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Lindsay Lohan Is Totally Drinking Again

Although it appears to be a soda from Panda Express.

In LA on Monday.

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  • who the hell holds a cup like that? is the whole purpose to pop off the lid and get it all over when your wearing white?

  • got me. oh you silly ol’ beet. i got excited about it too! i thought i’d get to see sloppy linz again. i kinda miss it.

  • Didn’t you guys notice the fingernails? The middle fingers are different colors. Her flip off finger will show up better with the orange? lol I know I look at her hands, but that is because most of the time they look skanky.

  • Ahh, Linds is looking fine these days. Better a jumbo coke than a jumbo coke and jack like the old days. I’m likin this version of Lilo.

  • there is NO DOUGHT IN TH WORLD THAT LINDSEY IS DRINKING AGAIN!!!!!!! and i did not need U 2 tell me that!!!!!!! just like selina says,” tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me somethin I DONT KNOW!!!!!!!”