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If You Read It on Paris Hilton’s T-Shirt, It Must Be True

Also make sure to check out their necklaces.

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  • I get it. I finally get it.
    The only answer to this relationship:
    He must have a HUGE penis.
    It’s the only thing I can think of.

  • I am so bored by her. She has the freaking world at her beckon call with her family’s millions and she’s basically a waste of skin. She doesn’t have to work so she should DO SOMETHING!

    GOD!!! She’s so vapid and useless. I mean, she doesn’t have to personally go and breastfeed all of Africa. Just stop being a narcissist and use your privilege for something good!!!!

    [*CLUNK* OK, just fell off of my soapbox… I’ll leave it at that! :-) ]

  • I agree with Down Unda.

    are those pokeballs on her shirt?
    that’s totally what they look like.

  • i don’t completely agree with down unda. How can you say she has to do ‘something’? I mean, how much more can a person do?! She isn’t just sitting and relying on her families money, she is out there earning her own!

    I don’t think she is the best at what she HAS been doing, but no one can ever say that she isn’t doing anything. Just look at her music, perfume lines, movies and television!!

  • @ Nadine: The “something” I was referring to was not referring to her “earning her money” (i.e. starring in crap ass movies or records that nobody listens to). Instead, as she has oodles of money and doesn’t have to work, she should be using some (not al… just some) of her time (and arguably money) and “influence” to make a difference…

    I suppose we could debate all day about personal ideas of “moral” obligations people should have…

    @Vary: Speak English much? “It is said she is with a man old enough to be his father at ‘crappasswebsite’ where is for women to meet handsome…”

  • She’s an STD ridden pig who got lucky there was a lull in celeb blogs. It was like hitting the lotto when that sex tape came out, and she was everywhere to make herself a house hold name. Oddly her core audience for her endorsements were small girls. Ick. And they grew up. Very few endorsements now.

  • Its the lyrics from a Gwen Stefani song called ‘Real Thing’.
    Judging by the japanese cartoons, that top is from L.A.M.B, Gwen’a label.

    Does her bag have ‘PH’ on too? Incase she forgets her own name?
    I like how she has the word ‘Benji’ on her necklace, but he just has ‘P’ – So he can pass off it stands for something other than Paris.

  • ~~~
    She is my favorite. I love her. I saw her profile on milllionaire personals site””””C e l e b C u p i d.c o m””””””” yesterday. It is said she is in relationship with a young handsome guy on that site now. Is she single again?

  • A Pretty but filthy nasty vile skank that like doing it doggie stayle. She can gag to death on my thick manly sperm for all it matters.

  • I could not possibly care less about paris or her life (or her waste thereof). I have a bigger gripe with that ridiculous hate that this douche ALWAYS wears. It’s like once you put on this type of hat, it gets surgically grafted to your head (also seen with lindsay’s cunt licking ‘gal-pal’).. and they are soooooo retarded.

  • The shirt is from Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers line. The ‘pokeballs’ are the Harajuku girls.

  • Paris must have went back to school to see if she could finally graduate. she acts like she’s 12. the necklaces are too much they already have the rings

  • quick question: i’ve read in several places that she has herpes. is this true or just people that don’t like her calling her diseased? just wondering how that fact, if accurate, got out there. thanks.

  • @ ribbet. As far as I know, a photo surfaced a while back from a supposed pharmacy worker holding up a bottle of valtrex (herpes medication) made out for “Paris Hilton”. Prescription labels are easily printed out by pharmacy workers so I’d need a little more proof then that. Correct me if I’m wrong Beet.