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It Might Be Time to Head Back to Rehab, Selma

Even though her god-awful show, Kath & Kim, was miraculously picked up for a full season, Selma Blair still looks like bad news, out shopping in Hollywood today.

Aw, Selma.

Matt Felker may have moved on long ago, but Promises is still there, sweetie, just like you remember it. You won’t get Britney Spears as your roommate this time, but they still have the same awesome oatmeal raisin cookies and ocean view. Think about taking it seriously this time.

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  • Yikes, she looks rough as hell. Look on the bright side Beat!! you are way hotter than that so you can woo your mann crush Matt Felker!

  • Ouch. What is wrong with her cheeks? Is that rosacia? See what hair and makeup can do for a celebrity. I usually find her attractive. She is down right ugly in this picture.

  • No, that’s not rosacea, that’s heavy drinking. She looks ALL tore up, she looks like she’s been seriously heavy-drinking for months straight, and not in a good, happy, “I’m having fun” kinda way. She looks angrily depressed here.

  • I remember seeing this hoe in an episode of FRIENDS…. she was gorgeous.

    What the fuck happened????

    When did she become a lard ass? She needs to go to a rehab-Jenny Craig combo facility.

  • Roma-

    Couldn’t agree more. I love Kath & Kim and am hoping it will catch on soon! But glad it at least got picked up for a full season.

  • @ Roma
    I totally agree!!! It may look stupid but I find it pretty funny. Selma is one of my favorite actresses, I hope if she is having problems she does get help/

  • She has always had fat cheeks. I curse that I have big legs, but at least I can keep them toned. It would suck balls to weigh 90 pounds and always have fat cheeks, like ole’ Selma here or Renee Zellweger. As for Kath & Kim, nope, can’t get behind it. Was too big a fan of the original and am sick of American knock-offs.

  • This is not just a bad picture I hate to say it. Or an “off” day. This girl needs some serious help. She’s starting to morph into Lara Flynn Boyle, who used to be really hot too at one time.

  • She looks “normal” because its far away. She just looks haggard. If you look at her on Kath and Kim though. She looks haggard too. The put pan cake make up on her in that show to try to cover it. All these party chicks are getting old. Look at that current series of Kate Moss. Same thing. They can still put it together with a team of hair and makeup, but I wouldn’t want to wake up next to them.

  • i tell these lies about her because i am so messed up. i try to make people believe she is screwed up, because i am weak. i try to get in the press because i have no life. i have terrorized every ex girlfriend cause they could not love me cause i am a pathological liar. i will ruin selma blair’s life.

  • i try to get the owners of blogs to like me so i can bash the people i hate. it is so weird. if they knew the girls i ruin, she would like them, but i am so good looking that people listen to me. even though i have botox and a nose job. i will never understand why people go along with me in hating selma, but i must be pretty powerful. i am determined to ruin her for no reason. this web mistress has bought into my lies. i am loving that. she will even email me to tell me how she thinks everyone else is crazy. my plan is working.

  • yeah. i am pissed off. this guy is stalking her for a long time and you are contributing. if you only knew.

  • @matt felk

    If you have something to say, my email address is in the sidebar. I’m equal opportunity. It’s not personal, it’s just gossip. Get in touch. :)

  • @ matt felk

    Selma….Is that you??? OMG!!!

    I am your only .. I mean .. biggest fan! Disregard what I said above, that was the crack and the Metamucil talking.

    I have seen ALL of your movie… oh and breasts??? wayyy overrated.

    Is there going to be a Hellboy 7? Can I be in it? I can hold my breath for 3 minutes (4 if you’re shaved ;) and have been known to shoot fire from my ass on occasion.

    Talk to me girl….let’s set something up!

  • It is personal when you write lies i tell you about her . that is not gossip. but i am so happy and smiley when you print my personal vendettas against this girl. i do not know when i will ever stop or how many people i can manipulate in my sociopathic scheme. but thank you for being a part of it. thank you thank you.

  • @matt felk

    This is absurd. If you have something to say, shoot me an email. I’ll happily print your side of the story, too. But the thing you’re doing above? Is getting creepy.

  • Im confused. She did go to the promises rehab, and she looks like a hot mess in all the photos from the other day. Hence, the post. Grow a sack.