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Velvet Revolver Dumps Scott Weiland


Yeah, he’s out.

Says Slash in a press release issued Tuesday:

“This band is all about its fans and its music and Scott Weiland isn’t 100% committed to either. Among other things, his increasingly erratic onstage behavior and personal problems have forced us to move on.”

If this is an April Fool’s joke — and I don’t think it is — it’s a really stupid one.

Because, come on, you’d dump Scott Weiland, too. Heroin addicts are only cute for so long.

Velvet Revolver plans to replace Weiland with a new vocalist; they are not splitting up. Weiland will still be hitting the road with STP this summer.

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  • good! i never want to hear axl rose’s lyrics coming out of his mouth again!

    i knew he’d end up being a jerk, true to his form.

  • Scot was fucking awesome, but this band is not about the singer only, they are about the music!

    Slash, Duff, Dave and Mike will be fine

  • Interestingly, I like Velvet Revolver more than I like either
    Guns ‘N’ Roses or STP. “Contraband” is a good album and
    “Sucker Train Blues” is definitely my favorite VR tune. I guess,
    given the volatile history of some of the band members,
    especially Scott, I’m not surprised that they only lasted a few
    years. I hope Slash, Duff, Matt and Dave find a singer who
    is emotionally stable, sounds good doing the “Scott” material
    live, and brings in something of his own. Personally, I think Ian
    Astbury would be a good choice. And PLEASE, anybody but Axl Rose!

  • its crazy how people bash scott weiland and insist on saying he’ll do no good. when in fact almost everything he touches gets recognized, or climbs up the charts. when he left stp they did nothing, when he leaves vr they’ll do nothing thats a promise. there is no better front man more exciting to watch than scott weiland! period. who wants to see slash do the same old riffs that are so repetetive, with g&r. vr just got lame and they deserve it, who are they to say hes out of control when slash is drinking while he has a pacemaker.

  • all i have to say is that scott used to be down right fucking awsome in every way possible! he USED to be drop dead sexy! I was in love with him…but now hes just nasty! i woulden`t touch him with a 10 foot pole!i still just dont understand how he got the way he looks now! it pissis me off he used to be sooo damn cute and his voice was sexy as hell, now everything just sux ass! if you ever read this scott im so sorry but your fucking gross, get off the drugs, eat something, and reality check…you cant sing no more!!! booooooooooo!!!!!!! YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF!

  • scott weiland has just bin dumped by his wife at he time and she went home and torched $10,000 of his shit and then his brother died of a drug OD then he is out of velvet revolver all in the same year you would have the personal problems he would too and probably get piss alot
    and i saw him in concert here in portland he was great his voice was good and he was a great guy on stage over all
    so 2 big middle fingers up to every one sayin bad shit about him hes goin threw some tough times