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Let’s Take a Moment to Talk About Nick Jonas, Shall We?

So there’s a story on today about how Selena Gomez wrote one of the tracks on her upcoming album about current beau Nick Jonas. “It’s about a boy I kind of fell for, but he couldn’t let his ex-girlfriend go, and it was really difficult … The song is basically me saying that I’m sorry that it didn’t work out or that she used to be who she was. But you have to let me in and you have to know that I’ll do everything I can to make you happy and be the best I can be,” says Selena.

Meanwhile, a couple weeks ago, there were stories about how Miley had written her hit “7 Things” about the very same Nick Jonas.

Now, as a perfectly healthy, well-adjusted 26-year-old woman, I am, of course, intrigued and semi-obsessed with the two 15-year-old girls fighting over an equally 15-year-old boy. I follow every article, every catty YouTube video, every half-hearted apology, every bitchy T-shirt, because that’s a perfectly understandable thing for a grown woman to be doing. I don’t, however, give a shit about Nick Jonas or the Jonas Brothers, because — come on — I’m a grown woman.

And, so, when, every now and then, a photograph of Nick Jonas crosses my path by sheer accident, I kind of do a double-take. Like, “There must be some mistake. That’s clearly not Nick Jonas.” I mean, if you look up the word “goober” in the dictionary, you’re going to find this kid’s mug staring right back at you. He looks about ten years old, while Miley and Selena look about twenty-two.

When I think back with fondness on the days that Lindsay and Hilary were battling it out over Aaron Carter, I’m like, ya know, at least he was hot for his age. I get that.

And I’m sorry to sound like Jerry “Shoe Shower” Seinfeld here, but what’s the deal with Nick Jonas?

Someone please explain.

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  • 22 year old woman here also strangely drawn to catfight between 15 year olds and I also don’t get the Nick Jonas thing…yes he looks like he is 10 and that hair? It makes no sense! It would make it way more exciting if they were at least fighting over a hottie.

    I don’t really get the whole Jonas Brothers thing anyway…none of them are hot and they sound exactly like Hanson..

    Anyway TEAM MILEY!!

  • Well, my 11-year old daughter swears she is going to marry Nick Jonas one day. She is trying to con me into making a pillowcase with his face on it for her, and she has asked me to refer to her as ‘The Future Mrs. Jonas’. She has also banned mention of Selena Gomez’s name in this household. Soooooo…… that being said. He is kind of cute… in a 10-year-old boy kind of way. And the (very young, pre-pubescent) girls love him, so what’re you going to do? At least he keeps all his clothes on and doesn’t get drunk in public and is supposedly staying a virgin until he gets married, so rock on, Nick Jonas!

  • seriously, he is cute. i am 34, i think the jonas bros are TRES lame, but come on, he is cute. i agree that miley looks 22 but i think selena looks about 6 yrs old.

  • Not to sound super creepy but as a 21yr old massively obsessed with Miley and the Jonas Brothers, I too faithfully follow every little bump in the Miley vs Selena drama. However, I do get the attraction because out of alllll the Jonas Brothers, Nick is my favorite. It is unhealthy how sexy he is for a fifteen yr old boy. Yes I know the other two are legal but it still doesn’t stop me from wishing I knew/could do dirty things to Nick. Since I can’t, he needs to get back with Miley, Selena (or chipmunk as I call her) needs to go back to the no one she once was and still should be. The only reason anyone ever talks about Selena is because Miley essentially put her and Demi (or platypus) on the map.

    Anywho, Nick is a stud (he sings, writes his own lyrics, and plays the guitar, drums, piano, etc, how dreamy is that?!)

    anddddddd….TEAM MILEY ALL THE WAY!

  • I loathe the jonas brothers
    and this is the first time I’ve ever actually looked at one of them
    but I gotta admit, he’s pretty adorable

  • He has a kinda young Josh Groban thing going on….and Josh turned out to be a handsome man.

  • Ehh – Nick’s not really all that. He looks younger than he is, IMHO, but I get why all these girls are falling head over Disney-licensed shoe heels for him. He’s cute. Not a total hottie or anything. But he’s just one of those cuties that just makes you go, “Well, he’s pretty cute.” And he sings mushy-gushy songs that give all the girls (between the ages of about 9 and 14) goosebumps.

