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Snoop Can Go Back to Australia

Congratulations to Snoop Dogg, who is now considered non-threatening enough to enter the country of Australia.

In fairness to Snoop, it’s not that he got less badass, it’s just that the government in power when he was banned was a little less immigration-friendly than the current administration, which removed the ban.

“He has now been assessed under the character test as having passed, so he will be given a visa,” said an immigration official.

With the ban lifted, Snoop plans to tour in Australia starting October 21 along with Ice Cube.

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  • He’s supposed to be on Rove on Sunday (Rove = Australian Jay Leno/David Letterman), so that should be interesting. (Rove after interviewing Snoop: “I have no idea what he was saying?!!! Was that English?!!”)

    A Snoop and Ice Cube concert should be interesting here. Jesse McCartney probably would now be considered a “gangsta rapper” here so 1/4 of NWA (albeit his “scariness” has been watered down with such theatrical gems as “Are We There Yet?”) and Dr. Dre’s pal will be funny to see. Let’s hope they stay upright on stage!

    Maybe I’ll be your roving reporter at the concert Beet! :-)

  • beaudy…….my stash of crystal meth is dwindlin` and am in dire need/want of a top-up.
    Godspeed to our shores Snoop. ;-)

  • No offense Beet, maybe it’s because you’re white but.. yea, snoop is CONSIDERABLY less badass since like the late 90’s. His music is just mainstream party ‘gagsta’. The only criminal element he still has in him is the fact that he’s a pothead. Ice Cube??? seriously? The only people he still scares are the cameramen (with threats of physical violence), but he’s another washed up ‘mo. NWA has dwindled to a bunch of black dudes getting facial at beverly hills spas. I think you’re more gagsta at this point, Beet

  • His music really does leave me cold, but his life philosophies brighten up my day – like this one below :)

    “A lot of people like to fool you and say that you’re not smart if you never went to college, but common sense rules over everything. That’s what I learned from selling crack.”

    Snoop Dogg, to Esquire magazine.

  • Snoop Dogg has been relevant since the 90’s. Why is there a post about him?
    Where’s Emniem? He’s the real rap star? You know the Academy Award-winning American rapper, record producer and actor.

  • Snoop dog will always be better then Eminem! I still love him for Doggystyle – at least I think that’s the album with Gin and Juice on it – wow that was a long time ago.

  • snoop is dope. last season was hilarious, i def can’t wait to see what he gets into this season, ive been seein those promo vids and those are awesome, he has estelle, bootsy collins and jonathan davis… church. new season nov 30- thanksgiving night :) so eat your turkey and chill out with the boss dogg, sounds like a good night to me!