ridiculous. I heaitate just a bit to say you’re stupid. (Just a bit.) You’ve never had someone close to you murdered, I guess.

  • Did O.J. feel sorry for Nicole when he almost cut her head off? Did he feel sorry for Ron Goldman when he murdered him? No, he didn’t. He finally got what he deserved after buying his way out of it with his legal “dream team”. Screw him.

  • you people scare me a little
    who are you to decide who deserves sympathy for pain and who doesn’t?
    pain is pain is pain

  • Sorry str, I have to agree with the masses on this one. Then again, I advocate the death penalty for child molesters.

  • poor o.j.. who would have guessed that a celebrity black man could kill his blonde white wife and her lover and get off scott free while his race cheers him on and now 13 years later all he does is hold up some dicks in a hotel room and gets 30 years in prison. where were his cheering black supporters this time? this verdict is clearly unjust and prejudicial. calling al sharpton!

  • nah str, I think pain is considered different when it’s a direct result of your actions. That’s why I respect the pain of the Simpson/ Goldman family much more than OJ’s pain. Those people didn’t deserve to die. However, OJ deserves to go to jail (again). He already used one get-out-of-jail-free card, and he was stupid enough to do something illegal again.

  • i definitely don’t think the how and why should be part of the equation, this is where you guys and i see this completely differently, so i guess we’re not even talking about the same thing

  • i feel sorry for people in pain , too…until they cut their ex-wife’s head off, stab someone else to death and then 12 years later rob a bunch of people at gunpoint. then my sympathy kind of disappears.

  • I bet you’d feel differently, str, if OJ cut your kid’s head off or something, then decided to go after somone else. Would you say oooooooh, sorry for the pain you must be in to do such a thing? Bleeding hearts have a place for sure, but don’t waste your sympathy on OJ.