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Oh Shut Up and Take Off Your Clothes

Kim Cattrall and Boyfriend Alan Wyse at New York Knicks Game, Pictures, Photos

Poor Kim Cattrall.

Kristin Davis had those naked photos hit the web.

Sarah Jessica Parker got her own blow-up doll (with three fabulous love holes!).

Cynthia Nixon is a lesbian.

What’s Kim’s claim to fame anymore?

Sitting courtside at Knicks games?

Kim’s probably saving her sex tape leak for, like, the week before the SaTC movie hits theaters. Mark my words. You will be seeing this woman’s vagina sometime in the next two months. She’s not going to be upstaged that easily.

Here she is with her longtime boyfriend, Canadian chef Alan Wyse, at a New York Knicks game. I hope he will not appear in the sex tape. He’s creepy-looking.

Kim Cattrall and Alan Wyse at Basketball Game Knicks, Pictures, Photos Kim Cattrall and Alan Wyse at Basketball Game Knicks, Pictures, Photos

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  • I dont think he is creepy looking more than normal looking…but I would like to know why he is wearing Uggs….and whats with all of these random names that pop up in the name field?? It used to be the name of the person that posted ebfore you, but today its like Alan…jennifer….beth…wth???

  • She already did a how to with her EX on sex remember? There were quickly made big bucks. she praised him on helping her to finally enjoy sex.. then the scum-sucker jerk dumped her.

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