  • Personally I really dispise this generation of Disney ; High School Musical, The Jonas Brothers, Selena and Miley Cyrus. They all get on my nerves! haha .We all know whats gonna happen to Miley, she’s gonna end up like Britney, sorry to say
    But I think the media is shedding too much light on these kids, too much hype over nothing.

  • @ teammileyyyy

    You are frickin hilarious! Chipmunk and Platypus?

    But I know what you mean, Nick belongs with Miley. And Selena got her big break from Miley’s show playing Mikayla

  • it’s the eyes… he’s got that sultry kinda glare… i think he’s the cutest of the three… nevertheless, the skinny jeans have got to go!

  • I’m 24, and I like the jonas brothers, and selena gomez, and miley, and pretty much any disney show that is not a cartoon… It’s very sad that I am actually content with watching the shows, and reading the gossip, but, I am. There is just nothing that can be done…

  • I didn’t even know who the Jonas brothers were until they were on one of the New Years show this last year. All this time I figured Nick was the one with the medium length straight hair… because, in my opinion, he is the only one worth looking at, lol.

    I’m surprised this is the one those two girls are fighting over, this kid is goofy looking as fuck. But then again, I don’t even think Miley is all that attractive. Maybe my 20-something eyesight is failing on me.

  • I am a 20-yr old and I follow all the news and gossip about these youngins. I have got to say though, I would do dirty things to Nick if they weren’t illegal. He does not look that young! And he is fine for a 15-yr old. Even Kim Kardashian agrees =)


    Beet, you are on fire as of late. Your posts are so satisfying to read.

    I’m totally with you. I don’t understand what they are all hung up about. But, then again, I look back at past boyfriends and think the same thing. It’s just something we do, I guess.

    I am thoroughly intrigued by the backstory of Selena’s song, though. I’m still going to hate her. Team Miley all the way!

  • Well, so I’ll agree; he isn’t hot (nor was Aaron Carter though, wtf Beet?). But he is kind of cute. The curly dark hair and all that stuff he’s got going on. On top of that I suppose that he can sing? Maybe? Perhaps play an instrument? Perhaps he writes them cute little songs? And that adorable little abstinence thing he’s got going on.. I can see why they’d fine him sort of appealing inspite of the 10-year-old look.

  • I’m 24 & I find him extremely attractive…in a totally legal, not creepy at all sort of way. ;) I found the Jonas Brothers quite ridiculous at first, but then I started to like those darn catchy tunes & then I saw Nick-yummm.

    I went to their concert w/ my 6 year old niece & have now found a whole new appreciation for Joe Jonas-humina humina HUMINA! :) If Nick is w/ anyone, it should be Miley-fuck Selena.

    @ Beet: Aaron Carter…seriously???

  • I am also a 26-year old woman who is bizarrely drawn to these catfights. I wouldn’t know who any of these kids were, if not for celebrity gossip.

  • I don’t buy the abstinence bs. Didn’t Selena and Nick both tell some story saying that they were with the other and Nick kissed her even though she said no, and that she doesn’t kiss on the first date, and he said something to the effect of, “I never play by the rules”? I know it’s just a kiss, but a 15 year old guy isn’t stupid, I wouldn’t be suprised if he tried to grope her panties the next date.

  • Seriously, I can understand what you are saying about Nick J, but the picture accompanying your post totally does not prove your point. There are loads of pics around that would be more suitable IMHO, this one just convinces me that it’s not just hype, he is one hawwwwtttt boy ;D

    Another thing, his face may look youthful, but have you seen his scary ripped arms in a tank top??? Those are not the guns of a 10 year old…

    Love ya Beet x

  • Nick Jonas is actually really mature for his age. He’s pretty ripped. For a 15 year old. I’m 16 and I love the Jonas Brothers. Nick is the “sensitive, artistic, i feel for everyone but i can crack a good joke sometimes” guy. From what i understand, Nick and Miley were VERY involved. they were “together” since about late 2005. Personally, I think there is something sketchy about Selena..I’m sure the press will dig it up sooner or later. I am TEAM MILEY all the way. So, Nick is the technical heartthrob of JB who has a thing for disney queens. Meh. I’m more of a Joe girl.

