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Disney’s Got Another Hit on Their Hands

Camp Rock averaged 8.9 million viewers during its Friday premiere — an even bigger “opening” than the original HSM.

And, with that, we welcome with open arms the beautiful, talented and hopefully rehab-bound Demi Lovato to the future ranks of Tabloid Covers Disney Created.

Congratulations, Demi. Let me buy you a drink.

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  • Looks like it is shot in Canada. The chick that says “your going to camp rock” is a Canuck. The only reason Americans hire our local talent is because of the tax breaks, lol.

  • yup, there is not a doubt in my mind that ten years down the road she’ll be knocked up with her second kid, have a restraining order against her first baby daddy, shave her head into a mohawk and… well we all know how the rest could go…

  • Funny, my daughter watches Barney.. Demi (Who was on there for a while) was adorable when she was little and still is. C’mon beet, have some faith! :-)

  • oh wow, that was some great acting skills there. please please please dont let this be inflicted on us, we dont need another high school musical.

  • Melissa, your post got dumped in wrong story.

    There something wrong with the code and/or database?

  • Not gonna lie, I watched the movie last night and I’m now harboring a secret crush on the middle Jo-Bro.