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Ivanka Trump Can Get Back to Focusing on Her Career

Ivanka Trump Breaks Up with Boyfriend Jared Kushner, Pictures, Photos

Ivanka’s friends are confirming that she’s split from her beau of one year, real estate heir/wunderkind Jared Kushner.

“It was mutual,” said a friend. “It’s a sad thing.”

Now Ivanka can get back to the business of pretending to run a department at Trump. And women can get back to not at all wanting to be her. And men can get back to thinking about how she does have great tits and they might be attracted to her if she weren’t so business-like and driven and intimidating.

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  • I think she is pretty…..and how do you know she doesnt actually run a department at Trump? She went to school and got an education, just because her dads Donald Trump doesnt mean she doesnt work for what she has. Incase you havent noticed Donald Trump is kind of a hard ass!!!!♥

  • I have to say the truth. When it was advertised that this girl would be joining the Donald on the Aprentice, I was prepared to dislike her and expected her to be a moron. However, I thoroughly like her, and, moreover, she is impressive.. She is smart, articulate, poised, calls-it-like-she-sees-it, doesn’t take crap or allow her self to be talked over by the “contestants” on the Apprentice…..AND, she’s very pretty with a great sense of style and (seemingly) classy. The fact is, all of The Trump kids seem pretty together. I gotta give it to them.

  • OMG. She is very gorgeous. I was surprised to see her nice profile on a site with hot pics and videos. It seems called ‘ M a r r y M i l l i o n a i r e .C o m’. Was she dating with someone? Is she single?

  • My dad told me to tell the smart girls their pretty, and the pretty girls their smart. If I knew Ivanka Id probably be smitten because she is well and truely both.
    I am not sure about any one else, but I see “business-like, driven and intimidating” as attractive qualities. Especially in this day and age with so many girls being clueless on so many fronts. She also seems quite wholesome. A good catch, could probably have any guy she wanted but cant find one worth keeping. Hope she finds him. Pity im taken.

  • It’s nice to see that in your post you are perpetuating the idea that ambition, drive, and a business-like mind are unattractive qualities in a woman, and that those qualities should be equated with intimidation. I guess a nice, simpering, compliant woman who is fun-loving and has a small vocabulary would be ideal?