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Linda Hogan’s Boyfriend Is 19 Years Old

Remember this little studmuffin that Linda Hogan’s been dragging all around the country?

His name is Charley Hill. He’s her new boyfriend. And he’s 19 years old.

“I’m totally freaked out,” Brooke told an interviewer with E! “I personally don’t like it at all or condone it, but she’s my mom, so I have to show her support.”

And how does Linda know Charley?

“I went to school with him. He was a grade under me…Me and Nick know him well. Me and Nick are two years apart, and he was right between us (in school).”

OMG. If I were Brooke, I’d absolutely die right about now.

“I am just staying the course and dealing with it and supporting my family,” says Brooke. “I’m actually on my way to see Nick now … You know, I thought we were one of the normal Hollywood families. It’s crazy watching it all fall apart, but I hope for the best.”

Dude, I like Brooke Hogan more and more these days. Her entire family is completely batshit insane, but it seems like she’s holding it together relatively well in the face of it. Good for you, Brooke!

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  • wait… huh? linda hogan said she went to school with him and she’s two years older than nick? that’s crazy…

  • it’s all in his face:

    1) it’s sorta gay that my face is the same color as her dress, but now i totally look like i could be related to her. so now i get served my brewskis noooo questions asked. bonus.

    2) look at my bitchin belt!!!!!

    3) smile hard ‘big c’…no one knows that i threw up a little in the limo. i wonder why they look like they feel bad for me though? whatever, duders, I’M GETTING LAID!

  • Well I don’t condone Brooke putting out an CD of crap.
    I don’t condone Brooke allowing her father rub suntan oil all over her ass.
    I don’t condone Brooke trying to pass herself off as a woman when she is clearly a man.I don’t condone Brooke using the word condone when she probably doesn’t even know what it means.
    I don’t condone Brooke advancing herself on some fake ass reality show.
    Like she has any right to pass judgement on her idiot mother when the whole family is a disgusting trainwreck to begin with.

  • Hello- this photo seriously made me hit the bottle tonight, hard core. I’m 19 and I would not fucking touch that dude, Linda should be freaking out, young enough to be her son and looking like her husband. People everywhere, if you want to show an ex, find an good looking opposite, not opposite age clone! However, Brooke should have seen this coming, if her family was unstable enough to thing that a reality tv show was her best option for fame, and not her natural talent, they hit the shitluck jackpot!

    P.S. Hulk Hogan should be aware that incest is illegal in the states, hands off your daughters ass.

  • If this teaches us anything, it’s to stay out of the sun people. He’s 19!!! He looks 40.

    I’m not going to mock his hair and Loveitloveit already covered his “bitchin” belt (heehee).

    In all seriousness, a few years ago, my then 35 year old male friend started dating a just turned 18 year old girl. I was horrified and disgusted. The other guys joked, “ha ha, lucky guy, an 18 year old” but once they finished that nonsense, they agreed, wtf do they talk about, etc. I still wouldn’t have condoned it if she were an “old” 18 year old but she wasn’t, she moved to the big city because, after years of growing up in foster homes, she found her birth father here. And once her and my friend broke up, it was enough to have her say screw it and move back to the middle of nowhere where she was from.

    Sorry for that rant, I just find it so icky. I’m not against age differences, it just depends on the age. You don’t go near teen-agers, it’s just gross.

  • Persistent Cat – I happen to agree with the “ickyness” of this story and with most everything that has been stated, but I think that was kind of arrogant of you to imply that if someone is not from a big city that they come from the “middle of nowhere”. Just had to get that off of my small town midwestern chest.

  • thats just nasty as hell…hes younger then her first child..which means hes old enought to be her son!!!! what thehell something is wrong with linda even to show her kids some respect..

  • He looks like that annoying soap opera guy from Young and the Restless. My soul hurts now. Linda, why such a whore?

  • I know Charley!!!!! He was Indian River Community college in fort pierce florida for a year!!!! He lived right behind me at the dorm!!! His nick name was sunshine and he was on the swim team!!!!!

  • poor chick, her brother goes to jail, her parents split cuz the dad slept with her friend and then her moms dating a high school friend. . . i know shes so easy to make fun of but i do feel sorry for her.

  • My ex-roomie used to date a barely legal 18 year old. I used to give him loads of shit about it, mostly what was stated above “what do you talk about?” His response was to just shrug it off. It always creeped me out considering she was only 3 years older than his daughter.
    On the brightside, his girlfriends parents always paid him well for babysitting.

  • Me too! I don’t know, talk about robbing the cradle. Part of me want to say “You go girl!!!” and the other goes “Ew.” But that a double standard I won’t be part of.

    Yeah, I feel for Brooke, she’s keeping it together well.

  • I am more grossed out by that huge spare tire she’s wearing under that awful dress! She is a shining example of not growing old gracefully!