  • I just asked my 9 year old daughter why kids like Nick Jonas so much. She said that he has type 1 Diabetes, so kids with type 1 Diabetes connect with him.

    That doesn’t explain much in my opinion (is the U.S. over run with kids with type 1 Diabetes?), but there you go, straight from the mouth of a 9 year old!

  • Miley is a whore, Nick is ugly.

    selena is a better girl, and actually has a good head on her shoulders. Unlike Miley. Ugh.

  • he is teh most beeautiful fifteen yr. old i’ve ever seen, let me just say that. if you think he looks ridiculous you should come walk around my high school.
    and i mean, idc what anyone saysa, the kid is talentedddd! and his voice is gorgeous and he can dance and he will be the president of the united states in 2038. well, probably not the last one, but everything is true… in my opinion.
    now if only HE would write a song about ME!

  • oh, and the line is, “you’ve got moves; i’ve got shoes. let’s go dancin’. pop and lock, battle dance against hanson. if we lose all the girls, they’ll be laughing, but where would we be if we couldn’t dream. well i know, i get a little crazy, and i know we get a little loud but you know we’re never gunna fake it. we are wild, we are free, we are more than you think…”

  • My almost 9 yr old loves them, sings their songs all day long along with those of Demi,Selena & Miley. I’ve taken her to see them in concert. Don’t think the curly hair is styled, have met them as a family and Mama Jonas has the same beautiful dark brown curly hair. That said I think they are adorable.

  • God! You’ve all got to be kidding??? He is one of the UGLIEST disney kids I’ve ever seen. Closely following him are his brothers and (shudder) Hanson UGH!

  • okay, for one, nick jonas is HOT! I LUV HIM TO DEATH! hes the most talented disney star ever, and you shouldnt say mean things about him. you shouldnt say mean things about anybody. how would YOU feel?

  • My 10 year old cousin clearly states that “OMG TRACY! It’s TOTALLY the hair. It’s so gorgeous and, like, luscious (who fuckin’ taught this girl to talk… luscious? really?). Plus, he totally writes all the songs and he’s really deep. Listen.” To which she turns on the JoBros and I listen. On repeat. About 7 times.


  • Aww you guys don’t be so hard on Nick. I mean, he’s pretty cute. Not as cute as his brother Joe, IMHO. But still.

  • why did you go out with selena gomez if you know that i gave you all my heart you son of a bitch,mother fucker, jack ass

  • the only good thing about the jonas brothers is that they dress much nicer than your average american guy… even if their stuff is a bit over-done (i think its cause theyre pop and not rock… i feel like its much easier for indie rockers to pull off their look).

    but seriously, other than their semi-decent clothes, theyre super lame and so not attractive!

  • @ Jen in PA – I guess we can feel dirty together, I’m 36 and I think Joe is HOT. Totally hot. Like nasty fantasy hot.

    My 10 year old daughter, on the other hand, thinks Nick is to die for. Then Joe. She does not like Kevin – he’s ‘totally unfortunate’.

    And I do kinda like their music too. The video for Burnin Up is hysterical.

  • Well I think I found a place where I can admit o my current deepest darkest secret. I’m 30ish, married ,3 young daughters all under 13 and I think I’m pretty normal but I LOVE NICK JONAS. I had seen hm lots of times before but about a month ago I took notice of how beautiful he is becoming and my kids have posters of him where he looks more like 20. I let them buy the magazines they ask for like Tiger Beat, Twist, J 14, Bop, but of course I need to read them and look at the pictures to make sure nothing in them is inappropriate or crazy for little girls and if I happen to let my eyes linger on Nick too long well he shouldn’t be so sexy for a 15 yr old boy that is just not right!And if I happen to walk past one of their rooms and notice his perfect angelic lips well those stupid magazines shouldn’t take pictures of people so close up! And so what if I know all the lyrics to all their songs and really want him back with Miley again and hate Selena Gomez. I like to blame it on Disney they brainwashed me those bastards!(Dee is not my real name)

