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Look Who’s Freakishly Adorable

Nastia Liukin may have beat her for the all-around gold in Beijing, but, back here in the States, Shawn Johnson is out to prove she’s still the more fuckable of the female U.S. all-around gymnastics competitors (nobody’s even trying to compete with Alicia Sacramone).

I know, I know. She’s still underage. And, at sixteen, she probably still doesn’t get her period. So you may think it’s wrong of me to say things like that. But if you think for one second that details like that are preventing the adult men of America from masturbating to her image, you, my friend, are the one in the wrong.

She’s so small. So compact. So perky. So bouncy. Wearing such short shorts.

So who’s hotter, guys? Shawn or Nastia?

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  • I know you’re just trying to make a joke but can we not do the whole “who’s hotter” with a 16 yr old? Let’s just be proud of their accomplishments as athletes

  • Shawn is hotter than Nastia, but they are both put to shame by Alicia. I can’t begin to describe how much hotter Alicia is.

    Of course, you have them all by miles, Beet!! :)

  • That’s why I said it’s mean… and kind of perverted. I hope Shawn Johnon finds you and kicks you ass Beet.

  • Alicia is hotter by miles and you’re right.. I can’t myself for thinking that Shawn is just so adorable. I’m ashamed that I can’t help myself for thinking that.

  • Shawn is hotter… Nastia has that “high maintenance bitch” look to her. Damn, I just wish Alicia had won a medal.

    I didnt have the comment ahead of this… Beet, can there be a way to fix that where the last poster’s name stays…

  • Shawn, I told my wife that she was the reason that womens gymnastics made me feel like a dirty old man. Her legs are awesome, there I go again. Then I watched Alicia……

  • Nastia is actually legal person who said that both were minors
    &shawn johnson is so precious that I can overlook those skanky shorts

    • gymnasts get their periods late. and elite gymnasts like shawn train so hard that it just stops.

  • beet youre such a lesbian. not because you’re talking like that about a woman – but a 16 yr old that is so very feminine except for her hair and voice. Dudes dont go for steroidal midgets.

  • nastia is prettier, I think, but shawn is just plain cute. you just kind of want to go over there and pinch her cheek.

    and she DOES have awesome legs. I wish I had legs like that. the only thing is that her legs are awfully short, so it looks kind of weird.

  • she looks way better in shorts. she should never wear capri pants like in that picture with phelps.

  • Okay Alicia is sexy hot….fk her in a minute. Woulnt be surprises if she’s already had a girl or two. Shawn has creamy skin and lips. Would love to kiss her!

  • I have to admit there is something hot about these little gymnasts. I think maybe that it’s that during lovemaking, when they wrap their legs around you, you can almost count on a couple of your ribs getting broken. Too hot!

  • She does have amazing legs. However, I don’t think her short shorts can really be sexy or anything, she’s not exactly sexy is she. She looks like a boy with a pretty girl head.

  • she’s the most average looking person ever.
    not adorable , not hot.
    almost below average. kinda ugly

  • everyone is talking about Shawn’s legs but lets not forget about her cute little ass. OMG i’d love to be all up in that. And i don’t care if she’s 16 or what… I wouldn’t care if she was 14, that girl is freakin HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT.

  • Shawn Johnson is adorable, yet really, really hot. and its not perverted for me to say that because i am three years younger than her and i don’t even look at her the wrong way. That to me is impressive, because by nature the average boy at my age is very perverted wether or not he shows it. But anywho… i completely respect her.

  • Okay she is deff the hottest athlete we have in America I am her age and god I would love to meet her ANYDAY.

  • Again you present youself as wasted sperm….she’s 16 and has acheived more than most every woman in this counrty. I realize respect is something you have not learned yet….but just maybe a good ass beating will help you…fag or dyke…I don’t care at this point..let me be the first in many lessons you need to learn. Semper Fi

  • Hillary is a fat bull dyke that can’t even make it with someone as nasty as she is….booo who….sucks to be a skank doesn’t it..

  • OMG…this is a high school baby blog…I’m sorry now for ripping on Evil Beatoff…skanky Hillary…haha…this blog is for those that have no idea about life….sorry..never will come here again..hahahhahaha lol

  • I dont care, im Shawns age im gonna tell ya this, Nastia is mad ugly, alicia is a freakin’ mut and Shawn, Shawn is just amazing, the first time i saw her my jaw hit the damn floor and i fell in love, now im watchin’ her on dancing with the stars, and shes gonna winit. And she ain’t a damn whore, she is a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY Sexy, cute, hot piece of work, and i nticed somthin’ all ive dated are short chicks, the last girl i dated was about her height, maybe shorter,Shawn is only 4’9″, but i met her online on her face book, an’ shes like any normal person.

  • i will admit nastia and alicia are pretty hot, but shawn johnson is pretty much the hottest gymnast there ever was. i could be partial to her because im only a year younger than her (plus that means this isnt perverted), but i just think shes amazing. she would be my first choice of those three girls, HANDS DOWN!