  • Nineteen year old fantasize a lot about this (doing it with an older woman) don’t they? He turned his fantasies into reality.
    I don’t think this will last but i don’t see her pointing a gun at him. He’s there and he’s loving it.
    Besides, they actually match.

  • Well, we can see that she has a “type”. He looks just like Hulky! LOL to fuckin’ funny that she goes for an upgraded version of her old ass husband. Still pretty sick though.

  • I never thought i’d be saying this, but i do actually feel sorry for Brooke. Yes, yes, she is easy to make fun of, and she makes herself such an easy target for it, but we have to remember that she’s a person too. But she has to deal with all this shit in the public eye. I think she’s holding it together pretty well.

  • Dating a guy in his late twenties = You go, girl!
    Dating a guy in his late teens = You go to therapy, girl!

  • she’s probably teaching him how to drive
    help him get a permit
    I don’t see any alcoholic beverages in the pic
    no big deal,after all

  • I had a relationship with a man who was 21 years older than me. We had plenty to talk about life, work, golf, food, traveling, education, his kids….we dated for about six months….i wanted something more serious so we don’t talk as often however we remain good friends…So i understand having a different age relationship however…this is a little weird esp since he looks like Hogan.

  • i think it’s weird that both asswipe hogan and his whorish wife date people who look like their own kids. i don’t want to think about what that means!

  • Where the hell did she get that outfit? Don’t get me started on him. Dog the Bounty Hunter and Johnny Cash’s love child?

  • Like I said, I’m ok with age differences, there’s 14 years between my parents and 18 between my aunt and uncle but they weren’t teen-agers. No offence to the teenagers here but I don’t care what you’ve “been” through, you’re still adolescents.

    And Snowdevil, it was literally the middle of nowhere. Middle of Quebec. I admit, I’m not a country person and don’t understand how people can live in the country but this girl was literally from the middle of nowhere. I hope that didn’t sound bitchy because it wasn’t intended to be (I keep rewording this to soften it). :)

  • yeah,thats a little creepy.
    and hogans dating some 34 year old.
    i mean theres a big age gap here.
    wonder how this is gonna turn out.

  • Hey Guys! You have to see it!!! I have found Linda Hogan Shocking Sex Video it in the Internet!
    If this video not a Fake then I think it will be a real scandal!!
    Attention! only 18+!!!

  • I don’t know the situation as to why they broke up (The Hogans) but all I know is that while I watched the show I was saying to myself, this old whore is trying to be like her daughter and the first change she get she’s going to leave Hulk Hogan after she gets her Boob job, facelift, and a enormous bank account. she had slut written all over her. How can she do this to her kids. She looks like a old porn hooker.


  • Linda after you blow your money that hogan give you that young punk
    going to dump you.Y take your kids through this bullshit again.You
    don,t look like you concern about Nick to me!!!!!

  • Linda Hogan is not cougar she is a gross pedafile. That boy is her sons age ew ew ew.

    She clearly could care less. She got all the money she wants out of Hl he will be threw it.

    Poor Brooke. Hulk seems to be the only one who really cares about the kids.

  • You only live once. He is so hot, hot, hot. He favors a young hulk. She is trying to make him jealous.

  • i feel bad fo da hulksta. i mean heez gonna have to pay dis ho so muchz moneyz itz not even funny. i thinkz he should pull an oj and hill da ho. you go hulk and killz dat bitch.

  • well actually I have a little more to say…..First of all, this entire story is just nasty….I grew up loving hulk and to see how dysfunctional his family is, is really heart breaking….Another thing, I really dont understand how anyone can say that brooke looks like a man……Jesus, have you people ever heard of a little thing called genetics?? She certainly takes after her father and some of his features, but she is an absolutely beautful woman……Finally one last word before i move on…..several of you people are calling them white trash, well look at your own third grade level spelling…..its shocking to me how stupid some people are….LIke the guy “brian” that commented before me….he says that the guy is a “faget” from some community college…..well if he does know the kid its obvious that he doesnt know him from college….lol….dumbass

  • Hulk is doing the same thing! We dont know the whole story. She is probably thinking okay he is dating a young girl I am going to show him what it feels like. They have been married too long. You guys don’t think its all a big show so the brain damaged guy’s family can’t get all their money. They are both really putting on a show. Its just too crazy. And if it is true look at Demi and Ashton, they are really happy.

  • You need to look at the herald tribune. She is asking that Hulk be arrested held in contempt and jailed in the same jail house as her son for not paying up. Come on! She just wants him in there to protect her son.

