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HUGE SHOCKER: Jodie Sweetin Splits from Husband

In the most surprising news I’ve heard in the past 45 seconds, “recovering” addict Jodie Sweetin and her husband of 16 months, Cody Herpin, have split. The couple had a baby in April. This is Jodie’s second marriage.

“I was dumbfounded,” says Herpin, adding that Sweetin left their home and took their 7-month-old girl. “Over this past month something has been different. I’m concerned about our daughter and I just want (Zoie) home.”

Sweetin’s agent, Stella Alex, says the actress is “absolutely clean” and that the couple have “come to this path in their life and she felt like this is the way she had to go. Jodie says it’s unfortunate but it’s just what has to happen right now. No more detail, only because she says she doesn’t want to be disrespectful to him.”

The pair were rumored to be working on a reality TV show in August, at which point I announced that their marriage would end, because that’s what reality TV shows do to marriages.

I am always right.

In all seriousness, though, whatever the hell is going on with Jodie, I certainly hope the baby’s okay and is well looked-after. It’s okay to fuck up your own life, Jodes, but leave the kid out of it.

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