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The Diary of Anne Hathaway

Oooh, I like Anne Hathaway more and more with each passing day.

Since her ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, was arrested on all sorts of bad behavior, the Feds have seized Anne’s private diaries as potential evidence.

The agents confiscated the intimate diaries of the “Devil Wears Prada” star during another raid on Follieri’s $37,500-a-month Trump Tower pad, according to the sources. Seeking to bolster their case against the dashing Italian, who has been charged with 11 counts of fraud and money laundering, agents are also said to have seized photos of Follieri with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Pope John Paul II, and John and Cindy McCain. Also confiscated were documents, watches, a Tiffany clock, an antique Bible and personal photos of Follieri and Hathaway.

Anne has reportedly cut off all contact with him, and now there are rumors that she actually played a part in his arrest.

“He was in Europe, working on a deal,” says a source. “He didn’t have to come back to New York. He knew he was being investigated. But she kept calling him, saying they needed to resolve their future. A few days after his return, he was arrested.”

Anne’s rep declined to comment.

God, someone better make a Lifetime movie out of this eventually.

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  • I’m glad you finally like her. Silly Beet.

    Maybe all those other “boring” stars have hidden dirt, too!

  • Am I the only person who just can’t understand why people write down illicit/illegal crap that they or their friends/family/spouses do in a diary?

  • kind of sad that her conman ex-boyfriend is the most interesting thing about her.

  • You may notice a pattern in my posts but I rather her like her because of her sweater puppies. She may have pale skin but not having skin cancer is sexy.

  • I don’t think she wrote down illegal things. There might be clues (“Raf was acting strangely today”) or they might be able to prove he was in a certain place at a certain time based on the entries.

  • you like her more now that she might have lured her man to the states to be arrested? note to self- don’t ever hang out with evil beet. ever.

  • “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned
    Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” Billy Shakespeare :-)

  • What? You want her to cover for her criminal boyfriend and thus get charged as well?

    Yeahhhhh right.

  • Remember her before picture in Princess Diaries? Look at her now. I’m sooo into that very white with dark hair look. And doesn’t he look like a mix between Zack Braff and John Ritter? Anyone? No?

  • Oh, I’d soooo love to read these diaries and all of the little filthy tidbits that they contain…eeeee-hee-heeeeee!!!