  • I hate the jonas brothers. I really hate them, and it surprises me that three boys annoy me so much! I cannot comprehend why three boys who are just like any other boy band in the last fifty years seems to be so important when they are no NKOTB or N’Sync. The boy bands in my generation has charisma, whereas they just to bitch about there exes and create stupid little wars and jump on the I hate Miley Cyrus band wagon, when really, they should thank her for pretty much getting their start. Ugh. I seriously had to mute the tv when i see them, and i guess it should bother me that it bothers me, but I am proud in saying that Jonas brothers are hacks. GAH!

  • I met the Jonas brothers by accident, I have to say these boys are very grounded. Seem on better paths them some of the other teen mega stars.

    How many teens, young adults can say I am going to stay a virgin until I’m married? You don’t hear that too often either. Must have been raised with morals.

    I hate Miley she is a two faced little skank, and apparently she wanted more from Nick then he was going to give her so she had a little tantrum. Spolied brat!!

    Who can really tame naturally curly hair, if you have the answer let me know ASAP!

  • Oh but besides amazing looks they have so much more talent than those groups like NKOTB that I was never really into anyway.

  • Okay, this whole Nick, Miley, and Selena thing is getting out of hand. They can choose whom ever they want to date. No one should be obbsessing over it. And all of the 20 year olds and up saying that he is ulgy, its because you are looking at a 15 year old. Obvisouly going to thing a 15 year old is ugly. But saying mean things about them and saying they shouldn’t be together is not going to change anything. Its just gonna hurt their feelings. So you guys should just stop being so rude.

    P.S. Jonas brothers are hot talanted and great.

    TEAM: Miley, Selena, and Demi.

    • I agree,I think nick has a right to choose who he wants
      To date even though I think nick j is totally hot and that he’s quite
      Sweet with a nice personality.that’s what I think from a teenager girls point of
      view and I’m 14 that’s my opinion.

      • well i think that they should stop fighting and let nick chosse who he wants 2 date. but i luvvvvvvvvvv JOE JONAS!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Personally, i do not understand the whole nick jonas obsession, however my younger sister is 15 and is pretty much in love with him and the whole disney love triangle. I can understand the attraction to him though, for girls his age, i mean come on, hes young, attractive and probably loaded – plus think how much either of these girls going out with him would boost their image – especially a miley needs to be seen as a “good girl” after her latest photos…….

    • a-men to that sister
      well he has grown up
      have u seen his pix lately?
      although i personally like
      the long curls on him
      the whole question always crosses my mind
      when i see those racy miley pix
      “did he ask her to send them or did she do it on a dare w/her friends?”
      if he asked her, he must be into things like that ; ]

  • Hey Nick its angie I always talk to you on the computer sometimes.But im your biggest fan on earth.Also I have a lizzard and a bunny at my moms house cool right. Ialso got a hamster at my grandmas.My lizzard at my moms her name is (spike),my bunny is a girl and her name is (Coco).My hamster at my grandmas.Its a girl too her name is.(prissa) sometimes I think to myself what is Nick Jonas birthday.Mine is September.16,1997 im 11 years old im in grade 6 .when im 25.We might bealble to get married I don’t know are dating Selana Gomez. If you are don’t because she is a .Bitch sorry to say that but she is.Have you ever looked im a magezine lattle.In the magezine it said that she spilt somting about you I don’t really remember and if I do im not going to tell you.But yha if you where dating milye Cyris.The would be better for you I don’t care if you don’t like her or not you should marry her because she is pritty,thoughtful,genruis,kind,and is richer than Selana Gomez I L u Nick Jonas


  • hey everybody out there just wondering how old nick jonas is and if he dates like 10 1/2 year olds about to turn 11 because i know someone who has a huge crush on him thats exactly that type of age and also if he only dates other acters and not reguler people because i think he’s adorable but i know who’s crazy about him but yea out of all of the jonas brothers the cuitest one is nick jonas.