  • ok, hes not even attractive. if ur gonna date a 19yr old, date a hot one. personally, if i knew a 48 yr old wanted to show me off and i was unavalible because of it, i would commit suicide

  • Linda hogan is way to old, looks old and needs a severe lipo job. I guess she dont see herself as others do. The kid is usung her for publicity. That serves her right. Shes A REAL OVERWEIGHT SCREWBALL! Hang in there Terry. Youll be better off, brother.

  • I think linda is going through something like trying to be 19 again. But she cant because her daughter is 19 stupid. She needs to sit her ass down while she trying to be a gold digger and take everything hulk has work for she never worked and have nothing so now she want to leave hulk with nothing not even a houses to live in she think that she a teenager and by the way she looks in the picture while she getting hulk money her young new boyfriend is going to take her money his not old enough to buy her a drink so his damn not old enough to take care of her life style wake up linda get a man ur age or go back to hulk.

  • I feel sorry for you Brooke because your mom has know idea about respecting herself. It’s a shame to see such a thing especially on TV. Are kidding me ? Linda Hogan is dating a 19 years old boy ? Wake up Linda you are better than that. Your family is already falling apart : Divorce, nick in jail, etc…. Come on Linda be wise and step up. You aren’t a hoe or a prostitute. That little punk you are dating right now can’t even get a nice hair cut for himself. Besides, no offense but he’s ugly as hell. I just feel sorry for Hulk because is the one going through all that drama.

  • i think its out of order
    after all the hassle that was given when Brooke was with mark who was only 11 years her superior this is contradicting everythink that Linda said.

  • she’s in pretty good shape for her age; I’d do her… she’s got some sexy feet too; im searchin for those new Beach Photos…

  • Oh.. and as for everyone else who’s commenting on her Mental status… MOST women are nutcases nowadays – let’s be honest; how many stories over the past 10 years, have involved Big Name Celebrity women doing absolutely CRAZY shit? We’ll name off a few most recent stories >> Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Anna Nicole (when she was alive), The Rehab Girl (no, no no) drawing a blank, but I’m sure if i ‘thought’ hard enough i could come up with at least 20-50 names of Famous women who are stone cold crazy. Not to mention all the women we have never even heard of.

  • to me he looks more like an aging, washed-up rock star than a 19 year-old guy. does anyone else think so?


  • I dont condone that idiot devil girl passing judgement ,I dont condone devil girl hiding behind a computer displaying her ignorance and hatred towards brook hogan because she has no life and i dont condone devil girl using the word condone so much.

  • i think dat brooke is rit wat is goin through her moms head. its totally da rong thing and i think that her mom is doin it on purpose!!!!!

  • I was just at a local party with Linda and Charley last night. They both seem to actually like each other a lot lol. It’s weird but whatever…let ’em do what they do.

    Stuff gets a lil crazy in Clearwater and I just think y’all are dumb as shit for making such a big deal about two people dating. Charley is a cool surfer type dude and Linda is just a chilled out middle aged lady lookin for some fun.

  • this nasty bitch rolled up to frenchy’s southbeach cafe in clearwater beach a few weeks ago. she was wearing an orange thong bathing suit, i wanted to throw up. she ended up leaving because the server wouldn’t serve her underage friends she brought along.

    • I was at Dogwaters, same thing happened. I was laughing so hard. What a pathetic old lady.

  • OMG!!!! With all this going on, I agree, but way up there in those comments, someone mentioned John Graziano. Good God!!!!! What! could be more important than that (I mean Brooke, gorgeous and talented) dealing with her parents scandals, her brothers tragic accident, and, I don’t know about you folks, but just looking at the videos of John’s injuries gives me nightmares, and she love’s all these people! What are they considering SHE must be going through?
    Her mom and dad sniping at one another IE that whole pita thing with the orange lipstick and Hulk denigrating Linda)
    The (understandable animosty towards her brother whom she loves) And, she’s just trying to maintain, “support ” for her mom, loyalty to her brother and dad.
    I have a 35 year old son, whom I am immensly proud of. I look at kids like Brooke, and John, and Nick, and try to relate as a PARENT. These kids need a lot of just that right now, PARENTING! As far as John goes, I cannot imagine the indescriable grief of watching my boy go through that.

  • for respect issue she should not date someone as young as her kids. she just want to make Hulk mad she’s just sick.

  • Are you Serious? Linda went from “the living Legend” Hollywood Hulk Hogan to… Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber?!? Wow… She’s got to feel real good about herself. Hogan your the man Brothhhhher!


  • Give the woman a break! Gee..what would you do? ..stay at home, be bored, chill with ladies P.T.A. groups… feel sorry for yourself while waiting for your man to come home OR have a good time with a young energetic guy with energy!? A no brainer. Bottom line: if the situation were in reverse, no one would say anything!!! NOT FAIR! Hellooo?
    Michael Douglas/Katherine Zeta Jones….. Harrison Ford/Ali Mcbeal!!!
    Be fair you jealous jerks… I am happy for you woman! Enjoy and feel young & good about yourself..

