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Alisan Porter Update

Okay, so I know I’ve been slacking on my promise to post about Curly Sue/Alisan Porter once weekly, but I’m gonna make it up to you today with TWO videos.

I just absolutely adore this girl. Soooo amazingly talented and awesome. We need more videos out of you, Alisan!!! Get to posting!

Once again, Alisan’s MySpace page is here.

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  • dude, i don’t know what you see in this chick. she’s not that great. there’s tons of girls who can sing better than that.

  • I would say the majority of the girls who have singles out right now are MUCH MUCH worse.
    I love her.

  • she looks like she’s doing spirit fingers for the first 45 seconds of the first video. i couldn’t make it through.

  • love this girl.
    ‘end song’ is such a great track, so much passion. wish she would get into a real studio and lay it down.

  • “Kim” maybe you need to check out more of her youtube videos. There are other ones that are way better. She DOES have an incredible voice. There are “tons of girls” with better voices out there? Really? WHO? Because they certainly aren’t in the music business today. Other than a select few with incredible voices, the music biz consists of pretty girls making hit dance songs that were written by professionals. They are puppets who just go in a studio and “sing” a song that is an automatic hit before they even sing on it. Alisan can actually SING. And this is just her LIVE.