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Travis Barker Speaks!

Here’s Travis doing an impromptu interview about the lawsuit he filed against a laundry list of parties related to the September plane crash that killed two of his friends.

The mother of Travis’ late bodyguard is suing along with Travis.

Not involved in the lawsuit?



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  • Interesting to hear his voice…it’s the first time I’ve heard him speak since the accident. He sounds more humble. Although I disagree with the lawsuit, especially involving the pilots who along with their families paid the ultimate price. He should just be happy to be alive. Hello, a lot of things in life happen that we didn’t ask for!

  • He’s probably just got some avaricious jackass in his ear whispering about suing. Then again, he may be the avaricious jackass, no way of knowing.

  • So I’ve been arguing about this story on a different site and it’s exhausting, but I have to say this…most likely (and I don’t know because I’m not in it) this isn’t about money. This is probably mostly about accountability and you have to remember that, unfortunately, if people aren’t sued (i.e. the airline, its employees, etc.) then this kind of thing will keep happening. Sometimes (read: most of the time) you just can’t get through to people until you hit them in the wallet. This accident could have been avoided had the pilot, co-pilot, mechanics, any number of people had done their job to make sure that the plane was safe. Because these people are going to be sued it will likely keep this kind of tragic accident from happening again.

    And, as a legal assistant, I can tell you that some of those people are included in the lawsuit because it is easier to dismiss people from a lawsuit then to amend the complaint and add more people to it.

    Okay, I’m done. I’ll get off my soap box now.

  • Dear Daily-

    IMHO , I could not agree more, as a former pilot, and as a practicing attorney, this is a matter of checks and balances that went HORRIBLY wrong, and pilots are trained to do the opposite of what these pannicked horror stricken unfortunate souls did. It is indeed a tragedy, but this can not be left with, Oh, at least I lived…come on folks, this isn’t about money, it is about this man’s life and his children, and the others who died.

  • Thank you to Daily and suthunbelle for adding an interesting point which I wasn’t even considering. When I first hear he was suing I thought buddy it really was a horrible accident, move on be thankful you’re alive. Realizing anyone of us could be in that same situation possibly due to the neglect of others is too scary not to address and hopefully rectify… I hope he wins, and donates the money to a burn center.

  • The most telling thing about this is that the standard, official federal investigation is NOT complete and he has already filed a lawsuit against everyone remotely connected to the accident. He’s trying to get money before he even knows what happened. His defenders are also commenting as if they know all the facts, when no one does. Then again, we just happen to have an attorney/pilot weighing in, so what do I know.

    The interesting question is why didn’t the other guy sue?

    By the way, I love the way rich people trying to get more money always use their children as an excuse for their greed.

  • A@ Dan the man

    No friend… that isn’t how it goes…he is sueing as a part of an albiet small class action ( more than one 1 ) suit, and who know why the other survivor hasn’t sued…YET………………. my guess is he will join but for puinitive damages and he is still in shock…says my spouse, a pshycologist. ugh. I hate smart men. ;)

  • I am praying for you travis..i am 62 yrs young and a fan of yours….i always watched your program and I think you are a great father pleae be happy and remain positive..with mts of love,susi

  • and by the way.. Dan , dear, I just happened to have 2 careers, not to mock you…but b/c i loved to fly, when I was younger, and then realized with kids, I needed to pay my bills… Sorry that this erks you, friend, lots of people follow passions then follow play groups. Dude. The manner at which you chose to address the issue seems as if you might have something better to offerf.. I just read Beet for fun, I didn’t realize this was your life. And my comment was addressed for follow up… dear friend, to someone else. Perhaps you should think before you speak. I wasn’t attacking you…Dan the Man.

  • companies arranging flights are responsible for the peoples’ lives flying in their planes, so they need to pay for accidents – it’s logical