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Linda Hogan and Boyfriend Charley Hill Pictures Photos

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  • i think she needs too wake the hell up her hubby has gave her more thean my hubby can ever give me she is makeing her self look like some old horney grandma and dont she realize her son is just a year younger its worng too make a nineteen year old your show off toy if i was her boyfriend mother i be riseing hell about her being with my young son linda please wake the hell up that young man is makeing you look like old dumb ass hope you wake up god bless

  • i cant believe this.. i mean u cant help who u love but .. when someone is able to date your daughter and can be buddies with your son.. something is wrong.. she needs to focus on why her marriage is over..why her son is in jail.. and how to help brooke deal with all this turmoil! this is some serious stuff and she doesnt seem to upset to be prancing around with a 19 year old.. no wonder she filed for a divorce .. maybe she is turning into grandma hot pants!

  • i really liked linda until this! i mean .. she is too old to be dating someone this age.. i can understand the whole wanting to date younger but this is yuck! i do not think her concern should be with a younger man.. it should be with her kids and the family of that boy!

  • Who cares? None of my business or anyone elses. As long as their happy. Besides , it’s not our place to judge. What gives us the right? GET OVER IT PEOPLE. If she wasn’t a celeb then it would just be happening next door in a small town. Then there would just be nasty roomers and people gossiping…. guess what??? It’s still nobodies business but their own.

  • Good for her. That’s what all you George Clooney’s get. Now men have to worry about their woman leaving them for a younger man. Now, they will now understand what women have gone through. The heartaches and the growing old lonely. Props to you: Demi, Mariah, Linda’s of the world. Pave the way . . .

  • Linda is lucky that Hulk is the coolest guy ever… I hope Linda Kills herself soon… Hulk invented her… I could never forgive my mother for banging someone my age… Gross … go eat something fatty

  • To the person who said its no ones buisness if that’s true why are you on a gossip site? Mind your own buisness and go read a book and yeah this could happen next door if you live next to a trailer park this is sick its not ok for men to do it but for a woman to do it is worse women don’t lead with their crouch for the most part and it seems the ones who do are mental hello Mary kay Laturno sick! And when their children hate them both and they should maybe then they’ll get it

  • To the person who said its no ones buisness if that’s true why are you on a gossip site? Mind your own buisness and go read a book and yeah this could happen next door if you live next to a trailer park this is sick its not ok for men to do it but for a woman to do it is worse women don’t lead with their crotch for the most part and it seems the ones who do are mental hello Mary kay Laturno sick! And when their children hate them both and they should maybe then they’ll get it

  • You Know I dont believe anything has to do with age if you feel comfortable with someone alot younger than you. And also love was never stated to have an age for it .So If theres a connection all the power to you but I feel that Linda shouldnt be dating one of her childrens school mates and come on doesnt she have any respect for her kids.

  • this lady is crazy… anyone who watched there show could see she was an older version of crissy snow from three’s company. she rides hulk’s curtails for twenty-plus years, and then when he get’s old and can’t wrestle anymore and shower her with fancy cars and exotic pets, she leaves. i remember on the reality show, she would freak out if here daughter brooke tried to date or wore her skirts to short. i guess she was mad because she wanted to do it. it’s obvious this lady just wants some attention and will do anything to stay in the spotlight. i hope her big fake breasts blows up in her face and chops her head off.

  • erm. okay. seriously. i wonder what her husband is thinking. and her poor kids!!! nick, i don’t feel sorry for him because he’s doing his time in jail… and he deserves every minute behind bars. but brooke?! her career is doomed now. linda is being greedy and needs to be slapped across the head

  • has anyone noticed that hulk hogan has a girlfriend that looks similar to linda… and linda now has a boyfriend thats similar to hulk hogan.. i’m just astonished that they’re not together anymore.. maybe its because i’m watching the show right now.

  • What the fuck are you doing Linda datting a nineteen year old? You are too old for him. He should not be datting you Linda. He should be datting girls his own age. Not women older then he is. That is just rong to be datting you so if I were you Iwould break up with him. Because he might break your heart just so he can go out with women his own age. so break up with him. You should be datting men your own age Linda. So why don’t you break up with him now before he breaks up with you Linda. That is just supid you datting a nineteen year old boy.

  • I can’t believe she’s with a 19 year old kid. She’s 48 years old for pete sake. Wake up woman! What is wrong with you? Are you crazy? Let me tell ya….you had it good with the Hulk. Alot of women can’t say they’ve lived that good. How many people in the world have that much money to be able to buy what ever you want. Your just down right spoilt and look pathetic with a 19 year old. I know you don’t care….but let me tell ya. It’s sickening.

  • Until any of you girls try it, you shouldn’t knock it. I dated quite a few younger men before meeting my husband(He is 45). I didn ‘t look at the age, but who I was attracted to and yes even at 40 dated a 20 year old. Men have been doing this for ages, whats the big deal if a woman does it.

