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Your Daily Paris

Here’s Miz Hilton — and a ton of jewelry — at the Dorchester in London.

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  • Her face keeps getting more masculine with each picture you post! Her jaw is so square!

    Her make up artist needs to learn to use some darker foundation around her jaw to soften it up.

  • I am in LOVE with this look, but her face is looking so weird lately. Is it maybe the angle or expression? Anyway. She looks like old hollywood and I love it.

  • I have to agree with everyone here. Her face seems a little off lately but she looks SO damn glamorous in this outfit. I absolutely adore it. The texture of the dress reminds me a bit of that dinner outfit the eldest daughter from The Sound of Music wore during the whole “you are 16 going on 17” number.
    This is killer. Seriously.

  • Her outfit is beautiful, shoes, jewelery, especially the dress! I think her face looks off because she lost some weight, and there is nothing to cover up how angular her face is now.

  • Indeed, the dress is gorgeous but it could have done without the necklace. The embellishments on it didn’t need the enhancements. Maybe some chandellier earrings would have been a better choice instead of the large necklace. It need’s a plainer dress. But other wise, she looks great. I totally covet the dress.

  • Love, love, love that dress!
    The necklace goes with the theme she seems to be going for well in London

  • Whoa. I didn’t think the day would ever come when I could thank Paris Hilton’s stylist, but I have been proven wrong. Will not stop me from impersonating her in her 30 days in Paris video. *pout pout glare* “Oh yeah. That feels good. Right there. You’re a stud. *Myspace headtilt, gaze absently into the distance, watch a bit of fluff float- CAMERA! Oh yeah! **strong pout!!**

  • That is the most beautiful dress and she doesn’t look half bad. Now only if she had a personality to match…

  • You know, usually I’m blinded by the sight of her atrocious outfits and drag-style makeup, but I have to admit that I’m really loving this dress. It’s very classy.

  • Oh my gosh, are most of you drunk? Yes, the dress is very nice but Paris is skank. She could shower in hydrogen peroxide and still be a dirty, trashy, pondscum scuzz ball. Her yellow hair and mauve colored lipstick top the whole look off.

  • I love how she always matches. And not in a matchy-matchy way, either. It just looks perfect.
    And each component is beautiful.