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MKO Talks Back

As rumors swirled Monday morning that Mary-Kate Olsen was being uncooperative with DEA agents — and implying that she may have been responsible for selling him the OxyContin that contributed to his overdose (I like how I say this as though I weren’t one of the people spreading the rumor) — Mary-Kate’s lawyer was quick to fight back.

“Despite tabloid speculation, Mary-Kate Olsen has nothing whatsoever to do with the drugs found in Heath Ledger’s home or his body, and does not know where he obtained them,” said Olsen attorney Michael C. Miller.

So, um, why doesn’t she want to talk to the Feds?

What is she hiding?

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  • i sincerely doubt that mary-kate has any useful information to offer the feds. this was just a fatal mistake on heath’s part, one that cost him his life. he took a little too many pills in a combination that was lethal. this story needs to go away and not keep reminding people of heath’s mistake. the poor man took one too many anti-depressants and sleep aid. that’s all there is to it.

  • I would fear the feds too; Seems like soon as you talk to the feds, you end up in jail; See (Mike Vick, Barry Bonds [on his way] and The Rocket [also on his way soon] ….)

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  • Just another incident of how Hollywood can do whateverthefucktheywant… if that was me, if someone died in my house with a shitload of drugs that just happened to be lying around, my ass would be dragged immediately in for questioning. But little Miss Olsen has to grant permission and maybe if she feels like it, she’ll talk and only if she doesn’t get in trouble? come on now.

  • I don’t blame her for not talking with the feds. It doesn’t mean she has anything to hide. Truth is they can find one guilty of anything at any time. That’s how screwed up our laws are.

  • Sweet pretty little Miss Olsen can just suck me dry for all I care about the pig bitch skank.

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  • kim- i read the list of drugs in his system- yes they were all prescription, but right along with anti-depressants and sleep-aids were vicodin and oxycontin. which means he was getting HIGH. it was a terrible accident, but he was taking pills to get HIGH. (i know because i have experience with this subject. . .)

  • I agree with Kim.
    BEcause, even if she didn’t play a role, they would sucker her into admitting she does drugs, and I m sure she doesn’t want to make that public.

  • Damn you Mary Kate.. if she is responsable.. aargh! She’s an horrible actress and gosh girl, grow up and speak to the feds…

  • She didn’t kill Heath unless she forced it down his throat. Though, I think this whole thing is a huge tragedy and loved Heath Ledger, he was a grown man (much more of an adult that Mary Kate Olsen) and made his own decisions. It is true she has some pull because she’s famous and that isn’t fair. But at the same time, if the people involved weren’t famous it wouldn’t still be in the news or being investigated, in all likelihood, since there was no sign of foul play. I agree with everyone that said they wouldn’t talk with the feds. Everyone in that scene probably uses and, therefore, isn’t going to speak to Feds about their ILLEGAL drug use unless they have to. I’m sure her lawyer told her to keep her mouth shut! As sad as it is, Heath is the one who made the decision to take the drugs and it seems like the media is trying to avoid that and blame everyone else involved except for him.

  • She should NOT speak to the FBI, or any police / prosecutor, without her lawyer present!

    My best friend’s sister did two years in federal prison for lying to the FBI. She knew about an insurance scam in Chicago about 15 – 17 years ago, lied to the FBI about her knowledge (said she didn’t know anything about it, when they knew she did) and got convicted. Had nothing to do with the scam, but still got caught up in it simply by TALKING. If she had a lawyer with her, he would have told her to just say NOTHING.

  • I think it’s funny that she “sold” him the Oxycontin. When you are a kajillionaire, do you sell anything to anyone or do you just give it to them because $500 means fuck all to you?

    And I wouldn’t exactly compare her to Michael Vick and Barry Bonds.