    • did zuzi ever watch the hogan knows best show? its not exactly like linda was home all the time or in the pta. maybe i missed that show. but she was involved with everything that was going on, it would not have been such a successful reality show if it wasnt. i admit to watching the show every now and then, they were a fun family. and i dont know all that was going on for terry and linda to divorce, but it sure was not her waiting around for anyone or anything. linda is a cougar, lol, but come on. isnt this a bit silly with her probably being older than charleys mother. i think linda and charley should both be embarrassed, hes 19 shes 48, her implants are older than he is. cmon charley, all of florida, and your the surfer dude, and the only woman you can catch is the old tire you throw back. you do know that when a car has as many miles on it as linda does the odometer just rolls right back to zero after 999,999, so just because it says 000,019 it does not mean not to kick the tires and see what falls off, and i think there would be a whole lotta shaking going on if he did. i have only one more thing to say, rather crudely, someone that old has either cobwebs or dominicans in her, charley….which was it?

  • You do realize that this family is simply insanity at its finest? Linda is dating someone who looks like her son. Hulk Hogan is dating someone who looks like his daughter. Furthermore, it’s ridiculous to think that someone her age is going to find her “soul mate” who is that much younger. If it’s simply a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am situation I still think there’s a natural ick thing to it. How can you stand on that overly-used argument pedestal and then insult everyone? No one is jealous. If anything there is a tsunami of pity and “oh no’s” because it’s obvious it’s not love or anything like that and more possibly her having a mid-life crisis. The same applies to the Hulk. That’s not something to be applauded. That’s something she needs to see a therapist for. That’s something where she needs her children more than ever. Be reasonable hun. The examples you gave are exactly the couples that any one else would still feel squeamish about…Calista Flockheart and Harrison Ford.. yes ick; Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones yes still ick. Society is hardly that close-minded about the female being older. Take a gander at Demi and Ashton, want to know why it’s not squeamish? Because it’s a real relationship and they have enough in common to make it work. Look at Bo Derek and John Corbett she is six years his senior. Hell, I’m older than my boyfriend by eight years… Yes, sure there’s the whole “you go girl” attitude but there is a line that can be crossed and with Linda it has been crossed. If she likes younger men then more power to her because I know I certainly do however I would not date those who barely got out of high school at her age.

    • makes you wonder what he was having for school lunch, this has been going on for awhile has it not.?.?

  • I thought about it, and I say they both don’t give a hoot what any off us think. They both look legitimately happy and are definitely having better sex than anyone boo hooing their romance.

  • who honestly gives a fuckin shit ? celebrities are overpayed underworked bunch of assholes doing whatever they can to get attention and the sad thing dumbasses like fans buy into all there bullshit its about time everyone grew the fuck up YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF PUSSIES :P

  • Hey I’m just seeing Linda and the Hulk dating what they were like 20 some years ago…they are dating people who look like Linda and Hulk, come on does anyone else see that too?

  • Linda-major props! One time to live so live what makes you happy! The rest of these haters, are just that…and jealous! You get the last laugh!

  • Linda you realy do need to get a life and fin someone your own age. And it seems as though you dont even care how your daughter feels. You should be ashamed. Grow up!!!!!!!!!

  • He’s Young, Dumb and Full of Cum. He’s banging her in every hole and she’s loving it. She never gave so many blowjobs in her life as she is now.

  • i think wat linda is doing is sick…
    i feel bad for hulk… glad hes moved on..
    brooke is beautiful talented girl and im glad shes doin o.k
    i hope shes happy!!x

  • You people are off the wall. Linda knows she’s getting old and it’s traumatic for her. All she wants now is COCK, and lots of it. Hulk is too old and taking steroids probably made his balls shrink and maybe his dick doesn’t work too well if at all. She wants to go out with a Bang, make that lots of Bangs. Men her age or old want young chicks. It will not last long and she will find another horny young one and screw his brains out.

  • I say this to Linda: You go, girl. Why should anybody give a **** if she is dating a guy that is 19 years old??? If they want to be with each other, it’s their business. Lots of older women date younger men. So what. Look at Kim Cattrall and all the other cougars. If Hulk Hogan was dating a 19 year old woman, everybody would say good for him. It’s such a double standard. Leave Linda alone.

  • To all of the haters. You all need to get a life. if Linda is happy. i say go for it Linda. Because i am 44 and my fiance is 25. And guess what……….I don’t give a fuck what nobody has to say. You go girl. I’m happy for Linda.


  • Linda Hogan can suck a golf ball threw a 50′ garden hose. When this boyfriend is dried out she’ll find another young stud.

  • Linda Hogan can suck a golf ball through a 50′ garden hose. When this boyfriend is dried out she’ll find another young stud.