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Shanna Moakler’s Talking Smack About Kim Kardashian, And I Love It

I kind of love Shanna Moakler. She’s just no-holds-barred trashy. Girlfriend says what’s on her mind, no matter who’s listening. I guess she doesn’t have much left to lose at this point.

Anyway, Shanna and Kim Kardashian got into a little fight at one of Carmen Electra’s parties last weekend, and the kids over at sat down to chat with Shanna about it. Here’s one of Shanna’s choice quotes:

I was at this bbq and I saw what I thought was a donkey posing on the stairs but much to my surprise, it was Kim Kardashian. No, wait, it was a donkey! She’s soooo f*cking fat! She’s 5′2″ and she’s like 140. She was wearing a sarong to cover her huge big ass! I like a nice ass but hers is not a nice ass! … I am far from a size zero but she made me feel Gisele (Bundchen) thin!

The whole interview is just pure genius. I’ve reprinted the whole thing after the jump. I strongly encourage you to read it.

Nik Richie: Yea, we heard you had a little altercation with someone at Carmen Electra’s bbq. Is that true?

Shanna: Yea! I was at this bbq and I saw what I thought was a donkey posing on the stairs but much to my surprise, it was Kim Kardashian. No, wait, it was a donkey! She’s soooo f*cking fat! She’s 5′2″ and she’s like 140. She was wearing a sarong to cover her huge big ass! I like a nice ass but hers is not a nice ass!

Nik Richie: Not nice?! I’m surprised it even fits through a door!

Shanna: Anyway, I saw her and she was standing next to Carmen (Electra) for her press op, of course. I thought I was going to be at this bbq with friends so when I saw her I simply had zero desire to be there. I was walking out but the sheer site of her makes me ill. I actually feel bad for Paris (Hilton). Okay, maybe not, but sort of. This girl totally uses her! I walked by her and just told her that she was lucky to be standing next to Carmen. I was trying to respect her (Carmen Electra) party but then the east coast came out of me and I threw my drink on her (Kim Kardashian). I decided I was tired of being the moral police! I went to grab my things and go when my girlfriend asked me where I was going. I just told her I absolutely didn’t want to be there if that whore was there. Then, Reggie comes up and says (Shanna switches to a Mr. T voice) “YO! Be careful what you say!” And I was like “Your girls a whore!” and he said it again – “Be careful what you say.” and I just told him again – “Your girl’s a whore!” I seriously don’t understand, can someone explain to me why these men defend these girls who literally have a different tongue in them every night?! If your woman wants to f*ck married men and ruin families, you better expect a pissed of ex-wife is going to come out! It floors me when they’re so shocked and awed by this! Ugh, so he (Reggie) came in and was trying to be really nice and I actually liked him! I just felt bad for him because he was defending her and he has no clue why I was event upset. …I’ve got some e-mails he should probably read.

Nik Richie: E-mails?

Shanna: Yea, I have some old e-mails from when someone – Gee, I couldn’t imagine who it could have been! (Laughs) – broke into Kim’s Sidekick and forwarded me all these e-mails where Kim was trying to meet with Travis on the “Low Low” at her sister’s house in Calabasas. They were devastating. Reggie was just trying to talk to me and I was like you can defend your girl but maybe you should read these e-mails! Reggie and Kim were together at the time and I was still with Travis!

Nik Richie: Was it her ugly sister’s apartment? The one that just when to jail? Her sister, the Shim, known as Khloe Kardashian.

Shanna: What the hell is a shim?

Nik Richie: A SHE plus a HIM!

Shanna: (Laughs) I’m so going to start using that! Yes, she’s definitely a SHIM! (Laughs)

Nik Richie: Okay, so you threw a drink in her face. Was it in a Red Cup?

Shanna: No, it was catered, it was really nice and it was actually really fun until Kim showed up with her double-wide ass.

Nik Richie: So they can’t have Red Cups if it’s catered?

Shanna: (Laughs)

Nik Richie: What kind of drink did you throw at her face?

