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Smarty-Pants Hilton

She’s back from London!

And she’s shopping at a Borders!

And carrying around a copy of The Economist!

Oh, Paris. Thank God you’re home. You’ll get us out of this recession. After all, you’ve purchased a copy of The Economist!

Paris for President!

(Oh, and she’s sporting a ginormous ring on her left hand. We’re ignoring that.)

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  • I’m quite surprised she is reading the Economist. It’s very dry – even for people who can read. Maybe she is doing a Barry Obama scrapbook or collage? (I think that’s him on the cover). It’s hard to imagine someone who confuses light years with dog years being able to grasp the political complexities offered in the Economist. I’m tipping she just buys it because she needs a mag to line her handbag so the dog doesn’t piss on her Blackberry or lipstick or whatever the fuck else she has in there. Yep, that’s got to be it. The pages of the Economist are much more absorbent than Harpers or Vogue.

  • This idiot isn’t reading The Economist. It is there simply BEGGING US TO BELIEVE she is reading it. That’s Hot!

  • This idiot is not reading The Economist.

    It is sitting in plain sight because Parasite is BEGGING US TO BELIEVE she is reading it.

    That’s Hot!

  • How Paris annoys me. Let me count the ways. Okay, I won’t go on because it would take too long. But come on, she is dressed like my 12 year old sister. And The Economist? Maybe she did not want to take the crinkled, top issue of Teeny Bopper Beat, so she just grabbed the issue behind it, which was accidentally The Economist, and did not realize it even after she paid for it.

    I am thinking way too much about her and her huge feet. I am now overcome with hives.

  • Yeah that is Barack on the cover. The Economist endorsed him in the last issue. I actually think the Economist is rather interesting. I don’t find it dry, but I still can’t imagine Paris reading it. However, as DanTheMan said, at least she can name a well respected magazine…pretty sad when Paris can do something Palin can’t do….that should tell you something.