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Shut Up, Microsoft

Hey, you know that Microsoft commercial that they reportedly paid Jerry Seinfeld $10M to be in?

It’s about shoes.

And it’s stupid.

Like Microsoft.

I am LOVING my Mac, you guys. Soooo much better than my PCs with Windows. Like, head and shoulders above.

But, anyway, if you wanna hear Microsoft’s side of the story:

So what’s the deal? In an email we’ve obtained from Microsoft SVP Bill Veghte to all employees, he talks about the goals of the campaign. The overall goal is to inspire consumers and “tell the story of how Windows enables a billion people around the globe to do more with their lives today.” This first phase, he says, “is designed to engage consumers and spark a new conversation about Windows – a conversation that will evolve as the campaign progresses, but will always be marked by humor and humanity.”

The ads are just an icebreaker, he ads, to reintroduce Microsoft to consumers. Later this month they’ll do a deeper dive, which I assume means talking about features.

I still think Microsoft sucks (reminder: Vista crashed on me FOUR TIMES the first — and only! — night I used it) and I love my Mac.

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  • Every day the idea of getting a Mac is become a little more appealing to me. I think especially now after I just installed Service Pack 3 for XP and now my computer is completely FUBAR (I’m getting a “Disk Boot Failure…” message). Thank you, Mr. Gates!

  • Microsoft totally sucks! I think Bill Gates comes up with that shit on purpose so we have to continue buying more software. I can’t get the neanderthols I work for to even consider Mac – it’s as if they prefer the bullshit from Microsoft.

  • That’s funny, my mac ganked (yep, right in the kidneys) photoshop for me three times today, but my PC has been flawless since… Since I got it. Go figure.

  • I saw that Microsoft commercial. It was horrible. And was it exceptionally long? Because I kept wondering when the bit was going to end so I could finish watching Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares….

  • That is the most stupid advert I have ever seen! It doesn’t advertise any product/Brand at all! Theres barely any mention of Microsoft. Macs all the way!

  • not clever, not useful, not intelligently designed — the commercial. although i could also be describing the microsoft product itself.

  • This ad suits the company and the actors. They both suck.

    Apple rocks! And the Mac ads are funny… because they are true.

  • Saw it on TV the other day, it just left me wondering what the hell they were doing. Sorry, I couldn’t watch it again

  • That was one onf the dumbest adds I have ever seen.

    That being said I will (probably) never switch to Mac. I HATE them. I have always used both Macs and PCs because I had a PC at home and most of the computers at my school were Macs (we lived fairly near Apple headquarters so they got good deals). I have always found Macs unintuitive and frustrating to use. I appreciate that Macs work better for some people, but I wish that Mac users would recognize that Macs are not always the intuitive and stable machines that apple brands them to be. (I’ve also had issues with Photoshop crashing on Macs and not on my PC.)

  • Microsoft and Windows has been outdated ever since the “newer” Macs came out. Thank god for the PowerBook (which I have), without it I would miss out on a whole lot of things.

  • Awful commercial. I was hoping for some balance to apple’s misleading commercials.

    Running: XP x64, Server 2008 Enterprise x64, and Vista x64 with zero crashes or problems. Windows with good hardware is as solid as any.

  • I use Vista and have never had any problems with it.

    I think the MacBooks are awesome, but unfortunately too expensive. I had to settle for an HP laptop.

  • The picture of Bill Gates on his club card was his old mug shot. Random. The whole thing was so random. It’ll be interesting to see where they take this line of ads.

  • The ads are stupid. They should have taken that 10 million and offset the cost of the damn product. It is sooo expensive. Mac is so much better and now I can run an almost complete version of office? I’m set. (kisses macbook).

  • I can just buy a toshiba laptop and put ubuntu for much less than to by from a smug company. Windows has never crashed on me once, because I know how to maintain a system; Not like most of the smug users from apple..they can’t shut up

  • I used mac but its a closed unix, plus im a gamer…so why spend so much for “looks” when you can get better(stronger) system for less. I build my own computers and customize better looks than apple will ever put in their stores. Oh and you might think windows sucks…well 96% of the world uses Windows, especially in a server enviroment…so why would they (any business or corporate companies) spend millions to switch over to apple products? Plus if something breaks down…you’ll have to bring it to them (ship)…because apple is so perfect…

  • omg me too i got an hp with vista n the crap crashed 2 times so i was like screw this im getting a mac omg best thing i ever did i love my macbook


    fyi i WAS and avid windows user loved xp hates vista + the viruses that comes with good ol windows