Shanna: I’m not sure, I think they called it a …Pink Taco! Classy! Oh, I’m sorry that was Kim (Kardashian) according to Perez (Hilton) – I always think that now when I see a girl get peed on – CLASSY!

Nik Richie: Isn’t that a restaurant? You threw a restaurant at her?! If you threw food at her do you think she would eat it off the ground?

Shanna: You’re an idiot, Nik, but she definitely would have! (Laughs)

Nik Richie: Okay, so you threw a drink in her face. Did her make-up run all over her face and she cried?

Shanna: You know, at that point, I just kind of walked away and didn’t see. They were both (Kim and Reggie) asked to leave.

Nik Richie: They were escorted out?

Shanna: Yes, they both were.

Nik Richie: Did Reggie hit on you on his way out?

Shanna: No, he was kind of shocked. He was like (again, Shanna changes to her Mr. T voice) “Whooooooa, you know if you have problems you should just talk about it”, and I was like “No, you don’t understand! I’ve talked to your girl like a thousand times and she doesn’t listen”. Stay away from my family, stay away from my Famous Brand parties and stay away from me!

Nik Richie: Would you ever have a threesome with Reggie and Kim?

Shanna: Huh? Noooo, gross! I don’t share. Plus, like I would EVER sleep with that ass. How would I fit in the bed next to her fat ass? I am far from a size zero but she made me feel Gisele (Bundchen) thin!

Nik Richie: Okay, let’s talk about Paris real quick. We’re doing another story right now that involves her. One of your ex-best friends, right? She got booted from Cristiano Ronaldo’s table at Villa last week and he ended up hooking up with another girl. Do you still talk to Paris?

Shanna: No! She’s a whore! She goes after anyone’s man. She went after Oscar when we broke up and, of course, Travis after we broke up. We used to be friends! I love you guys to death but I’m so not re-hashing that story. That’s old news!

Nik Richie: So, if you were in the booth with Cristiano – would he have kicked you out?

Shanna: No way! I’m Portuguese.

Nik Richie: That’s all it takes? You just have to be Portuguese to hang out with Cristiano Ronaldo?

Shanna: No, I’m cute! I’m a… what do you call it on your site?

Nik Richie: A cougar.

Shanna: Nooooo, I’m not a cougar! They’re in their 40’s, okay!? I’m still a baby! I may have kids and if that makes me a cougar – fine. Whoa, whoa, wait, how old is Christiano Ronaldo?

Nik Richie: He’s 23.

Shanna: Oh, he’s a baby. …but he’s cute and he has good taste.

Nik Richie: Why the hell is Kim (Kardashian) famous anyway?

Shanna: Gee, I don’t know. All she does is eat and organize Paris Hilton’s closet! Life is rough when you are actually aspiring to be Paris Hilton and copying her life one day at a time!

Nik Richie: Who would win in a fight? You or Kim?

Shanna: I’m a lover not a fighter! Besides she’d probably send her jailbait sister, the…what do you call it again?

Nik Richie: (Laughs) Her sister, the Shim, AKA Khloe Kardashian. Alright, Shanna, we don’t want to take up anymore of your time. You were great. The Dirty Army salutes you!

Shanna: That was awesome! I love your site, Nik. Kisses!

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  • Well, at least she speaks her mind. She shouldn’t be throwing stones though as she’s got quite a few miles on her – if you know what I mean. :-)

    I think both Kim and Shanna are too trailer or my tastes.

  • I think I respected her more before reading that. I’m all for speaking your mind but calling Kim fat and all that because she thinks that’s the worst insult irritates me. Also, the “she’s a whore” comment on everyone is lame. Find some new insults Shan!

  • I like to keep it classy, I’ve been cheated on, it sucks but you walk away with your head held high. She is acting tasteless

  • I LOVE when women blame the girl the husband or boyfriend is cheating with, rather then blaming the husband himself.

