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If I Don’t Get to Have Sex with Adam Duritz Soon, I Might Die

Here’s Adam and Counting Crows performing “Cowboys,” from their new album, on A&E’s Private Sessions. I am obsessed with this whole album, but especially this song. I play it over and over again.

I know you don’t all approve of my Adam obsession, but it’s real and it’s happening and all the therapy in the world can’t help me from being uncontrollably attracted to his angsty, dissociative, brooding, over-emotional, brilliant ass. I know he’s not traditionally hot. But he’ll be remembered as one of the most talented musicians of our generation, and I have no idea what the biological basis is for why women are attracted to emotionally crippled men, but ohmygod he gets me so wet.

I am obsessed with you, Adam. Call me. Seriously. In the words of the ever-wise Kathryn Merteuil: You can put it anywhere.

A&E’s interview with Adam is after the jump. I haven’t watched any of it. It’ll just make me go crazy. I can’t handle how much I love him.

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  • I have found that unhealthy obsessions really aren’t all that unhealthy, I mean, unless a restraining order or something is in place. Hmmmm, even then that gives it a naughty edge. ;)

  • ok I watched all of the interview
    I did this for a woman I haven’t even met
    I usually do things like this for my daughters, sister,mom
    he sounds pretty NORMAL to me
    a man with no special allure,other than musical
    no sex appeal whatsoever I can perceive
    I guess some women fantasize about caring for these alleged tortured souls
    the same way others fantasize about turning a gay man into a hetero
    or the same way some tend to fall on bear traps, over and over and over

  • i think its not that he’s emotionally crippled but that emotionally crippled is evidence of emotions. which are sexy, unless they involve snot. snots snot sexy. i have a massive damaged goods complex and salute you with a high five.


  • <_<

    You remind me of myself when I was 14 and I was hopelessly in lurve with Billy Corgan and I thought the Smashing Pumpkins were musical messiahs sent from the heavens.

    …I would still marry him in a heartbeat.

  • oh, I forgot to mention
    I feel uncomfortable about men having too much power over women
    money power, sexual power,whatever
    it makes me wonder

  • You just love the boys, don’t ya? I guess it would be one thing if his brilliance were to shine on me in person, but just seeing pictures of him is not a cause for new panties. He does have that something, I’ll give ya that. Kinda like how his face would look better as a seat???

  • Even as one who tortures herself with tortured souled boys – I just don’t get the allure of Adam, the rest of the band or their wretched dry heave inducing pretentious music.

  • yeah Melissa
    I look at his mouth and all I see is a huge hairy bear trap
    or a seat, as you wisely posted

  • No need to defend yourself over your obsession w/Adam; the man’s hot as hell and SEVERELY f–kable!!! I feel the same way about actor Christopher Meloni (Elliott Stabler on L&O: SVU). What I wouldn’t give to have the both of them just taking turns working me over until I pass out from sheer ecstacy!

  • awwww…BEET!!! way TMI!! stick it anywhere??? oh come on, I can’t get rid of the visual now!!!

  • it’s the voice, I tell ya… I have the same obsession with Adam Duritz. Kinda like with this guy, Ron Hawkins, from a T.O. band in the 90’s. Women all over the city were DYING…okay maybe it was just me.

  • Is this guy aware of how much lvoe you have for him? Seriously, if it were me, I’d be flattered!

  • Your feelings for Adam are a mirror image of mine for Jason Mraz. Nice to feel like I am not the only crazy sick puppy out there… high five.

  • I love you so much for this.
    I think everyone has a celebrity who, in lapses of conversation, boring meetings or traffic jams, they have fake aMAHzing conversations with in their minds. and no matter which scenario you concoct it always ends in sexysexysexsex!
    mine has been off & on adam since I was 14
    I seriously love you for this post

  • After having a very vivid and beautiful drem of Adam last nigt, somethgin made me do a little googling, and what do you know, I stumble on this and I’m not alone, and I TOTALLY understand why it is everyone loves him. No, he is not your typical hottie, but his emotions, feeligs, and heart are in everythig you do and that means an aweful lot to people who sharer the same emotion and heart as he does. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

  • sorry, you don’t know me, but I found this when searching for pictures of adam on google, of course. I completely agree with you about…well, everything. He is amazing! and I totally agree about the whole “tortured soul” thing. I think it’s because I have a lot of issues (lol), and when I see a guy with similar issues you feel like they’re someone you could just sit and talk to for hours.
    Oh man, Craig Manning (jake epstein) from degrassi owns my heart for being a luni.

  • make sure the is protection involved. i dont want to get in trouble. but lets just say… it would be VERY smart to use protection

  • i know exactly how you feel – i love everything about adam. he has this voice that i can’t even describe. and then it’s like he seems to be this really good guy, just wish i knew someone like him.

  • Don’t question it! I too have been so in love with him for at least fifteen years. I can remember seeing him in concert when I was 19 or 20 (I’m 33 now) and crying like a little girl! I just recently saw him a couple months ago and he’s still so damn amazing. Brilliant, tortured, and real.

  • I can’t believe it! I am so obsessed with Adam too!yay! I’m not the only person that has a sick obsession with him! I swear he is the most amazing man in the world! His voice is so sexy! Everything about him is amazing!I love to read his blogs….He’s beautiful and damaged! I just don’t get why more people don’t see how wonderful he is!

  • I know I’m leaving the first comment in over a year, but I have to say that I’m SO happy to know that I’m not the only one who’s freakishly obsessed with Adam. My obsession is new though! I saw the Mr. Jones video at a bowling alley a month ago – prior to this, I hadn’t known anything about Counting Crows. I couldn’t take my eyes off the video and I’d never been so turned on in my life.
    That night I was staying at a friend’s house and I used her wifi to buy the video on my ipod. I must have watched it twenty times. I bought the album the next day and have fallen in love with it. And I still can’t stop watching the video.

    By the way, this wonderful awakening happened just a week before my 16th birthday. Yeah, I’m, ah… “mature.”