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Careful There, Sharon


Sharon Stone gets dangerously close to an upskirt at an event in Paris.

Also: Charlie is very, very sick. He was diagnosed with Parvo — he probably had it before I adopted him, the vet said — and he’s now in the hospital and he’s not doing very well. So posting is going to be slow or non-existent right now, because I’m spending almost all my time with him at the hospital, and I’m not really in a mood to be funny. Please keep him in your prayers.

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  • I’m so sorry to hear about Charlie. Take care of yourself and I’ll be thinking of the little guy.

  • Awww Beet!! I’m sorry to hear that. Though my sister’s dog had parvo and he made it through alright. So now that you know what it is and he’s being treated, I’m sure he’ll be just fine! The main thing is for them to not get dehydrated, and since he’s at the vet’s they won’t let that happen, so just give him a few days and he’ll be right as rain.
    Keep your chin up!

  • My thoughts are with Charlie! Poor Beet! I nursed a dog with Parvo for almost a month. Hour feedings of Pedialyte through a syringe. I’m glad you have the means to take your precious Charlie to the vet and have him looked over. I’m sure he’ll be fine!

  • you need to look up directions on how to get rid of it in your house/yard so he doesnt get it again, or another dog doesnt get it as its highly contagious, hope he gets well

  • Aww Beet, I’m so sorry to hear that. I work in a vet clinic and we’ve nursed lots of puppies through Parvo. If caught quickly (and it sounds like it has been) and treated aggressively, most puppies pull through with flying colours. Keeping you and Charlie in my thoughts and prayers.

  • so sorry to hear-
    bless your heart, it seems that you have had a rough couple of months. chin up girl, you have a lot of people in your corner.

  • Uh oh, Parvo. My thoughts are with you and your little pup, good thing he’s got you in his corner.

  • I hope Charlie is okay. No need to apologize for your mood under any circumstances, you’re like the friend i Don’t have!

  • i hope charlie is doing better. wow, first no teeth now parvo. you should talk to the dealer about their breeding.

  • sorry for the dog
    I had the same experience with a puppy,years ago
    and decided I would not have another pet
    it’s a damn viral disease for them
    and the owner

  • Hope Charlie gets well soon! My best friend’s puppy developed that like a week after she got him. Poor Charlie xxx

  • Poor blessed creature – wishing you and Charlie all the wellness vibes I can. He has a good mummy to take care of him x

  • I am so sorry to hear about Charlie :(

    Do all the research you can, Beet, and do everything you can to prevent the infection from spreading in your home. The only household chemical that can clear the infection is Bleach, so take care to clean any surfaces he is exposed to.

    All of us here are thinking of you and Charlie… You have an army of love behind you guys. Best of luck. I’m sure the little man will pull through just fine. <3

  • Aww, that is terrible! I hope things get better for poor little Charlie soon! Having a puppy can be like having a child to us non-people parents! And, I know what that’s like…you and your little cutie will be in my thoughts!

  • I’m sorry about ur doggy Beet. I cannot believe tho that he wasn’t diagnosed with Parvo the very first time you brought him to the vet tho. The first time I brought my new baby doggy to the vet, a year ago, they ran test for EVERYTHING, my dog had come to me with round worms. Round worms isn’t a huge deal when its caught right away and he had some medications and he was fine. I did however have to pay extra for the parvo test and I was asked if I wanted one…….I definatly did because this was my new child, lol

    I hope Charlie gets better soon :)

  • I’m so sorry. They can beat Parvo – don’t despair. I’ve said a little prayer…

  • aw Po baby! Parvo is so common in puppies, esp from non reputable breeders. I hope he can pull through it. Prayers for Charlie.

  • Oh no! My little girl, Kaiya, had Parvo when i brought her home, too. I found out about 9 days after i had bought her (took her to the vet because she wasn’t eating and was throwing up everywhere), and her white blood cell count was still very high, so I decided to go ahead with treatment even though it was very touch and go. She spent a week in the hospital (and about $1000), and now she’s about to celebrate her fourth birthday next month! I hope Charlie has a similar story.

  • Might I ask where you got Charlie? First he has no teeth and now he has parvo! Did he come from a shelter, a breeder, or a pet store?

