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Dayanara Torres and Son Cristian Anthony Shopping for Baby Gifts for Jennifer Lopez, Pictures, Photos

Here’s former Miss Universe and former wife of Marc Anthony, Dayanara Torres, out shopping with son Cristian Anthony.

They’re supposedly shopping for baby gifts for Cristian’s new half-brother and half-sister.

Yeah, whatever. You know she’s gonna remove any actual gifts from those bags as soon as she gets home, replace them with some manner of explosive, and send them over to Chez Lopez.

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  • Skeletor must have some secret weapon cuz that face cant be the reason he’s hookin these bombshells, must wear some jungle juice pheromone shit, or juss has a really big dick!

  • i sure as hell wouldn’t be buying my ex husbands cheating ass new wife he cheated with and most likely to be fugly kids any gifts! just give me my child support muthafucka! lol

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