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So in Love!!!!

Mariah and Nick are popping up everywhere these days!

Here’s the happy couple at the launch of L.A. Reid’s cosmetics line in NYC.

Yeah, you read that right.

L.A. Reid has a cosmetics line.


It’s becoming increasingly obvious that I need to expand my brand. Focusing on just one thing — like celebrity gossip — is so passe in the business world these days.

What do you guys think?

Evil Beet condoms?

Evil Beet gravy?

Evil Beet chihuahuas?

Oooh, I got it: Evil Beet laxatives! Tagline: “Like the devil himself in your bowels.”

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  • ugh. mariah always looks so uncomfortable. maybe she wouldn’t need to wear double spanx if she would just wear clothes that fit her properly.

  • very non-committal hands from both of them.. barely looks like they want to touch each other.. bad sign

  • how about ‘evil beet penis cream, applied directly to the foreskin’? i can see the commercial now!

  • Why is her butt drooping so low? Maybe its the weird length of the dress. Yea, she looks very uncomfortable.

  • lol Beet
    How about Beet and Leo’s Gravy Flavored doggie treats? You could package it with a really cute pic of Leo slobbering all over the treats.
    Then he could become a celebrity too, and no one can say anything about you randomly blogging about him!

    BTW I really do enjoy the random Leo and company posts.

  • They’re both such fame whores that they can’t just stand like a normal couple. They have to both be trying to showcase themselves. Which just makes them pose really awkwardly. Get over yourselves.

  • Mariah, please dump this guy and return to the single, cleavage showing, nipple slipping, upskirt flashing cock teaser that we ( us guys ) love and want back. Admit it, Mariah, that’s the kind of thing that you love and were meant to do. You never looked so happy as when you were wearing a dress with a plunging neckline down to you clit with your nipples poking through,or, wearing a bikini so tiny it was just dental floss with postage stapes covering your goodies.

  • GAH–their body language is so awkward, and Mariah actually looks matronly here, in her own unique way.

    I didn’t think laxatives were a good choice for a product until I say Indigo’s tag line. Hilarious! But I’d still vote for Evil Beet Dog Treats (you could be really annoying and spell it Treets).

  • um, his suit is awful. it looks like he’s wearing a grey sack… has he heard of tailoring?

    gotta agree with alan on this one, just cause a tight dress like that does not work if its knee length! where the mini??

  • uh… nick cannon you can do sooo much better… mariah carey find a new man!!! lol nick cannon is HOTT.. no let me rephrase that… nick cannon is SEXY!