  • hey everybody out there just wondering how old nick jonas is and if he dates like 10 1/2 year olds about to turn 11 because i know someone who has a huge crush on him thats exactly that type of age and also if he only dates other acters and not reguler people because i think he’s adorable but i know who’s crazy about him but yea out of all of the jonas brothers the cuitest one is nick jonasoh and nick if your looking at this just to let you know i’m just wonderimg about all of this.

  • Okay, I’m sixteen and have a ridiculous obsession with Jonas Brothers, and Nick in particaular so yes, this will be a bit biased.

    However, I really do not understand the Disney kids hype.
    Miley for example. She’s fugly, looks and sounds like a hillbilly and is a public disaster waiting to happen.

    Selena however seems to be ridiculously clean cut. So, im sure if we give it a few weeks or months, the media WILL dig some dirt up about her. And personally I hope they do, she’s pathetic and vowed marriage apparently as a way of winning Nick over. Typical chamelion girlfriend syndrome.

    Nick is very much the most artistic cute kind. He writes all of the music, and if youve heard the tracks, the lyrics are amazing. So grown up for a sixteen year old boy.
    Secondly, the curly hair is amazing and totally seperates him from Joe and Kevin’s look. He also has amazing ‘sex eyes’. Very misleading for a guy who is infact staying pure till marriage. This alone makes any girl me age quiver with both lust and affection. Let alone respect.
    He also has an amazing body and amazing style, so hardly a ‘goober’. Not that i know what that is, im english!

    So, im not on Miley’s or Selena’s side. I loathe them both for different reasons.
    Personally, i believe he should get shot of both of them and find a normal girl, not one of these attention seeking, media hungry ‘kids’ with chipmunk features!
    Or wait for me, his choice !

  • Why is everyone(almost everyone) against the jonas brothers???Selena??Miley??? I don’t see how you can possibly hate someone that you never even met or even got to know! I’m not saying I know Nick,Kevin and Joe AND I certainly do not hate them. I really enjoy their music and I know that Nick is very talented!! He obviously does not look like a ten year old ( how can a 10 year old have an amazing stare!!!!) and he can date whoever the hell he wants to…

    As for his hair I personally think that it suites him well,he looks really attractive!!! He is probably a great person and that makes him beautiful at least to me…

    Overall-He is not UGLY “A las personas no hay que juzgarlas por su belleza, sino por la medida de su corazón.” Nick Jonas is definitely something to talk about.

  • Nick is an amazing person. He is exactly what I would make if I could make a boy. He is shy, sweet, talented musically and vocally and is extremely handsome. I am madly in love with him and probably would still be if he wasn’t in the Jonas Brothers or was on Disney. I would love him if he worked at the local grocery store, I honestly would. He is perfect in my eyes and I wish that he was mine. Oh and I’m not like, 30 something and creeping on a 16 year old like the rest of you, I’m actually 17. So we would make a cute couple because he is 16 now not 15. Plus, to all the people who say I’m too old for him, Joe Jonas is dating Camilla Belle! She is 24! Joe is only 19! So there, they obviously like older women. I love Nicholas Jerry Jonas, and his beautiful voice. My dream is that one day he and I will meet and fall madly in love, and make love in his extremely rare Mustang, listening to Stevie Wonder and Elvis Costello. And I could run my fingers through his soft curly hair, stare into his sultry bedroom eyes, and kiss those perfectly plump, pouty lips that he has and make it last forever.

  • Hey Nick, well i just came to see if may i have your e-mail or something like that because i think you are the most fabulous people in the world but this is not the point, i think you can be a nice person to talk you’r alike me you are shy and i not. Ok then visit me or just give me your my space or your e-mail please!!! see ya…

  • …. lolz the jonas brother suks badddd my band called plat numb is better! …. lolz i think we changed the name too zero. and im 12 lolz pce

  • nick my name is alana im sorry my brother is so jelles of you i loy eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you

  • nick are you a were dow i checkt your website i sall a nacked woomen thats/ not cool wuts/ your email a dress

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  • I wanna lick that boy everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE twice and then again. After I was done I’d start licking Joe and Kevin.