    Also, she should blame herself for being attracted to the kind of douche bag that would cheat on her, or even flirt with other women while being married. Since it’s happened more than once, she obviously looks for that kind of guy.

  • I have no doubt that Kim never tried to flrt with Travis. He is gross and disgusting. Plus, you know the saying “once you go black you never go back” is oh so true! Trust me on that! Kim has more intelligence and class in her little finger than Shanna could ever wish to have. She’s a skank!

  • My Gosh it seems like Shanna is always thinking someones scammin on her man. Give me a break. He is not your average hottie. It takes a certain type of personality to be attracted to a guy with tatoos everywhere , body piercings and a mohawk . For the mother of two kids, she acts so immature. By childlishly throwing a drink in someone face she draws more negative views than sympathy for her cause. Obviously she did not consider her host as well. She could have at least step outside said her piece without loosing it. Like a lady should. Shame on you shanna you strike me as a pretty insecure lady when it comes to you man. I also think Kim is pretty and her curves are beautiful. The only Donkey i see is the Ass your portraying

  • Shanna was a nobody before she got knocked up by Oscar deLaHoya. Then she shacked up with another D lister in the form of Travis Barker.. Remind me why is she famous again..

  • Hmmm, You throw a drink in Kim K’s face and her and her boyfriend are asked to leave?

    Wow, I would quicker believe they left so as not to kick your ass than anything else.

    And honey, she is way prettier than you.
    Big ass and all.

    Travis is cool for a Jr. High Book cover though…

  • Kim Kardashian is a lower form of Paris Hilton (if that’s possible). Shanna is about the same level.

    All of them no-talents who are famous for who they hang out with or the low-rent porn they’ve produced.

  • What a sad pathetic loser. She’s just being trashy. Not classy at all. what a sad-sack to call Kim names and blame her for her failed (fucked-up-in-th-first-place) marriage. Calling Kim names wont make her look any better. And anyway, who’s she calling ugly? She called herself cute? HA!
    I’m all for high self-esteem… but Kim’s NOT ugly. She’s WAY better looking than this tramp.
    She’s just a typical blonde who got left in the dirt and is shocked and upset to find out there’s a brunette who looks 100 times better.

  • Shanna’s really bitchy in this, but seriously, what’s with the trashy reporter? I mean I know they want to get an entertaining story, but my god. I would never talk to someone that acted that way. Then again, Shanna’s just wanting her “press op”, so who is she to talk?

  • I am not surprised kim doesn’t exactly seem like wifey material. Reggie is blinded by the b-hind, how could he get serious with a girl who has a reputation like she has?

  • “Shanna: No, I’m cute! ”

    This bitch is so delusional, she is NOT cute. And why is she talking shit about how Kim got famous? Shanna is known as “TRAVIS BARKER’S EX-TRAILER PARK WIFE”. The only time you hear anything about her is when she is starting drama with BEAUTIFUL girls who she THINKS want Travis. ANd they aren’t even together, what a dumb bitch. She is such white trash, just look at her. Everything about her screams Trailer Trash. The only reason Shanna is even “Known” (not famous) is because she popped out some of Travis Barker’s Kids. She needs an ass beating, thats for sure. She is just making herself look really stupid.

  • Aaaaaaah I love it. I like Shanna just for calling out kim hodashian. You know at least I have seen Shanna act I am tired of these gross girls who actually do NOTHING. Shanna is the only one in hollywood who would say what we’re all thinking “what a donkey”

  • calling someone fat is like the lowest form of insult, it takes absolutely no brain power. as much as I dont like kim kardashian, I still think this chick looks like the donkey.

  • To be fair, I calculated Kim’s BMI based on the 5’2 and 140lbs and she is in the overweight range.

    Either way I love Shanna Moakler, she is fantastic for slinging all that dirt.

  • I’m just wondering why Beet lets this schmuck John keep posting about some stupid dating website. Every single thread I read, he’s on there saying the person in question is on the dating website. Cut out the self-promotion already! Beet, can’t you ban him or something? (Sorry, I usually don’t post, but I’m really annoyed). Thanks.

