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Divorces Are Pricey


Britney Spears was ordered to pay $375K to cover K-Fed’s legal fees in their child custody case. K-Fed’s attorney had originally asked for nearly $500K.

Spears’ attorney was all like “Kevin can pay his own legal bills” and then the judge was all like, “Fuck that, Britney Spears’ special brand of Britney Spears Bullshit is the reason this case dragged on for fucking ever” and then Brit was ordered to pay, as my sister would say, a “shit-ton of cash” to Kevin.

Whatever. This is chump change to Brit-Brit. She’s probably like “Oh, that’s just a week’s worth of Starbucks, just give him the money.”

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  • SAD….That bhole kfuk needs to get kicked out of this world, he is such a waste of space. i hope that Brit learned her lesson about getting married to losers that have no potential to getting anything on htier own.

  • It is entirely her fault they went to court so many times. She should have to pay. If she were a fit mom, there would be no huge bill.
    And if she showed up, or quit avoiding things, the bill would be a lot smaller and not her fault.

  • kevin is the nastiest man eva i dont no how he could treat her like that he needs to grow up oh and i hope he keeps putting wait so he gets so FAT hehe! x i love you britney x