  • hey, it’s me the vet tech again. we also breed australian shepherds and we had a battle against parvo a few years ago, there were twenty puppies at the time and only one of them didn’t make it because my partner didn’t find him until very late. we set-up an icu in the living room and gave fluids and antibiotics to all of them, some of them with a fever of more than 107!! since you caught it and he’s getting aggressive treatment, he should be a-okay. :)

    please note that parvo can stay in the environment for a debated period of time, several months to a few years. you shouldn’t have any unvaccinated puppies or dogs visit your house. it’s also debated whether or not they can get it a second time, i think it would be rare for this to happen since they should have a good immunity to it, and he will finish his vaccines soon which will further decrease the risk. also, don’t be mad at your vet for not finding it at the first visit, most doctors only run a parvo test if there is a reason to.

    please keep us updated and we’ll be thinking of little charlie and you, beet.

  • good luck with charlie. i know how upsetting it is when a loved one(human or otherwise) is sick but please try to take care of yourself, too. best wishes.

  • I have pugs and my baby pug, Yoda, had to be hospitalized in the University of Georgia Vet hospital for a month at the age of 5 months with a liver shunt. He had test after test, surgery and was close to death. They had to transfuse his entire baby pug body with labrador blood. It was heart-wrenching and horrible. But after all that, (and $4,600 later) he survived and he’s a happy, healthy, fat little ball of energy and love. Your Charlie will be fine too. Have faith in the vet and know that your fans are out here supporting you! Parvo is beatable and we can’t wait to see Charlie’s cute little face on the Beet site soon! Rosaries said and candles lit for little Charlie and Beet.

  • Hope Little Charlie gets better soon! My prayers go out to you.
    My pets are my babies too, and I feel your pain. <333

  • EB – I’m so sorry to hear this news about Charlie, he’s just adorable and as others stated, caught early, it’s very treatable.

    I’m home right now caring for my 11 year old Australian Shepherd, Buddy (Hey NIBLET: I share your love for Australian’s!!). He had a big tumor removed from his abdoman on Friday (non-mailiganat, thank god) and I had his teeth cleaned while he was under. Poor baby has a belly-full of stitches, and needs to stay quiet and non active for 2 weeks.

    Do you ever really know true, unconditional love, until you feel it coming from your dog?? I don’t think so.

    Anyhoodle, good luck Charlie & EB, I’m sure he will be okay and I’m sending good thoughts 2 you.

  • Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about Charlie! My dog was recently in the hospital so I know how stressful that can be. My pup Katie sends her love to Charlie, and my thoughts will be with you!

  • Try not to worry too much… Charlie will be ok. I nursed my dog back from parvo and she fully recovered. Your lil Charlie has the advantage of a great veterinary team and a fab-u-lous owner. I’ll say a prayer for you both!

  • That means that the palce where you got him from didn’t give him his puppy shots like they should have. NO puppy should be given to anyone until they have had thier puppy shots, otherwise they are at risk of getting parvo.
    I hope you go back to those people and inform them of this – that’s got to be an expensive vet bill for you.
    This is why it’s never a good idea to buy a new puppy from a pet store or breeder.

  • What horrible news! I hope Charlie recovers very soon. Parvo is not an easy illness to get a pup through, but it can be done. I look so forward to the Beet every day, however, today, with your post, made it very sad for me. Myself, cats and my dog will all be praying for your little Charlie. Take care and keep your spirits up.

  • I adopted my canine son and he had parvo, and was only 2 mos old at the time. He pulled through, and has been thru a ton of other things, and he just turned 12 two mos ago! Thinking about you and Charlie, but never give up hope…

  • that is so sad! Parvo virus is very serious and I hate to say it, but it is very hard to treat! The younger the dog is, the harder it is to survive. My 2 yr old Brussels Griffon caught it from another puppy that i brought home and he was dead in a week. I was devastated. We had to clean the entire house and throw everything out that he touched. The vet hospital is the best place for Charlie right now because they can keep him on fluids. If he pulls thru the first 5 days, then there is a good chance that he will survive. Good luck and I am really sorry to hear about this!

  • so sorry to hear about charlie! thinking of you both. :) best of luck and hope you both return to us soon healthy and happy!

  • I’m sorry to hear about your puppy! I hope he’ll be okay. Take care! We’ll miss you!

  • aww poor charlie!
    my wishes are out to both of you
    he will be okay!
    good luck!! & feel better charlie!!

  • I am so sorry about Charlie. He is such an adorable baby boy! I will keep you both in my prayers. Feel better soon!

  • Poor Charlie!!! I hope he gets better soon. Pet him a lot, he’ll need the love while he’s getting better.


  • Casnatchy- you are MEAN. Karma can be a bitch, so watch those bad vibes you’re sending out!