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So What’s Curly Sue Up to These Days?

I know, I know. It’s all I think about, too.

Alisan Porter is singing — and not badly, actually. In fact, if I’m being honest, she’s singing very, very well. Here’s a YouTube clip. She’s got a band called the Alisan Porter Project, and the MySpace is here. Here’s a YouTube clip of her singing, too.

How is that Ali Fucking Lohan is all over TV and soon-to-be all over radio, and this chick gets no attention?

I’m going to write about Alisan Porter once weekly from now on. Because I really dig this, and she should be famouser.

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  • She gave me goosebumps….This girl is truly talented and I will happily spend my $17 on a CD for her, please keep me posted on her musical career!! She is truly wow!

  • You inspired me to download Curly Sue, one of the best movies of all time.”Slap my butt, no way!”

  • i can’t believe that’s the girl from curly sue, i just checked out her myspace and her new band, i’m REALLY impressed, tell itunes to pick up her stuff and get it on there asap and i’ll gladly spend my $ on her music, great find

  • WOW… good is that , eh?
    …and to think those ‘other’ trashy tramps are gettin those huge recording contracts seemingly so easily….sheesh!!!

  • wow – she reminds me of a great singer called maria mckee. ok…why the fuck is ali lowhore getting a record deal when there are girls who can sing like this out there? boo.

  • Not surprised.

    That little girl could sing when she was in the ever so popular Curly Sue movie lol. She belted it out in that as well…
    (but she was like, um 10 or something at the time).

    What an awesome voice, really!

  • Holy shit! she can sing! and i agee with you Beet, let’s talk more about this chick and ignore the spoiled brats from now on!! lol

  • I am truly Amazed, why are major record producers not jumping on this. There is so much lack of talent out there these days and this is amazing. I would spend my money on her in a heart beat.

  • Don’t think that she is that great. Not much likeability or uniqueness. Voice and image are not that distinct as well. Good as a coffehouse singer though. For true talents, do check out Joss Stone, Lady Gaga, Lily Allen etc.

  • great voice with a shite’ writer. Hope she finds a better writer or a better song as she’s got onbe hell of a voice / range

  • that Alisan Porter has one damn good voice and i know music i play gutiar and the tones and the music are perfect so i dont know whats wrong with the people but if she used to be curly sue from the movie then i know and so do the poeple at hollywood know she has a voice but the ass holes just dont like to get people with skills just ones that have something else to offer and if you dont believe me then watch tv and they allways show sex but that girl hands down needs to get on american idol i will vote for her she would close down the votes one the first try and winn it