    You people should get over yourselfs.

  • Linda you are the most disgusting woman in the world Dating a 19 year old kid come on I am not saying you can date a younger man but not a kid like that dont you feel like if you are fucking your own son Bitch

  • DAMN! wow i really dont like her now. that is disgusting. there is a diffrence between dating a younger man and dating a TEENAGER you sick old gold digging woman. I feel so bad for her kids. I am 19 for god sakes and that is just F’ed up! Wow i bet hulk is pisses, and he should be. Wow i thought she was good women but turns out all she was is a gold digger. That women has probelms. He is younger than brooke and a year older than nick! wow she is messed up.

  • let them be happy. they are the ones that wake up everyday knowing they are with eachother. if it is so sickening to all of you people, then dont pay attention to the magazines and turn it off when its on the news. there are other things you could focus on other than bashing other peoples lives. get a life.

  • PA-lease. the ONLY reason he is with her is for media attention. personally, if i had to wake up knowing i was unavalable because a 48 yr old wanted to show me off, i would kill myself

  • OMG i cannot even express how much i miss the beginning of Hogan knows best. and now with the 19 yr old boyfriends and daughter-father touching…its so sad and gross

  • Linda Hogan is the biggest asshole on the planet. Nobody would ever know who the hell she is if it werent for Hulk. The only reason she is famous is that she fucked Hulk. She is completely useless. All she ever did on that show was piss and moan and get spoiled. It was probably worse when the camera wasnt rolling. HEY LINDA FUCK OFF

  • That is so weird!!!! how can a 48 year old date a 19 year old? i mean come on!!! i bet you the 19 year old kid is doing this for the media. He wants his life to be better!

  • on the show she never wanted sex with hulk, no matter what he did to try to please her, i am so confused to why shes with a boy who thinks only of sex at that age (if hes normal) . guess she feels she didnt raise nick very well and now needs a second chance to raise a boy. she also said on the show she would rather be with her animals, i think she needs to stop being a dog and act like a mom,

  • this chick is wild…i think she played the game better than any gold digger in the business…she new she didn’t want thehul years ago…dnt get me wrong she been by his side 4 ever..but thats a true goldiiger for you… she wanted to guarantee…his paper was gone stay long and strogn…she probally been screwing her kids friends long b4 this guy…i think she is heel foul though…but then she turns around and get a ma that looks like her ex..if she just wanted to gt her back broke i preety sure hulk coulda have arranged it 4 her…it semmed that he was willin to do what eva it took to keep her…

  • This is gross!What is she like 50 something….Shes a sl**….Hulk deserves better….I wanna smack the hell out of that boy.I wonder what his momma thinks…This is sick man!I dont like Linda anymore.Better for Hulk to get rid of her. She will have nomore of his money.

  • i personally know charley hill. i just do not know why an older woman would e interested in a 19 year old who smokes everyday and disrespects young girls all the time. granted charley is funny, he is so immature and his bacne is so gnarly….hence maybe why he has his myspace name as gnarly charley?

  • This is stupide i mean after reading all the things that lynda has said that hulk has done i can’t stand her anymore… i mean if my mother ever did anything like that i would be a shamed for the rest of my life.. and you guys just can’t say ow well i mean if you were brooke or nick i am sure you wouldn’t be saying the stuff some of you just said i mean she should be a shammed of her self man i wouldn’t even be ble to look at myself in the miror!!

  • Would the world be worried about this relationship if they were nobody’s? Everyone seems to be passing judgement when in reality they do not know either one’s story…only what they’ve read. I think there are bigger problems in this world to ponder on than 2 people whom none of us know personally…what is going on in the country is more important!

  • Hey people,

    Let the woman have some fun. Considering she’s nearing 50, she is sexy and hot: a pornstar material.

    Linda, you are a darn, the most gorgeous MILF on the planet. Baby, I would love to see you buttnaked. You still can satisfy lots of men.

  • their just using each other. i am sure hulk and linda will get together after a while. i am sure brooke is loving her new found freedom i use to feel sorry for her. stuck in her room playing piano all the time. for nick that little cock sucker derserves a few years in jail not 8 months. my god he killed his best bud and was worried about a reality show. burn in hell nick for your carless ways. the family seemed to be selfish of their needs. brooke and the hulk seemed to be decent but nick and linda are just worried about them selves all the time.

  • OK, OK, give the lady a break. No one has any room to talk. She is one of the most gracious ladies out there. Just because she is a old cradle robbing ,good for nothing, not giving a fuck about nobody but herself, attention grabbin, fake boob having,mental issue having, gold diggin, plastic surgery getting, fake tan having, over inflated lip puckering, lifetime lipo patient being and is destine to get whats comming to her, doesnt mean we have to be hard on her. So lay off.

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