  • I like that Shana Moakler airs her dirty laundry, it’s fun to read and it’s more honest than the usual pr responses to “situations”. I don’t think she said that Travis and K.K. actually hooked up, just that she was sending inappropriate messages to a married man (did they hook up)?

  • I do think it is petty at her age to use weight as an insult. There is a show they keep replaying on E I think about the best and worst beach bodies, absolutely so mean-spirited.

  • Personally I think she needs to grow up and get over herself. I was one of those people that felt bad for her but after reading this I just find it tasteless and trashy.

  • I’m married and i would have whoooooped any bitches ass that tries to break up my family!!

  • Wow! This article is out of control… First of all KK is beautiful including her ass. The image of what over-weight is and under weight is poorly shown on T.V. everyday. I would pay a million bucks to have Kims body including her ass! There is nothing fat about her. She does not need to look like a 90 pound crack whore that we see on the cover of magazines and in movies. Beauty is truly measured inside out not by the numbers on the scale. Anyway everytime a women has sexy curves woman like Shanna who have no-ass-at-all call them fat. I am sure she wishes she looked as good as Kim. I am not a fan of either but let’s get off this stupid “fat” thing and grow the f*ck up! Women are paying everyday for asses like Kim’s and other women of color. Shanna needs to get over her self and worry more about gaining some type of class and being a better example for her kids. It’s okay Kim you know what “ethnic group” embrasses your curves! DO YOU!

  • If that’s the moral police then we are all in a lot of trouble…shouldn’t Shanna be at home with her kids instead of out partying all the time and starting fights with people? And Kim’s boyfriend Reggie is hot not mention classy and nice what would she want with Travis Barker; he is a tattooed anorexic trash. If Kim Kardashian is fat than the majority of us women are water buffalos. I agree with Onyx, girls with “curves” a.k.a womenly bodies, are called fat. Shanna looks like an everyday white trash princess…and her personality is only the cherry on top. Have some class…and quit hating because you ain’t got no ass!

  • Okay, for one thing anybody who thinks she’s just being a bitch needs to understand that women are gonna get a little defensive and crazy when someone tries to mess with their marriage! And Shanna is way better looking than Kim, hence the whole career thing she has had as opposed to Kim who is famous for being friends with Paris (who is famous for being famous and also has never had a job). Shanna was Miss USA and an actress and looks ten times better naked than Kim. And Shanna doesn’t have to shave her unibrow or get plastic surgery. She also isn’t a complete moron like Kim. I don’t dislike Kim, I’m just stating why people are wrong if they thing she is better than Shanna in ANY way. Kim can barely read. Watch some outtakes from her show. And by the way, Reggie Bush is not classy. Read the news or watch sportscenter some time. He’s notorious for taking bribes and screwing over friends and business partners! Katie, are you basing your entire opinion on this article. What do you actually know about Reggie Bush or Shanna Moakler for that matter. P.S. Shanna does have an ass. She’s smoking with hot body, smile, eyes, etc. Kim is no slouch, but is too lazy to work on things she can’t fix with money.

  • wow.
    onee, travis is sexy .
    and twooo, its good she speaks her mind ,
    but she should do it not as detailed as she does.
    kinda rude,
    but its her choice.

  • I’m not against gold diggers but I think if you are then don’t try and hide it. Also it brings up the point of people in glass houses shouldn’t through stones. Anyways, I used to be a big fan of meet the Barkers. While my boyfriend and I were watching the show we both noticed how Shanna seemed to not be at all emotionally attached to her oldest daughter. Like she had her just for the profit( she tried to sue her oldest daughters father for something really trivial in the amount of around 82 million) She was just w/ Travis Barker for his money and he was looking for the rock star trophy wife. She reminds me of the trailer park blonde you see that just uses her looks and ability to get pregnant as a way to make a profit.She just had better boyfriend options so she was able to skip the welfare route.