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Give It Up, Donald

Donald Trump is back to pulling strings at the NY Post to try to get people to care about the next edition of Celebrity Apprentice, which no one cares about. I can’t even believe that shit is still on the air. I swear the last time I gave a shit about The Apprentice was at some point during the Vietnam War.

Anyway, Donald’s planted this item:

HEATHER Mills was able to extract $50 million from her marriage to Paul McCartney, but how will she fare on “Celebrity Apprentice”? Producers have asked the one-legged former pinup to become a contestant on the NBC show’s next season, says an insider. “Donald [Trump] really likes her, so he was into the idea,” said our source. “But I don’t think she wants to do the show full time, so she may just appear as a surprise guest on an episode to run one of the tasks. She’s figuring it all out.” It would be convenient for Mills, who just bought a $5 million apartment in the Village

When are they just going to pull the plug on this nonsense? And who the hell cares if Heather Mills is on Celebrity Apprentice? The only reason we cared that she was on Dancing with the Stars is that we wanted to see how she’d dance around with that fake leg.

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  • she`s nothing short of a ginormous ‘tick’ attempting (and succeeding) to suck the lifeblood out of everything and everyone she comes into contact with!
    …..however , kudos to her for sinking her fangs into ‘good ol` Don’. He certainly looks like he`s in dire need of a good suckin`!

  • grrr i hate her! i wish she would just crawl back into the woodwork and leave paul mccartney alone. I think she might be having some kind of break down, she freaked out on GMTV a while ago, it was a bit alarming!

  • “Donald looks so hot. I saw her profile” rofl that ad is hilarious. And so is Mills’s cleavage.

  • OK, so this might make me sounds stupid, I don’t know – – does she really have a fake leg???

  • I’m mostly uninterested in H. Mills, but I have to think: she must have laid some serious, world-class nookie on Sir Paul. He’s paid for it, of course, but who knows? It may have been worth it.

    This has been another chapter in the continuing series, How Men’s Brains Work.

  • I would pay large sums of money to see her get into a wrestling ring with Tonya Harding and have Tonya rip her fake leg off and beat her with it. Maybe that’s something Donald should look into.

    Her hair looks like dripping donkey turds.

  • Donald likes her because she didn’t golddig him
    she’s a master in the art
    so she earned his respect
    a true business woman

  • LOLOLOLOL @ montysano! LOL…well, well, well. I have never forgiven him for his role in this spectacle, but with this profoundly deep insight into how his brain may have been affected by…how is it, now? “World class nookie?”..LOLOLOL… maybe he deserves to slide a bit. …Maybe….