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Katy Responds to Grammy Snub

This is Katy Perry’s simple response to her Grammy snub, posted on her blog yesterday.

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  • lol!
    and no, it doesn’t, but none of the other nominees in the best new artist category were really hugely better than she is. that’s more the issue, in my opinion. not that she’s so fantastic, but that the people who did get nominated were really nothing any more special, so she really should have been one of them.

  • katy perry shouldnt be complaining she has NO TALENT whatsoever the only reaason her songs are a hit is because their about girls kissing girls that DOES NOT deserve a grammy if anyone should be angry about the nominations it should be TAYLOR SWIFT she got NOTHING!!

  • whether you think she’s a good singer or not.. i think that was a classy way to get your point across. no whining, no obnoxious blog ramblings. i officially respect katy perry.

  • considering her almost total lack of talent she should be happy to have a singing career at all.

  • Female version of Kanye is all I have to say.

    Is that really her blog? Verry –err, not like this blog. :)

  • Good riddance. She’s produced a couple catchy pop songs, but she’s nowhere near comparable with the songwriting abilities of Duffy and especially Adele.

  • wouldnt “snub” be inferring she’s got loads of talent? That would be incorrect. SHe wasnt snubbed, she gets more than she deserves for her “work” as it is.