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Heidi and Spencer Tie the Knot

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have “eloped” in Mexico, if by “eloped” you mean “meticulously photographed every moment for the eventual sale of the photos to Us Weekly.”

I kind of refuse to believe that these two voluntarily opted against televising their ceremony. My guess is that MTV wouldn’t pay them what they were asking and had them locked into a TV contract, so they said “Fuck it” and “eloped” and sold the pics exclusively.

Us Weekly pics are here.

Heidi’s 22 and Spencer is 25. This thing will last FOREVER, I’m sure of it. At least, it will last until the messy, messy divorce, for which I am so psyched.

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  • This picture is disturbing. Spencers whiskers? Extremely unattractive. And what is wrong with Heidi’s face?

  • I don’t even believe it. I was really rooting for Heidi to leave him before they could get married. Girlfriend, what are you doing?! Well, now I have something to look forward to: the divorce!! After a couple of kids, of course.

  • What the hell happened to the sanctity of marriage? There really ought to be laws against such acts. We just cannot allow the two biggest idiots to marry. This isn’t about intolerance or acceptance, please just think about the children!!!

  • I think you’re right about MTV not wanting to meet their asking price. Spencer, who dreams of becoming a trillionaire, probably went to MTV and said “Give me ONE TRILLION dollars, hee-hee-hee *pinky to side of mouth*”.

  • I agree withe Rita. Good for them!
    I have only seen the Hills on the ‘Soup,’ so I don’t understand the hype or why people don’t like them. Mmmm… I really think that Spencer is gay. But then again, Tommy Girl is married.

  • Wow…she looks like she is tryng to pull as far back from kissing his as possible without actually gagging at the sight of him.

    Oh yeah…they’re in this for the long haul…

  • Okay their wedding pictures are pretty, at least Heidi looks pretty, but that picture above is CREEPING THE SHIT OUT OF ME BEET.

  • Beet – don’t you think her dress looks slightly conspicuous compared to normal Heidi style?

    AKA – Baby Bump?

  • I looked at the US weekly pictures, and you think he could have trimmed his beard a little before the wedding…its pretty gross.

  • has somebody broken the news to heidi yet that this is NOT for the show and marriage is for REAL life?

    her face makes me sick. she used to be so cute! doesnt she see how ridiculous she looks in these pictures?

  • Motown Mike, take it from me, Motown Veronica, that these two are nobody’s who never should have had their 15 minutes, which has been up for quite some time.

    If we just ignore these two, they will go away.

  • Ok, you know what I love about this?
    They didn’t have time to invite their parents or siblings, but they did have tie to invite US weekly to professionally photograph their wedding.

    P.S. I can’t wait for the divorce, either. My bet is that they didn’t sign a pre-nup, so if it’s gets really messy, we’ll be able to find out their net worth once and for all.

  • I love that he kept the flesh colored beard for the wedding! If it was so spur of the moment how did they haven a florist and US Weekly there? They are both so evil, but it works. The only reason I watch The Hills is to hate on Spencer.

  • I must say, these two egotistical, heartless assholes completely deserve each other. Because there is no way, that ANYONE on this planet, can stand to be in the same room with either of them, as these two can. So you know what? Congratulations Heidi and Spencer, stick together or you both with be lonely for the rest of your long, sad lives.

  • Ha ha Spencer got Heidi to marry him to maintain whatever ‘fame’ he has; without her he’s a big zero. AND now that they’re married, no one will be interested in HER anymore so her career is finished too!! Just as it should be LOL

  • Is anyone else exceptionally uncomfortable seeing them kiss? You don’t normally see a lot of PDA with these two, which is greatly appreciated(thanks Speidi!), but when I see a picture like this I’m chilled to the bone.

  • Her parents must love Spencer even more now. Nothing is more heart warming then choosing to involve strangers to your intimate get away, apparently only from close family, wedding; which more strangers can read about along with your family in a celebrity tabloid….seriously who elopes in such a public fashion. Doesn’t the defeat the purpose of just the two of you? Direct quotes from this junk—- SPENCER : ” I DONT KNOW WHY YOU NEED PEOPLE THERE TO WATCH IT. The F’in Irony.

    A while back they also said they wanted to pull a Brad and Angie and have their own kids plus adopt many. Us Weekly is thrilled they will be there for these two non-stars—–until their dieing death bed. some type of experiment called : Average trolls living in in the pages of a magazine.

    I LOVED how Lettermen ate into them when they got on the show. Only sanity in this, I tell you.

  • Assholes….why are these people famous? I have never seen the show, but I have seen them on Letterman, love that he totally trashes them, and I believe they are pretty much clueless that he is fuckin; with them. They look like people that I actually avoid knowing on any level. The ICK factor is so strong.

  • Hoooooly shit. I thought for sure she would come to her senses before she would marry him! I’m so with you, Beet.–Cannot wait for this divorce! :) It will be oh-so-fun.

  • i loved how they ‘eloped’ yet there’s pictures to catch every moment….fake fake fake..publicity stunt to the fullest….what is heidi about to drop an album?

  • These two douche-bags create publicity moments. I’m confident that their union is just an attempt to generate both money & publicity! I doubt they would respect the union of marriage, as these two have already sold their soul to the devil, so they can participate in some part of the “Hollywood Dream”..It’s just that dream if for actual people who truly have some talent in entertaining the public, not deceiving them! I hope they rot in Hell!!!